ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1b: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

7:30pm: That's a wrap!

The final five hands have come and gone as approximately 36 players have survived to see day two action. Simon Barbaro is going to be our chip leader with an impressive stack of 153,400. Jame Burgoine (119,050) and Greg Shillig (117,725) are also above the 100k mark, while Tom Grigg has staged an amazing comeback after being crippled at the start of the day to survive in good shape with 69,925. Jesse McKenzie, the Cohen boys, Michael Guzzardi and Daniel Laidlaw are also safely through.

We'll be back with a complete wrap of the day's action including end-of-day chip counts for you shortly. Meanwhile the players are now off to the ANZPT Players Party which will feature Uncanny X-Men's Brian Mannix, Kids in the Kitchen's Scott Carne, Eva von Bibra from The Chantoozies and the Absolutely 80's band including members of Boom Crash Opera, The Sharp, Big Pig and The Black Sorrows. Woot!


7:25pm: My boat is bigger than your boat

PokerStars qualifier Paul Ward has found a late double up through Tom Grigg. The board read J♠9♥J♦7♠9♦ when the action unfolded. Grigg bet 3,550 before Ward raised to 13,000, Grigg re-raised to 25,000 and Ward called off his last chips.

Grigg showed ace-nine for a full house but Ward went one better with ace-jack. Ward will double up to over 40,000 with Grigg slipping back to around 60,000.

7:20pm: McKenzie flexing late in the day

ANZ Player of the Year leader Jesse McKenzie has been flying under the radar a little today, but he just flexed his muscle to let his opponents know he's still about.

Julian Cohen opened with a raise to 1,300, and received a three-bet to 3,100 before McKenzie cold four-bet to 7,700. Both opponents snap-folded and McKenzie flashed [j][5]. He's up to 45,000 and on track to grab even more points in the Player of the Year race.

7:15pm: Guzzardi chips up

Michael Guzzardi is looking good to reach day two after collecting a nice pot on the river. We arrived to see Guzzardi move all in over the top of a bet of 7,800 on a board of 3♦7♠J♥K♣4♠. His opponent folded and Guzzardi chips up to 45,000.

7:10pm: GG for Moffo

"GG," sighed Liam Moffett as he wandered past our blogging desk as his tournament has crashed and burned in dramatic fashion.

Our early chip leader was eliminated after tangling with Tom Grigg on a flop of 5♠6♣8♠. Moffett checked from the blinds, Grigg bet 1,400, Moffett check-raised to 4,100, Grigg made it 6,900 and Moffett moved all in for 18,600. Grigg snap-called and tabled 4♦7♣ for the straight as Moffett would need some help with his [6][7].

The turn was the J♠ and river the Q♠ to brick the board and see Moffett eliminated just short of a day two berth.

7:00pm: Zimmer zapped

PokerStars qualifier Thorsten Zimmer has been bundled out after committing his last 5,375 on a flop of 7♥A♦K♥. Zimmer held K♣J♣ for middle pair but unfortunately his opponent made the call with a superior A♣5♦. The turn was the T♣ and river the 9♣ to leave Zimmer heading to the exit.

6:50pm: Moffo gets caught

Liam Moffett has been playing like a wildman today, with several massive bluffs, but he's just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

With a raise to 1,300 in front, Moffett three-bet to 3,200 before Matt Brown made it 7,000 to go. The original raiser folded but Moffett continued with his aggression as he re-raised enough to put Brown all in.

Brown had about 30,000 chips in total, and thought for some time before calling with J♣J♦. It was a good call as Moffett showed a rather marginal A♠6♣.

The board ran out T♦7♠5♥3♦5♠ to double up Brown to around 65,000 as Moffett slips to 25,000.

6:40pm: Barbaro sets up

Simon Barbaro is continuing to steamroll over this field as he has now formed several impressive towers of chips, to the jealous looks of his tablemate.

Barbaro recently added to his stack in a hand against Tom Grigg. After Barbaro and Grigg called out of the blinds, Barbaro led for 5,000 on the 8♠9♠3♣. Grigg was the lone caller.

The turn was the A♠ and another 5,000 was paid off by Grigg as both players checked the J♣ river. Grigg showed ace-nine for two pair but Barbaro took it down with a set of nines. He's now up to a commanding 155,000 chips.


6:30pm: Play resumes

The remaining 42 players are back for the final level of the evening. Simon Barbaro, James Burgoine and Greg Shillig are our runaway chip leaders with well over 100,000 each. Both Barbaro and Shillig are seated on the same table so we may see some fireworks in this final session.