ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1a: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6:25pm: Ten-minute break

6:15pm: Big draw delivers for Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is now up to 40,000 after his big combo-draw delivered to crack his opponent's pocket kings.

All the action went down on a flop of 8♠6♣T♠ with Hodgson showing J♠9♠ for an open-ended straight-flush draw. The turn brought the 7♦ to give Hodgson an unbeatable straight as the 5♣ completed the board.

6:05pm: Dazzler doesn't muck around with pocket kings

One interesting character in today's field is none other than Darryl "Dazzler" Lanyon. While easily recognisable with his bright cowboy attire, Dazzler is well known for publishing the nation's first poker magazine Cards.

Dazzler is progressing well this afternoon as we just caught him in an interesting hand. With two limpers and a raise to 1,400 in front of him, the action was with Dazzler in the big blind. Not one to like being pushed around, Dazzler decided to declare himself all in for the pricey sum of 46,000. Fold, fold, fold, and the pot was pushed to Dazzler as he flashed pocket kings!

Australian poker legend, Darryl "Dazzler" Lanyon in action

5:55pm: Fourth pair good enough for Ivin

It's fair to say that Mike Ivin has seen a lot during his poker career, so it's hard to sneak a bluff past this poker veteran. This was evident in a recent hand, as Ivin sniffed out a bluff, making a nice call down with just fourth pair.

After calling a preflop raise to 1,100 from the small blind, Ivin check-called the bet of 1,175 on the J♠6♦7♣ flop, before both players checked the A♥ turn. The river brought the 8♠ and Ivin checked to his opponent who bet 2,000. Ivin made the call and his opponent sheepishly showed Q♦T♣ for queen-high as Ivin's T♠7♠ for a pair of sevens was good. He's up to 55,000.

5:45pm: Kroesen flushes Gurung

Ricky Kroesen's surge up the chip count leaderboard continues after a fortunate river card has spelt the end for Milan Gurung.

After raising preflop, Kroesen followed up with a continuation bet of 1,600 on a flop of 9♥Q♠8♦. Gurung check-called, and then checked the 3♠ turn. Kroesen moved all in to put Gurung to a decision for his last chips, but it was an easy decision as Gurung snap-called with jack-ten for the nut straight.

Kroesen was very much alive however as he opened 7♠6♠ for straight and flush possibilities.

The river was revealed as the 9♠ completed Kroesen's flush to collect the huge pot. He's now up to 55,000 with Gurung sent to the rail.

5:30pm: The Centurion Club

Matthew Pilat is the first member of the exclusive Centurion Club. He's jumped up over 100,000 in chips to hold the biggest stack in the room.

5:25pm: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

5:10pm: A couple of doubles

Ricky Kroesen has been forced to battle hard today on arguably the toughest table in the room, but he's just found a much needed double up with his pocket queens surviving against an opponent's ace-king when a third queen spiked on the flop. He's up to 35,000.

John Malissa is also stacking up some newly-found chips with a very handy flush over flush. Malissa held K♦9♦ against his opponent's 3♦5♦ on a board of A♥J♦Q♥4♦A♦. He is up to 32,000.

4:50pm: Miracle runner-runner for Courtney

Another in the thick of the action today is Joe Courtney. After landing a huge double up earlier with set over set, Courtney is proving that lady luck is on his side today after eliminating German PokerStars qualifier Ferenc Riech in dramatic fashion.

Following an under the gun limp, Zoe Chakley popped it to 1,200 from the cutoff. Courtney called on the button, with Riech calling from the big blind. The UTG limper came along as well as a nice pot swelled before the flop of Q♠6♥8♠.

Action checked through to Courtney in position who bet out 3,600. Riech thought for some time before he moved all in for a total of 12,575. Two quick folds and Courtney asked for a count before sliding out calling chips. He held A♦Q♦ for a very respectable top pair, but Riech opened 8♣8♥ for middle set.

Courtney found himself in virtually the worst possible spot, requiring running cards to somehow win the hand. The 6♣ gave him hope as the board paired and Courtney needed one of the two remaining ladies in the deck. The dealer burned and revealed the Q♥ to the "oooohs" of the railbirds as Courtney made a bigger full house.

A disappointed Riech exited the poker room as Courtney jumped up to 75,000 in chips.

Joe Courtney hits the lead at the ANZPT Gold Coast

4:30pm: Robinson rockets back into contention

It's been a wild ride today for Gail Robinson as she has tangled in a number of big pots throughout the day with some creative cards. However this time around she went to war with a big pair and again came out on top.

With a raise to 1,200 in front of her, Robinson flat called, before the button squeezed to 5,000 in total. The original raiser let it go but Robinson pulled the trigger and moved all in. Her opponent called and showed A♦K♦ but Robinson had him covered with the rockets - A♠A♥.

The board was spread 8♠Q♥2♠5♠4♠ and Robinson doubled to 40,000.

4:25pm: Play resumes

The players are back with 46 still in contention from the ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1a flight. It is still yet to be confirmed how long we will be playing this evening, but we've been told it will be somewhere between seven and eight levels. With the Jupiters Poker Room having a capacity of 160 players, we need to make sure we're under that number when the field comes together on Day 2. Estimating the rate of eliminations is tricky business, but ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh is the best in the business.

Matthew Pilat is still leading the way with over 75,000 chips, with Mike Ivin and Paul Hockin close behind.