ANZPT Gold Coast Day 2: Levels 8 & 9 (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

2:00pm: Ten-minute break

1:55pm: Down and out

Irish PokerStars qualifier Brian Downey came into day two with just 10,675 in chips so it was always going to be a tough road ahead. However he was unfortunate to be eliminated after a cruel river went against him.

Downey was racing with ace-queen against pocket sevens, and took the lead on the Q♠6♣3♣ flop. The K♦ turn didn't change anything but the 7♦ landed on the river to give his opponent the two-outer and eliminate Downey from the tournament.

1:45pm: Zalac gets a mention

Ivan Zalac just called us over as he wanted to get a mention in the PokerStars blog for his recent double up. We of course, were happy to oblige. Zalac recalled to us that he doubled up with A♣T♣ versus king-ten on an ace-high board. He's now up to 18,000 and might be able to get a few more mentions with another double up or three.

1:30pm: Soul read by Ivin

Mike Ivin has just put a soul read on PokerStars qualifier Edward Lim after calling him down on a board of 9♦K♣5♥4♥7♦. Ivin opened 2♣2♦ for an underpair to the board, but his pair was enough as Lim sighed and mucked [a][q].

Ivin is up to 80,000.


Mike Ivin is looking for a repeat of his ANZPT Sydney runner-up result

1:20pm: A couple of doubles

Graham Woodbine has found a double up when his A♣J♠ won a preflop race against an opponent's T♦T♥. The board ran out J♥9♠3♠9♦8♣ to double Woodbine to 23,000.

Also doubling up was Anthony Grange when his A♦T♦ caught a pair against 9♥9♣ when the board fell Q♠T♣4♥Q♥5♠. Grange is up to 26,000.

1:10pm: Robertson busts Apostolidis

Blain Robertson has eliminated "Furniture" John Apostolidis from the tournament. When we approached the table the cards were on their backs with Apostolidis holding Q♠4♠ for two pair on a board of 5♠Q♥4♦6♠2♦ however Robertson held 3♥2♥ for the straight.

Apostolidis is out with Robertson up to 90,000.

1:00pm: Level up, blinds 500-1,000, ante 100

12:55pm: Two chips and a chair for Nguyen

After losing an all-in clash, Tri Nguyen was down to just 200 in chips. However remarkably he's quadrupled, tripled and then doubled again, with the latest hand seeing his pocket sixes hold against an opponent's ace-ten.

In a matter of minutes, Nguyen has gone from 200 to now be up to 16,000 and with a pulse once more.

12:50pm: Burgoine busts as Shillig wins biggest pot of the tournament

The biggest pot of the tournament has just unfolded to leave Crown poker dealer Jimmy Burgoine crashing to a dramatic exit as local Greg Shillig has stormed to a massive chip lead.

It all unfolded on the turn on a board of 7♦8♥4♠T♥ as the two big stacks went to war. Burgoine had flopped a straight with his 6♥5♦ but Shillig went one better on the turn with his 9♥6♣ for a bigger straight.

The river was the 5♣ and Burgoine goes from 100k to zero as Shillig is now up to a tournament-leading 230,000 chips.

12:45pm: Pedley discovers what happens on day two

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Michael Pedley posted some classic one-liners on Facebook overnight including, "Day 2 of a poker tourney! Wtf happens here?" and our personal favourite, "Day 2 anzpt gold coast! Apparently chips from day 1 carry forward, which seems unfair on those with small stacks!"

Well Peds, what happens on Day 2 is that you pick up pocket aces in a three-way all-in and eliminate two opponents!

That's exactly what just happened as the short-stacked Gail Robinson pushed with A♣7♥ and PokerStars qualifier Oliver Schaffmann was all in with A♥K♥ but Pedley had them both covered with his A♠A♦ well in command.

The board produced no surprises as it ran out 2♦7♦T♣J♣9♣ to send two to the rail and jump Pedley well over the 100k mark.


This day two stuff is not bad!

12:35pm: Scarf doubles through Kroesen

Andrew Scarf has found a much-needed double up through Ricky Kroesen. Scarf shoved all in following a raise, and Kroesen made the call with T♥T♦ to be racing with Scarf's A♦K♦.

The board ran out A♥3♣8♦4♦4♣ to pair up Scarf for the double to around 50,000 with Kroesen back down to around 30,000.

12:25pm: Grigg on the go

Tom Grigg has halted the momentum of Mike Ivin as we caught the action on the river on a board of 7♣T♠6♠A♣7♠. Grigg checked, Ivin bet 7,000 but Grigg check-raised to 27,500. Ivin made the call but Grigg showed A♦7♥ for a backdoor full house.

The remarkable comeback story for Grigg in this tournament continues as he's getting close to the top of the tree with a stack of 115,000.


Tom Grigg is on fire on the Gold Coast

12:15pm: Set over set hurts Cohen

Hugh Cohen opened with a raise to 1,800 from early position before Shane Uttley three-bet to 3,600. Cohen made the call and they saw a monotone 4♠7♠A♠ flop. Both players checked and the turn brought the 8♦.

Cohen led out for 4,600 and Uttley called as the 6♥ hit the river. Cohen fired again for 9,600 and Uttley made the quick call. Cohen tabled pocket eights for a turned set, but Uttley had pocket aces for a bigger set!

Uttley is up to 70,000 with Cohen down towards 30,000.

12:10pm: Misstep for Scarf

Mike Ivin is off to a fast start after an aggressive Andrew Scarf was caught speeding. The action started with Ricky Kroesen opening with a raise from the button to 2,000. Ivin called in the small blind before Scarf put on the squeeze as he made it 8,800 to go from the big blind.

That was enough to see Kroesen fold but Ivin stuck around to see the A♥5♥2♠ flop. Ivin checked to Scarf who fiddled with his chips in his usual manner before moving 10,600 into the middle. Ivin made the call and the T♥ fell on the turn.

Again Ivin checked it over to Scarf who took a long time to choose mixed assortment of chips of all denominations before sliding them into the middle. It was somewhere around the 25,000 mark but before the dealer could sort out the mess, Ivin had announced himself all in, and just as quickly, Scarf slid his cards into the muck.

Ivin is up to 85,000 with Scarf now down to just 25,000.

12:00pm: Cards are in the air for Day 2

It's moving day at the ANZP Gold Coast as 117 of our original starting field of 245 have returned to the Jupiters Poker Room for Day 2 action. We're not expecting a long day, with the plan to reduce our field to the final 50 players, but by that stage we should see the cream rising to the top.

The players have taken their seats and Jupiters Poker Room Manager Martin Coughlin kicked things off. The cards are now in the air!


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