ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1c: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6:20pm: Ten-minute break

6:15pm: Scarf eliminates another

Andrew Scarf opened with a raise to 1,325 before Tommy Yi moved all in for a total of 5,800. Scarf made the call with A♠9♥ as Yi tabled K♥7♦ for live cards.

However Scarf connected on the board of 5♦A♣J♥4♠8♦ to eliminate Yi from the tournament. Scarf is up to 65,000 and in good shape to reach day two action.

6:10pm: Kashyap rivers a double up

The defending champ Nauv Kashyap is still alive and kicking after a recent double up. He had to rely on a draw as he committed with queen-jack for an open-ended straight draw on a flop of T♠5♦K♥. His opponent called with ace-king, and although the T♣ bricked the turn, Kashyap spiked his straight on the river when the 9♣ landed.

Kashyap is up to 35,000.

6:05pm: Utter Uttley

With a limp in front, Shane Uttley popped it up to 1,200 before an opponent three-bet to 3,500. Uttley was the lone caller to see a flop of T♠5♣J♦.

Uttley check-called for 3,800 before the Q♥ fell on the turn. Both players checked before Uttley led out for 5,000 on the 9♦ river, however his opponent responded with a raise to 17,000. Uttley made the call with king-queen for a straight as his opponent showed ace-five and mucked.

Uttley is now up to 59,000.

6:00pm: The Devil's flop is good for Greer

With around 8,000 in the pot preflop, the flop landed a very evil 6♦6♥6♣. We gave the sign of the cross and held on as Norah Greer led out for 4,000. Her opponent re-raised to 12,200 and after plenty of hesitation, Greer splashed the pot as she shoved all in.

Her opponent folded and Greer raked in the chips. She motioned to flash her cards, and her opponent quipped, "Yeah, I know what you have." Greer showed anyway as she revealed pocket fives, which may not have been the hand her opponent thought she had!

Greer is now up to just under 60,000 and in good shape.


Evil flop, but good result for Norah Greer

5:50pm: Prizepool and payout information

The 2011 ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event has officially attracted a field of 245 entrants to create a prizepool of $563,500.

The top 27 players will finish in the money, with a minimum cash worthy of a $4,510 reward. A final table berth will collect a minimum payout of $13,520 while first place will win a whopping $145,100.

We'll publish the complete list of payouts shortly, which will be accessible from the menu on the right-hand side of the page.


5:40pm: Bennybunny busto

Ben Richardson's tournament has come to an end. As he recalled to us, he first had his pocket aces cracked by pocket nines when a third nine hit the turn. Moments later his last chips were in the middle with K♣J♣ on a three club board, but his opponent held A♣8♣ for the nut flush to send Richardson to the rail.

5:25pm: Gambool!

Tommy Yi has found a fortunate double up with his short stack after Raymond Novley made a gambling call. Yi shoved his last 4,000 from the button with just T♦6♦ but he found himself in front as Novley made the call in the big blind with 5♦3♦!

The board ran out A♥J♦9♣K♠A♠ as Yi's ten played to double up to 8,000.

5:20pm: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

5:15pm: More for Boxell

With two limpers in the pot, a short-stacked player tried to steal the pot by moving all in for his last 2,975 with 6♠7♠ but Leo Boxell played the role of Sheriff as he made the call with K♦J♠.

The board ran out J♣T♣4♠5♠9♥ to pair up Boxell to send his opponent to the rail. Boxell is up to 79,000.

5:10pm: Kashyap wins blind battle

In a battle of the blinds Nauv Kashyap had fired 650 on the flop, 1,350 on the turn and 4,100 on the river on a board of A♣K♥5♣6♣2♠. His opponent was Alex Lee who decided to call him down but had to muck when Kashyap showed 5♦2♦ for a rivered two pair.

Kashyap is up to 50,000.

4:55pm: Billy's boat

Billy Jordanou is continuing to dominate his table after a turned full house has netted him another handy pot.

After calling a preflop raise to 900, Jordanou bet 1,500 on the Q♣8♣Q♦ before both players checked the 9♣ turn. The river fell the A♠ and Jordanou tossed out another 3,600, with his opponent making the call.

Jordanou showed 9♦9♠ for a full house to climb up to a stack of 60,000 chips.

4:45pm: Recent eliminations

Tom Rafferty and ANZPT Sydney champion Michael Kanaan were both recently spotted exiting the Jupiters Poker Room. Their tournament is over.

4:40pm: Straight-flush for Pace

It's fair to say that Nunzio Pace just got a little bit excited. And fair enough too. It's not every day you make a straight flush and get paid, and he wanted to make sure we got the details.

Three players went to a flop of J♦T♦6♦ but only two committed their chips on the monotone board. Both had flushes as Pace showed 9♦7♦ to be in front of his opponent's 4♦3♦.

The turn card sealed the deal as the 8♦ gave Pace the elusive straight-flush! The river was the 3♥ and Pace found the double up.

4:30pm: Scarf plays it strong

Andrew Scarf has just collected a nice pot with a double barrel against Raymond Novley. We arrived to see a flop of A♠8♥2♠ and Scarf leading the betting with a hefty bet of 7,125. Novley made the call as a third player got out of the way before the 7♠ hit the turn.

After a little banter Scarf cut out a bet of 16,400 and slid it into the middle, leaving himself just 1,000 in chips behind. Novley thought for a few moments as the eccentric Scarf sat back in his chair and sipped his drink.

"I tip my hat to you," said Novley. "You played it strong. I fold."

Scarf raked in the chips to climb up to 40,000.


Andrew Scarf in action at the ANZPT Gold Coast

4:20pm: Play resumes

As the fifth level of the day commences, that means registration has now officially closed and we should be able to confirm prizepool information for you shortly.

The big screen is showing an even 100 entrants for today with 76 of those still alive and kicking. With that monster pot prior to the break, Billy "The Croc" Argyros would be our chip leader, with Leo Boxell and Billy Jordanou also in good shape. The cream is rising to the top on the Gold Coast!