ANZPT Gold Coast Day 2: Levels 10 & 11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

4:10pm: Ten-minute break

4:05pm: Woodbine stays alive

Graham Woodbine continues to fight hard with his short stack as he's landed yet another double up. He was all in with A♠Q♠ against K♦J♦ and held the advantage through the board of Q♦J♣5♣3♣T♠.

Woodbine doubles to 20,000.

3:55pm: Natural nines for Tartaglia

Tony Tartaglia has found a handy double up, but he had to crack the pocket kings of John Maklouf to do so. Tartaglia move his last 18,700 all in preflop from early position with 9♦9♠ and Maklouf made the call in the big blind, but the board of J♣5♦9♥2♠4♥ gave Tartaglia a set of nines for the double up. Both players are now sitting with around 40,000 chips.

3:40pm: Not looking bright for Cartwright

Ash Cartwright may have the brightest hair in the room, but his chip stack isn't so flash as he is now left working with a very short stack after doubling up Zoe Chakley. Cartwright moved all in preflop for his last 22,000 with 7♠5♥ and Chakley moved all in behind for her last 13,500 with A♠8♠. Cartwright held live cards with his 7♠5♥ and spiked two pair on the 5♦Q♠7♦ flop, but the 8♣ turn and Q♦ river gave Chakley a better two pair for the double up.

Chakley is up to 30,000 with Cartwright in trouble with just 8,500 chips.

3:35pm: Barbaro busto

Simon Barbaro is hurting right now, as our overnight chip leader has been bundled out of the tournament. We reported on Day 1b that we didn't see Barbaro lose a single pot all day. Well today it appeared to be the opposite as nothing seemed to go right.

His final stand came with ace-king against an opponent's pocket eights, and despite hitting an ace it wasn't enough as his opponent spiked a set on the board of 8♦3♥7♠A♠9♠.

3:30pm: Cameron straightened out

PokerStars qualifier Adam Cameron has been eliminated when his last 21,000 was all in preflop in a race with ace-king against pocket queens.

Cameron was hoping the race was over when the flop landed K♣9♣J♦ to give him a pair of kings and the lead in the hand, but the 6♠ turn and T♠ river gave his opponent a straight to send Cameron packing.

3:20pm: The champ is gone

We'll be crowning a new ANZPT Gold Coast champion in 2011, as the defending champ, Nauv Kashyap has been eliminated in rather unfortunate circumstances.

As the action was recalled to us, Anthony Grange bet the flop and Kashyap called. Grange fired again on the turn and Kashyap moved all in. The board read 8♥T♠5♥Q♥ and Grange insta-called with A♥T♥ for the nut flush. Kashyap looked at his opponent's cards, and knowing that he was drawing stone-cold dead, he simply tossed them into the muck and stood from the table.

After a count down of chips, Grange has Kashyap covered and he was sent to the rail. Meanwhile Grange is now with the chip leaders on 180,000 chips.


Anthony Grange has knocked out the defending champ and is not with the chip leaders

3:10pm: Level up, blinds 800-1,600, ante 200

3:00pm: Finding a groove

With 76 players remaining the play has slowed up a little over the past level with far fewer all-in clashes to report. The short stacks appear to have either busted or doubled up, and the players have settled into a bit of a groove. They also know that we're only playing today until 50 players remain, which is now not that far away.

2:50pm: McKenzie busts Novley

The great run of Raymond Novley has come to an end at the hands of ANZ Player of the Year leader Jesse McKenzie.

Novley limped in from middle position, and the small blind completed. McKenzie was in the big blind and he bumped the price to 3,900. Novley called as the small blind stepped aside.

The flop landed 4♣6♣6♥ and McKenzie led out for 3,600. Novley announced a raise to 9,000 before McKenzie re-raised to 14,600. Novley moved all in and McKenzie quickly called.

"Have you got aces or kings?" asked McKenzie as he opened Q♦Q♠ to be just ahead of Novley's J♠J♦.

The turn was the 2♥ and river the T♠ to eliminate Novley and jump McKenzie up to around 75,000.


Jesse McKenzie is on track for another ANZPT cash here on the Gold Coast

2:30pm: Barbaro no longer king

Our chip leader entering today's play was Day 1b leader Simon Barbaro with 153,400. Times have changed however as Barbaro is currently looking down at what is left of his chip stack and simply shaking his head.

The reason being that Barbaro just copped a nasty beat when his K♦K♥ were all in preflop against 7♥7♠. The flop revealed Q♥J♥7♦ to give his opponent a set and Barbaro was in a world of pain.

The turn was a very sweaty T♥ as suddenly Barbaro had Royal Flush draw, but it wasn't to be, as the 6♦ bricked the river. Barbaro is left with just 20,000 in chips.

2:20pm: Cohen loses race

Julian Cohen was sitting deep in the tank when we approached the table as he contemplated an all-in re-raise for around half of his remaining chips.

"It's close," sighed Cohen, "It's really close."

Cohen eventually plonked out calling chips and opened 7♦7♣ to be racing with A♠J♥. The flop was an interesting A♦8♦K♦ as Cohen's opponent paired his ace but Cohen picked up the only flush draw.

The turn was the K♠ and the 8♣ river didn't change anything to leave Cohen with just 20,000.

2:10pm: Play resumes

The players are back with 90 players still in contention for the 2011 ANZPT Gold Coast title. Our chip leader is clearly still Greg Shillig who has about 230,000 chips to be well in front of his nearest rival. Leo Boxell, Paul Hockin and Simon Barbaro are likely to be next best.