ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1a: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

7:35pm: Play concludes

The final few hands came and went without further incident as approximately 30 players have survived the Day 1a carnage here on the Gold Coast. It was a day for the locals with Matthew Pilat dominating from the get-go to amass a stack of 112,550 by the day's end. It's likely to be well in front. Ricky Kroesen, Octavian Voegele, Darryl "Dazzler" Lanyon, Joe Courtney and Jason Kenna have also survived the day.

We'll be back with a complete wrap of the day's action and chip counts for the field for you shortly.

7:20pm: Voegele makes a big fold

With a raise to 1,600 from under the gun, Ricky Kroesen popped it up 4,000 before action was with ANZPT Adelaide champ Octavian Voegele.

Voegele has been flying under the radar today, but he sprung to life with a cold four-bet to 9,000. That was enough to force a fold from the UTG-player but Kroesen wasn't done with just yet as he moved all in.

Voegele went into the tank but eventually released, claiming to have folded pocket queens. Kroesen didn't show as he raked in the chips to move up to 80,000 as Voegele slipped to 35,000.


A rough day at the office for the ANZPT Adelaide champ

7:10pm: Cold as it gets

We've had some coolers today, but this is about as cold as it gets. Leonard Matthews started things off with a raise to 1,900 from early position, before the player on the cutoff attempted to raise by tossing in a 5,000-denomination chip. However he didn't verbalize his intentions so he was ruled to a call. The blinds folded and the flop landed 5♠A♠K♦.

Matthews bet 2,500 and his opponent raised to 6,000. Matthews came back with a raise to 14,500 before his opponent moved all in. A quick check of his hole cards and Matthews instantly moved all in with A♦A♣ as his opponent showed K♣K♥. Wow!

The turn was the T♣ and river the T♦ to give Matthews a huge double up to around 75,000.

6:55pm: More chips for Rick

Ricky Kroesen's comeback continues. He's now up to 65,000 after getting three streets of value with his J♠T♠ on a board of K♣8♥Q♠A♣4♥. His river bet of 7,000 was called as Kroesen showed down the stone-cold nuts.

6:45pm: Pilat extends lead

Chip leader Matthew Pilat has extended his chip lead after his big pair was paid off. Although he had to sweat it out with a scary flop after the chips were all in preflop.
Pilat opened to 1,300 from under the gun, before his opponent next to speak bumped it up to 3,900. John Malissa called and action folded back to Pilat who moved all in against his short-stacked opponents. The early position player shrugged his shoulders and moved his last 17,250 into the middle as Malissa got out of the way.

Pilat opened Q♠Q♦ and was well in front of his opponent's adventurous K♣T♣, but that all changed when the flop landed Q♣8♣T♠. Pilat caught a set but his opponent picked up a flush draw. The T♥ turn changed things around as Pilat improved to a full house to leave his opponent drawing to the case ten. It wasn't to be as the 5♥ hit the river as another hit the rail as Pilat is up to 120,000.


Matthew Pilat continues to soar on Day 1a of the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event

6:35pm: Play resumes

The players are back following the break with 33 players still alive in today's Day 1a field. The rapid pace of eliminations means that it's likely this will be the last level of the day.

Our leaders are still Matthew Pilat and Paul Hockin who have been out in front for most of the day.