ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1a: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:15pm: Ten-minute break

4:05pm: Quads on board

Vuong Van Le has just taken out a short-stacked opponent in rather interesting circumstances. His opponent opened to 1,200 before Le moved raised enough to force his opponent to call off his last 4,000 chips. It was Q♠T♠ up against Le's A♦K♣ and the shorty took the lead on the [8][q][8] flop when he paired his queen. But the hand wasn't over just yet.

Incredibly the [8] turn and [8] river put quad eights on board, leaving Le's ace kicker to play! Le jumps back up to his starting stack as 46 players remain alive on Day 1a.

4:00pm: The Carnevale is over

On our latest rounds of the room we couldn't help but notice that the chair that was once home to Rennie Carnevale is now empty. We don't have a lot of details other than Carnevale got his last chips in the middle with two pair and a flush draw but bricked on the river against an opponent's better two pair.

3:50pm: Ivin flushes aces

It's been a bad day for pocket aces. Once again we've seen them cracked, with Mike Ivin the man responsible after rivering a flush to eliminate an opponent.

The action went down on a flop of 5♠9♣8♣. Facing a bet of 1,500, Ivin raised to 3,500 before his opponent moved all in for 14,225. Ivin snap-called with A♣3♣ for the nut flush draw as his short-stacked opponent tabled pocket aces.

The turn was a bricky 7♦ but the river was the 4♣ to complete Ivin's flush to jump him up to a healthy 60,000 chips.


Mike Ivin flushes an opponent to join the chip leaders in the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event

3:30pm: Top pair, top kicker for Woody

With a limp from Zoe Chakley and a raise to 700 from Jason Kenna in front of him, Graeme Woodbine made the call in the small blind. Chakley called as well to take a K♦Q♠7♦ flop. Action checked three ways as the 6♣ hit the turn.

Woodbine led out for 2,400 and Chakley called as Kenna got out of the way before the 5♣ completed the board. Woodbine decided the price was right and bet another 2,400 with Chakley again making the call.

Woodbine opened A♣K♣ for top pair which was enough to take it down as Chakley tossed her cards into the muck. Woodbine is back up to 16,000.


Graeme Woodbine in the thick of the action at the ANZPT Gold Coast

3:20pm: Antes in play

It seems that the addition of an ante for the first time today has confused one dealer. After collecting all of the antes, he proceeded to deal the flop before anyone had been dealt any cards. Oops!

3:15pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

3:05pm: Another huge cooler leaves Woodbine on the short stack

The empire of Graeme Woodbine has been brought crashing down after yet another cooler of a hand on his table.

This time Woodbine tangled with Joe Courtney on a flop of 6♦7♥K♥. Woodbine was in the big blind and he checked it over to Courtney who bet 1,400. Woodbine then check-raised to 3,500 before Courtney moved all in for a total of 26,625. Woodbine made the call and opened pocket sevens for middle set but incredibly Courtney had the only hand that beat him, as he showed pocket kings!

Needing the case seven to win the pot, Woodbine remained emotionless as the 9♣ turn and 5♦ river completed the board. Courtney doubles to 55,000 as Woodbine slips down under 10,000.

2:50pm: A small one for Rennie

Rennie Carnevale has been pretty quiet so far today but the 2010 ANZPT Adelaide champion just found a little voice after an interesting river play.

The action appeared to be checked to the river on a board of 5♣K♦J♥7♦T♣ when Carnevale casually tossed out 800. However his opponent came back with a raise, making it 3,000 to go. Carnevale quickly called and his opponent showed K♥Q♠ for top pair, but he'd allowed Carnevale to river a straight with his Q♣9♠ good to take it down.
Carnevale is up to 17,500.


Rennie Carnevale in action at the ANZPT Gold Coast

2:35pm: Pilat flying high

Queensland's own Matthew Pilat has jumped well out in front after a massive pot was just shipped his way. As Pilat recalled the details to us, facing a preflop raise to 550, he made the call in the big blind to see a flop of 5♣J♠Q♠. Pilat liked what he saw as he led out for around two-thirds of the pot. His opponent called and the 6♠ hit the turn. Again Pilat led for two-thirds of the pot and his opponent called as the J♦ paired the board on the river.

Again Pilat bet around two-thirds of the pot but his opponent responded by raising it up. Pilat moved all in and his opponent called with A♠4♠ for the nut flush, but Pilat had caught a full house on the river with his Q♦Q♥.

Pilat is now up to a commanding 78,000 and with the relatively small field, he's going to be hard to catch.

2:25pm: Sandwiches all around!

Jupiters Poker Room certainly know how to look after their players. The poker room is extremely well presented, the players have their own dedicated bar with food and drink service, and to cap things off, several trays of complimentary sandwiches have just been delivered to the poker room for the players to enjoy!

2:15pm: Play resumes

The players are back at the table with 57 of our starting field of 63 still in contention, with Angelo Hanataj and Liam O'Rourke amongst the early casualties. Matthew Pilat, Ivan Pesut and Graeme Woodbine are the early movers and shakers, but they are currently chasing Kiwi Paul Hockin who has about 55,000. There is still a long way to go as we're likely to play at least seven levels today before we bag and tag.