ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1b: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6:20pm: Ten-minute break

6:15pm: Vos out

While Simon Barbaro has continued the momentum on his new table to extend his stack to around 140,000, the same can't be said for tablemate Mark Vos who was unable to find another double up.

It wasn't for the lack of cards as Vos got his last chips in with A♣A♥ on a flop of 9♥7♥J♣. His opponent was Tom Grigg who held J♥T♠ for top pair, but he improved to a straight with the Q♠ turn and 8♣ river.

"I just sucked out on Mark Vos. He's a good one to suck out on!" laughed Grigg after the hand as he is up to 45,000 with Vos sent to the rail.


Mark Vos is the latest casualty at the ANZPT Gold Coast

6:10pm: Vos gets a double up

It's not often that we get to see a WSOP bracelet winner in an ANZPT field, so it's great to see Mark Vos making a rare appearance here this afternoon, but it's been a struggle for Vos as he has been unable to get any momentum throughout the day.

Maybe his recent double up will be the kick start that he needs. His last 3,725 chips were all in preflop with J♥T♣ up against A♦K♦ with Vos spiking a pair on the 8♦T♥3♥Q♠4♥ board. He's up to 8,500.

6:05pm: Ace from space for Shillig

A three-way all in has seen Greg Shillig jump back towards the top of the chip count leaderboard. Shillig had to do it the hard way though, as he found his A♣Q♣ up against both J♣J♠ and K♦K♠.

However Shillig found an ace from space as the board ran out 6♦5♠6♠A♦T♠ to climb up to 115,000 chips.

We could see some fireworks on this table very shortly as a recent table break has seen the big stacks of Liam Moffett and Simon Barbaro join a table that also includes Mark Vos, Tom Grigg and Daniel Laidlaw.


Greg Shillig is keeping pace with the chip leaders here this afternoon

5:45pm: Laidlaw on the move

PokerStars qualifier Daniel Laidlaw is a regular on the ANZPT and he's making another solid run here on the Gold Coast after getting value for his top pair against Greg Shillig.

After a late position raise to 900, Laidlaw three-bet to 2,300 from the small blind, with Greg Shillig cold-calling from the big blind. The late position player folded and the flop landed 3♠J♥2♠.

Both players checked and the 8♣ hit the turn. Laidlaw led out for 2,700 and Shillig called as the 6♠ fell on the river. Laidlaw bet again, sliding 4,800 into the middle, but Shillig committed to make the call. Laidlaw tabled Q♥J♦ for top pair to take it down and move up to 50,000 in chips.

5:35pm: The Voice silenced

Paul "The Voice" Khoury has been struggling to gain any momentum today, so with a healthy pot already in the middle on a board of 6♦3♥K♠2♦, Khoury decided to make a move at it as he moved all in for his last 6,600.

His opponent thought for a few moments before making a crying call with K♦7♦ for top pair with a flush draw, but he was in front as Khoury tabled 6♥4♥ for a pair and straight draw.

The river was the 8♦ to complete the flush and leave Khoury heading for the exit.


Paul "The Voice" Khoury has been eliminated from the ANZPT Gold Coast

5:30pm: Burgoine finds a way

James Burgoine is now with the chip leaders after remarkable running cards saw him crack the set of deuces of local Josh Rimmington. The chips were in on a flop of T♥3♥2♣ with Burgoine going with A♥T♦ for top pair but Rimmington was well in front with his 2♦2♥.

Incredibly the 3♦ turn and 3♣ river gave Burgoine a backdoor full house to leave Rimmington shaking his head in despair. Burgoine is now sitting with 80,000.

5:20pm: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

5:15pm: Cohen busts Rossiter

Jeff Rossiter opened with a raise to 600 before a re-raise from late position upped the bet to 2,050. Action was then with Julian Cohen on the button who announced himself all in for 17,000. Rossiter called off his last 10,450 as the third player decided to step aside.

Cohen opened A♠K♣ for overcards to the Q♣Q♦ of Rossiter as the classic tournament race was on. Rossiter maintained the lead on the flop of 5♠T♦9♠, but Cohen paired up on the K♠ turn and improved to the nut flush on the 6♠ river. Rossiter is out as Cohen climbs to 30,000.

5:10pm: Layton claims one

Greg Layton is up to 30,000 after eliminating a short-stacked opponent. Following a limp and a raise to 900, Layton called before the limper moved all in for 6,800. The original raiser folded but Layton called once again with 9♣9♥ to be up against A♦T♦.

Layton improved further on the 9♦8♦5♣3♦5♥ board to make a full house and take down the pot. With that elimination there are now 56 players remaining in today's flight.

5:00pm: No joy for aces

Mark James is heading home with a bad beat story to tell the folks after his aces were cracked by 5♣7♣. It's not quite as devastating as it sounds as the chips went into the middle on the flop of 4♥K♣3♣ with James' opponent holding flush and straight draws.

The turn was the 2♦ but the river was the 6♦ to complete the straight and leave James to head for the rail.

4:50pm: Five-bet with six-high for Moffo

There's obviously some psychological warfare going down between Liam Moffett and Kris Cunz at the moment as we just caught an interesting preflop battle between the two.
Cunz raised from late position to 800 before Moffett three-bet to 2,100. Cunz then put in a four-bet to 4,600 but Moffett came back with a five-bet to 8,100. Cunz thought for some time before folding.

"Show the bluff!" egged the table, and Moffett obliged as he flashed 6♣2♣!

"The sick thing is, that you were ahead!" replied Cunz. Moffett is up to 65,000.


Liam Moffett turns up the heat on the Gold Coast

4:40pm: Finding some voice

Paul "The Voice" Khoury has found a much-needed double up to stay alive on Day 1b of the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event. With a raise to 725 from the hijack, Khoury moved all in for a total of 5,400 from the cutoff. His opponent made the call with A♣5♣ as Khoury was trailing with his T♦9♦.

The flop was an interesting T♣4♣4♠ as Khoury took the lead but his opponent picked up a flush draw. However Khoury sealed the deal with the T♠ turn to give him a full house, which he needed as the A♠ fell on the river. Khoury is up to around 12,000 in change.

4:30pm: Laidlaw squeezes a double up

With a raise to 700 from Michael Guzzardi and four callers, the money in the pot was tempting enough for Daniel Laidlaw to move all in from the big blind for a total of 7,600. Guzzardi made the call as the other players got out of the way.

Guzzardi opened A♥J♦ and found himself racing with Laidlaw's 3♠3♣. The board bricked out 4♣7♦9♠T♠2♠ to leave Laidlaw's pair of threes in front to more than double up to around 20,000 chips.

4:25pm: Reid runs into kings

During the break Scott Reid commented to us that he was looking for a quick double up or two with his stack of about 11,000. However it only took one hand back from the break for Reid's tournament to come to a grinding halt.

Reid raised and then called a three-bet holding jack-ten and caught what he thought was a good flop. The board read [t][t][k] as the chips went into the middle, but Reid's opponent held pocket kings for a full house. Ouch!

4:20pm: Play resumes

The players are back with 61 of our starting field of 81 still in contention. Leading the way is Simon Barbaro with about 85,000, with Liam Moffett and Greg Shillig also progressing well.