ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1c: Levels 1 & 2 (blinds 75-150)

2:00pm: Ten-minute break

1:55pm: Crocky chomps some chips

Billy "The Croc" Argyros has chipped up with a nice run of cards so far today, but he hasn't got a whole lot of action. Argyros got a walk with pocket aces, before raising with ace-king to take the blinds and antes.

More recently he re-raised with A♦Q♣ and got to see a flop of T♣A♥3♦, however his flop bet of 1,400 saw his opponent's cards slide into the muck.

Argyros is up to 27,000 just before the first break of the day.

1:50pm: Boner World Tour struggling on the Gold Coast

The legions of James Honeybone fans around the world will be disappointed to learn that their main man has got off to a rough start on Day 1c.

After losing a chunk of change early in the day with a missed flush draw, Honeybone has just paid off Bruno Da Silva with a call of 3,000 on an ace-high, three-club board. Honeybone held A♥T♥ for top pair, but Da Silva tabled an adventurous J♣2♣ for a rivered flush. Honeybone is down to 11,000.

1:40pm: Marsters outkicked

There was commotion over on table 15 following a big clash between Bruno Da Silva and Tim Marsters. All the action had unfolded on the flop of 8♦3♣8♣ when the two got into a raising war that saw all the chips fly into the middle.

Marsters held 8♥5♥ for trips but found himself outkicked by Da Silva's Q♠8♠.

The K♥ turn and J♦ river didn't change anything as Da Silva celebrated his triumph emphatically, much to the annoyance of Marsters.

Da Silva doubles to 33,000 with Marsters down to just 5,500.

1:30pm: Straight for Jordanou

Bill Jordanou is up to 32,000 after raking in another nice pot. It was limped three ways preflop to see a cheap 4♦8♣7♦ flop. Jordanou check-called a bet of 350 from the blinds before the players checked the J♦ turn.

The river was the K♠ and Jordanou's bet of 1,050 picked up two callers who both mucked when Jordanou showed 9♥T♠ for the straight.


Billy Jordanou is off to a flying start on the Gold Coast

1:20pm: Interesting tables

There are a few stacked tables here today that should provide some interesting moments. Table 15 would have to be our feature table as it includes Ben Richardson, Tim Marsters, Bruno Da Silva, James Honeybone, Jai Kemp, Julius Colman and Michael Pedley.

Special mention also has to go to the table that features Alex Lee, Minh Nguyen, Nauv Kashyap, Sebastian Pagana and Graeme Putt.

1:10pm: Gray out

Our first major casualty of the day is 2010 ANZPT Canberra champion Jason Gray. We caught the action on the flop of Q♠5♠4♥ with Jackson Zheng putting out a bet of 2,100. Gray came back with a raise to 8,000 before Zheng moved all in. Gray was committed at that point to call with his A♠K♠ for a big draw but his outs were slimmed somewhat as Zheng opened Q♥Q♦ for top set.

It was all over on the 4♣ turn as Zheng improved to a full house, while the Q♣ river was just salt into the wound.

Gray is out as Zheng jumps to a double stack of 40,000.

1:00pm: Level up, blinds 75-150

12:50pm: The champ chips up

Defending champion Nauv Kashyap has just chipped up nicely after his bet of 3,600 on the river was paid off on a board of T♦5♦5♥Q♦3♥. Kashyap showed J♦9♦ for a flush as his opponent flashed J♥5♠ for trips.

Kashyap is up to 30,000 in the first level of play.


The defending champ, Queensland's own Nauv Kashyap

12:45pm: Jordanou jumps ahead

Bill Jordanou opened with a raise to 400 and found a caller in Tri Nguyen on the button to see a flop of Q♠4♠Q♥. Jordanou checked it over to Nguyen who bet 700. Jordanou made the call and the 4♣ hit the turn. Jordanou again decided to check-call for 1,000 as the A♠ found its way onto the river.

Jordanou decided to lead out with a hefty bet of 5,075 and Nguyen made the call, only to discover Jordanou held A♥Q♦ for a full house. Nguyen mucked and Jordanou moved up to 28,000.

12:30pm: A couple of latecomers

Aussie Millions final tablists, Julius Colman and Raj Ramakrishnan, and ANZPT Perth 3rd place finisher Tim Marsters have all recently wandered into the Jupiters Poker Room to take their seat as today's field pushes 100 entrants.

12:25pm: Lee gets busy early

Alex Lee hasn't wasted any time in getting busy on his table as a big pot erupted in the early minutes of play. Three players committed 2,250 each preflop to see a flop of 9♥T♠J♥ where action checked to Lee. He bet 3,700 and Sebastian Pagana was the lone caller as the 2♠ hit the turn.

Pagana checked to Lee who bet a hefty 7,000. Pagana thought for a long time before releasing as Lee flashed a rather meagre pair of threes. Great start for Lee as he's up to 28,000 with Pagana, who is currently 4th on the ANZ Player of the Year rankings, slipping down to 15,000 in the early going.

12:10pm: A few names

Some of those in today's field are Mishel Anunu, Jason Gray, Leo Boxell, Luke Edwards, Graeme Putt, Nik Lackovic, Josh Barrett, Andrew Scarf, Jai Kemp, Sebastian Pagana, Tony Tartaglia, James Honeybone, Michael Pedley, Danny Chevalier, John Maklouf, Aussie Millions champ David Gorr, Australian Poker Hall of Famer Billy "The Croc" Argyros, ANZPT Sydney winner Michael Kanaan and the defending champion Nauv Kashyap.

12:00pm: Third time lucky

The Jupiters Poker Room is bubbling with activity as we have a large turnout for Day 1c of the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event. There are around ten tables in action with many big names in attendance to push our total number up above the 250 mark.

Some are nursing sore heads after a big night at the ANZPT Players Party, while others are fresh off a plane and straight into the thick of the action.

Jupiters Poker Room Manager Martin Coughlin has welcomed the players to the Gold Coast and uttered the immortal words, "Shuffle up and deal!" The cards are now in the air!


(Image courtesy of Tourism Australia