ANZPT Gold Coast Day 3: Levels 15 & 16 (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)

4:10pm: Ten-minute break

4:00pm: The bubble bursts on Andrews

The bubble has burst!

The unfortunate bubble boy of the ANZPT Gold Coast is Danny Andrews. He was down to his last 20,000 which he moved in preflop with Q♦J♥ with Kamel Bekhaled making the call with 3♥3♦.

The board bricked out 2♦5♦5♠9♣K♥ to see Andrews head home empty-handed while the remaining 27 players are now $4,510 wealthier.

3:50pm: Cohen crippled but hangs on

ANZPT Queenstown champ Julian Cohen is under pressure to avoid becoming our bubble boy. He was recently crippled in a devastating hand against Joe Courtney.

It was Cohen's A♦Q♠ in dominant shape against Courtney's A♣5♣ but the board ran out 9♣Q♣K♠3♣2♠ to give Courtney a flush and leave Cohen crippled.

However Cohen is not quite done for, just yet. He was able to double up shortly after when his A♥K♣ held against Tom Grigg's 9♠8♠. The board fell A♣Q♠Q♣8♥J♦ to get Cohen up to nearly 30,000 but he's still the short stack of the field as the bubble continues.

3:40pm: Dazzler done

Darryl "Dazzler" Lanyon was hanging on for dear life as he blinded away as the short stack of the field. Lanyon was down to his last 5,000 in chips, half of which were already in the small blind, when he finally committed them all in with A♦K♦. David Gorr was his opponent with 7♦7♣ but Dazzler won the race as the board ran out 9♥6♠A♠T♠Q♠.

Dazzler was up to around 25,000 and moved them all in shortly after with T♠T♦ as Mario Ljubicic made the call in the blinds with K♦Q♠. Dazzler flopped a set but it wasn't enough on the board of T♥A♣J♦6♠9♠ as Ljubicic flopped a straight to eliminate Dazzler just short of the money.

With that elimination we're now hand-for-hand and on the money bubble with 28 players remaining.


Darryl "Dazzler" Lanyon just misses the money in the ANZPT Gold Coast

3:30pm: McKenzie tries for revenge against Voegele

With play slowing up around the tables it was left to ANZPT Player of the Year contenders Jesse McKenzie and Octavian Voegele to create some action.

Voegele was the player at risk as he moved all in for 39,000 with A♠K♣ and McKenzie made the call with A♥8♥ to attempt to knock out his friendly, but fierce rival.

Both players hit an ace on the T♥A♦J♥ flop but McKenzie picked up a flush draw. His outs improved even further when the 9♣ hit the turn, but the river bricked the 5♦ to give Voegele the double up.

3:10pm: Level up, blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500

3:00pm: Grigg and Kroesen double

Tom Grigg's wild ride continues as he's just doubled up through Allistair Desplace. The board read 2♠3♦T♠T♦2♦ with Grigg holding an adventurous 2♣3♣ to double through Desplace's 6♦6♣. He's back up to 120,000.

His sparring buddy Ricky Kroesen has also doubled up to avoid elimination. Kroesen's A♥J♠ held against an opponent's Q♦5♦ on a board of A♣8♣7♦2♦4♥. Last year's ANZPT Gold Coast runner up is now up to 100,000.


Ricky Kroesen looking to go one better at the ANZPT Gold Coast

2:55pm: Bounty time!

While the Main Event starts to slow down as we approach the bubble, the Jupiters Poker Room is currently buzzing with a capacity field of 100 players hitting the tables for Bounty side event. Plenty of laughs are being had with an extra special bounty announced by Danny McDonagh to knock local player "Serge" out of the tournament.

"Whoever knocks out Serge will get ANZPT merchandise, a night's accommodation at the Grand Lisboa Macau and HK$1,000 in tournament entries. Billy Jordanou has also promised to donate $500 cash!" announced McDonagh.

We're not sure why Serge has become such a target but it sounds like a bounty worth hunting!

2:50pm: Boxell doubles through Grigg

Leo Boxell has doubled up through Tom Grigg to halt the momentum of the young gun. The board read J♦6♠7♠5♠ when Grigg's bet of 15,000 was raised to 50,000 by Boxell. Grigg made the call and the river was a bricky 2♣.

Grigg checked and Boxell moved all in. Grigg made the call but mucked when Boxell opened A♠Q♠ for the nut flush. Grigg is down to 90,000 with Boxell now up to 300,000.

2:40pm: Bang, bang, BANG!

Three eliminations in quick succession have seen our field reduced to just 31 players. Greg Shillig fell with ace-queen versus ace-king, while Harris Pavlou pushed queen-nine into Tim O'Shea's pocket queens. However the biggest hand of the tournament was unfolding at the same time on another table which had most of our attention.

On a flop of 5♥5♠4♣, we arrived at the table to see a bet of 61,000 in front of Justin Walch, which we assume was a raise against the bet of Anthony Grange.

Grange was in the tank before making the call as the massive pot had swelled before the 9♠ hit the turn. Grange checked and Walch moved all in for a total of 70,100. Grange went into the tank for a long time, before eventually announcing a call.

"Good call," sighed Walch as he opened A♣K♥ for just ace-high as he raised his eyebrows to see Grange made the call with 6♠6♣.

The river was the 4♦ to see Walch crash and burn as Grange now has a mountain of chips in front of him - somewhere in the vicinity of 500,000 for a clear chip lead.


Anthony Grange is our runaway chip leader at the ANZPT Gold Coast

2:30pm: "How to turn 7k into 185k in one hour" By Tom Grigg

Tom Grigg must enjoy torturing himself. His rollercoaster ride in this tournament would've been too much for most to handle, while he seems to love nothing more than riding the waves of tournament poker. He also seems to enjoy getting himself into tricky post-flop situations.

"Why do I keep getting myself into these spots?" sighed Grigg when faced with a bet of 22,000 on the river on a board of 8♣4♥9♦J♠4♠. It represented a large chunk of his stack, and after several minutes of thought, Grigg committed to the call.

His opponent tapped the table and simply mucked his cards in resignation. Grigg was going to do likewise after he was pushed the pot, but Billy Jordanou requested to see his cards. The dealer ruled that Grigg didn't have to show as they weren't all in, but Grigg obliged anyway as he opened 9♥7♥.

Grigg is now up to 185,000 chips.

2:25pm: So long Solemdal

PokerStars qualifier Torgeir Solemdal is the latest casualty when he ran his T♥T♦ into the A♦A♠ of Oliver Grujic. The board ran out 2♠K♥K♠3♦J♣ to eliminate Solemdal and jump Grujic up to a very healthy 150,000 as he seeks his third cash of the ANZPT season.

2:20pm: Cohen finds a river

Julian Cohen has just found an ace from space to stay alive in this tournament. After an early position raise to 8,000, Cohen moved all in for a total of 43,100 from the small blind with A♥Q♥ but when his opponent snap-called he knew it was bad news. His opponent opened K♠K♣ and things looked grim for Cohen when the first four cards were spread 6♦8♣3♣8♠.

Cohen had already stood from the table and push in his chair, but he gave a fist pump of delight when the A♣ found its way onto the river. Cohen doubles to 90,000.

2:10pm: Play resumes

The 37 remaining players are back in action as Day 3 of the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event continues. New Zealand's Paul Hockin is our current chip leader, with Anders Bjerk and Tim O'Shea also amongst the biggest stacks in the room.

We're now ten players away from the money so we can expect play to tighten somewhat over the next two levels.