ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1c: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

7:30pm: Day 1c is in the bag

The final three hands have been dealt and the player have bagged, tagged and called it a night. It was a day for the old guard with several veterans prominent throughout the day, but in the end it was none other than Leo Boxell who emerged with the chip lead.

Boxell bagged up 133,350 as the only player in the room above the century mark. Michael Pedley (71,400), Andrew Scarf (70,150), David Gorr (67,150), Billy Argyros (56,075), defending champ Nauv Kashyap (47,700) and John Maklouf (36,275) have all safely made it through the day as approximately half of the field survived.

We'll be back with a complete wrap of the day's action include full counts for the field for you shortly.

7:25pm: Pedley content to avoid big clash

A big laydown by Michael Pedley late in the day has avoided a potential clash with Billy "The Croc" Argyros. It started with a raise to 1,500, which Pedley flat called. Action then folded to Argyros who three-bet to 5,200. The original raiser folded and Pedley thought for a few moments.

The two exchanged some friendly banter before Pedley chirped the classic line, "Will you show, if I fold?"

Argyros nodded and Pedley open-folded ace-king. Argyros was true to his word as he showed pocket queens! Pedley is sitting comfortable and apparently happy with his 70,000 chips, while Argyros is heading towards 50,000.

Meanwhile it appears that Leo Boxell will claim the end of day chip lead. He's surged ahead after apparently taking down a big pot holding pocket tens to move up to around 130,000.

7:20pm: Chewed out

Stevan Chew couldn't match his final table result from the ANZPT Sydney as his tournament has just ended late on day one. Chew's last chips were in preflop with ace-seven against the pocket tens of Raymond Novley.

Chew hit and ace but it was no good as Novley spiked a set on the board of [4][t][8][a][k].

7:15pm: Dales does it

A small double up for the short-stacked Andrew Dales has kept him alive in the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event. Dales held J♣J♦ against A♥9♥ and his pair held when the board ran out 7♣9♦3♥6♥6♦.

Dales is up to 12,000.

7:10pm: The Tony Tartaglia Show!

Well, we spoke too soon about the unusually quiet approach today from the lovable Tony Tartaglia. He's just raised the roof with a remarkable triple up in a three-way all in.

The action started with a raise to 2,200 before Michael Pedley raised to 5,100. It was then all in by Tartaglia, all in by the player to his left, and a call from the original raiser. Pedley raised his eyebrows and folded what he later said was pocket nines.

The original raiser showed T♥T♣, Tartaglia opened J♣J♠ but they were both trailing the third player who held K♥K♣.

Tartaglia was looking for a jack but instead the board ran out Q♠6♠9♥7♠9♠ and with the only spade, Tartaglia made a flush to scoop the pot as Pedley was left shaking his head. Tartaglia is now up to nearly 50,000.

6:55pm: Frustrated Lackovic finds a double on the feature table

With a raise to 1,525 from an opponent, Mishel Anunu three-bet to 4,500 from the big blind. His opponent thought for a long time as he considered all his options.

As the seconds ticked over, it became too much for Nik Lackovic. With just 4,500 in chips in front of him, a frustrated Lackovic was probably wanting to hurry things along so he could either find a double up or go bust. In the end, Lackovic called the clock and the player folded. Anunu raked in the chips as he moves up to 56,000.

Moments later Lackovic tangled with the same player as his last chips were in the middle preflop with pocket sevens against queen-jack. The board ran out [6][7][k][6][2] to give Lackovic a full house and a double up to around 9,000.

"Please refer to us as the feature table," quipped Lackovic as we jotted down the hand. He can claim feature table status, but he'll need a few more double ups to reach the final table!

6:40pm: Deuces for Tartaglia

It's been a battle today for Tony Tartaglia, but he's just landed a handy double up, much to his relief. We arrived on the turn on the board of 3♠5♣4♣2♥ to see Tartaglia's last 5,350 called off by an opponent with a Q♣9♣ flush draw. Tartaglia showed 2♣2♠ for a set of deuces for the lead.

The river was the 4♠ to give Tartaglia a full house to double up.

"Thank God for that!" chirped Tartaglia with a wry smile as he gets back above his starting stack.


Tony Tartaglia has been unusually quiet, but is gathering some momentum late on Day 1c

6:30pm: Play resumes

The players are back for the seventh and final level of the day. Unlike the last two days, we don't have a runaway chip leader, despite this being the biggest flight of the tournament. At the moment Billy Argyros, Leo Boxell, Billy Jordanou and Andrew Scarf are all hovering around the 70,000 mark which is pretty much the largest in the room.

Will a new chip leader emerge in the final level?