ANZPT Gold Coast Day 3: Levels 17 & 18 (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500)

6:30pm: Ten-minute break

With the stalemate between the final 18 players still yet to be broken, it must be time for a break.

6:25pm: Kings collide

Leo Boxell and Peter Matusik just went to war preflop but it ended rather anti-climactically as Boxell opened K♥K♠ and Matusik showed the same hand - K♦K♣!

The board arrived an uneventful 5♦T♥7♠3♣9♥ and both players chop it up!

6:15pm: Small one to Pedley

Leo Boxell opened with a raise to 22,000 from the button before Michael Pedley three-bet to 43,000 from the big blind. Boxell made the call to see a flop of 2♠7♣6♦.

Pedley liked what he saw and decided to move all in and Boxell quickly gave it up. Pedley is now up to 160,000.

6:05pm: Ward shoves with success

Play has become a little stagnant once again as the players settle back into full ring play on the final two tables. However Paul Ward is once to get active after he recently doubled up at the expense of Anders Bjerk.

Ward open-shoved for 135,000 from the cutoff with 8♦8♣ and Bjerk was the caller in the small hold holding A♠T♣.

The board fell Q♣Q♥4♦2♥3♦ to leave Ward's pair in front for a big double up to around 290,000 with Bjerk down to just 140,000.

5:45pm: Occy out

The door has been left open for Danny Chevalier in the ANZPT Player of the Year race as Octavian Voegele has crashed out of the tournament.

It was a true cooler as Voegele ran his K♠K♥ smack bang into the A♠A♥ of Sam Adams. The board ran out A♣6♦2♥4♦7♥ to eliminate Voegele in 19th place.


Octavian Voegele's quest for a second ANZPT title has come to an end

5:35pm: Jordanou straight to the exit

Paul Hockin limped in from the small blind before Billy Jordanou raised to 40,000 in the big blind. Hockin came over the top by moving all in with Jordanou tank-calling with T♣T♥. Hockin held A♠4♠ and would need some help.

The flop of 3♦8♥2♥ left Jordanou in front but Hockin spiked a 5♠ on the turn to give him an unbeatable straight. The river was the 7♠ to eliminate Jordanou in 20th place. He takes home $5,640 in prize money.


Billy Jordanou eliminated in 20th place

5:30pm: Grujic gone

Julian Cohen's heater continues as he's just won a preflop race to end the hopes of Oliver Grujic. It was Cohen's A♣K♠ up against Grujic's T♣T♦ as the board ran out 7♠Q♥3♣A♦4♦. Cohen picked up a pair to eliminate Grujic in 21st place. He'll grab some valuable points in the ANZPT POTY but not enough to displace Jesse McKenzie as top dog.

5:25pm: Savvy Savvas trips Tim

Savvas Zenonos may have a name worthy of a triple-word score, but now he has an equally impressive chip stack after a massive clash with Tim O'Shea.

Catching the action on a flop of A♦6♣K♣, Zenonos checked it over to O'Shea who bet 27,000. Zenonos called and the turn brought the 9♥. Again Zenonos check-called for 35,500 as the 9♠ completed the board on the river.

Zenonos decided to lead with an all-in bet of around 150,000 and O'Shea made a big call with A♠T♣, but Zenonos had caught good with his 9♣8♣ to take it down and move up to 460,000.

O'Shea was crippled and eliminated a few moments later in 22nd place.

5:20pm: Level up, blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500

5:15pm: Grigg claims Wilson

Alan Wilson is the latest casualty in the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event. Following an opening raise from Tom Grigg, Wilson moved all in from the big blind for around 70,000 more holding 6♦6♠ as Grigg made the call with A♥Q♣.

The K♠2♥8♥ flop was safe enough for Wilson but the A♦ on the turn put Grigg firmly in front. Needing a six to survive the J♣ landed to eliminate Wilson in 23rd place. Meanwhile Grigg is now up to 280,000 chips.

5:10pm: Double for Gorr

In a battle of the blinds David Gorr and Paul Hockin went to war preflop. Hockin showed A♠T♦ but Gorr held a dominant A♥Q♦. The board landed 8♥8♠3♦Q♠3♠ to double the Aussie Millions champ to 200,000 with Hockin slipping to 260,000.

5:05pm: Cohen rockets ahead

Poker is a funny game sometimes. A few minutes ago Julian Cohen was crippled on the bubble and we thought he was going to go home empty-handed. But it wasn't to be. He survived. He doubled. And then doubled again. Fast forward an hour and he's now one of the tournament chip leaders after a classic cooler of a hand against Paul Ward.

Ward opened to 13,000 before Cohen raised to 33,000 from the big blind. Ward moved all in and Cohen snap-called with his A♠A♦ as Ward sighed and showed K♣K♠.

The board ran out with a little paint to scare Cohen, but it was ultimately a safe 5♥T♠Q♥4♠J♥ to double Cohen to a massive 350,000 chips.

4:55pm: Ljubicic races out the door

Mario Ljubicic is our 24th place finish as his day came to a halt at the hands of Danny Chevalier. Ljubicic was all in with A♥J♠ and racing against Chevalier's 5♠5♥ but the board of 4♦A♣5♣Q♦6♣ gave Chevalier a set to take the pot.

Chevalier is up to 150,000 with Ljubicic picking up $5,070 for a fine tournament.

4:50pm: Courtney and McKenzie on the rail

Joe Courtney has been eliminated in 26th place when he moved all in with 6♠6♣ against the 8♥8♦ of Julian Cohen. Courtney spiked a set on the flop, but so did Cohen, as the board ran out 2♠6♥8♠5♦2♥.

He was soon followed by Jesse McKenzie who committed his last chips with Q♣J♣ but Michael Fadersen made the call with a dominant A♥Q♠. The flop was a dry 3♠T♣6♥ but McKenzie picked up a plethora of outs on the K♣ turn as suddenly he had a Royal Flush draw. However the river bricked the 8♠. McKenzie will pick up valuable points in the ANZ Player of the Year race but he'll be sweating the progress of the remaining POTY contenders in the field.


Jesse McKenzie has grabbed some valuable POTY points here on the Gold Coast

4:45pm: Cohen back in contention

Julian Cohen has staged a mini-comeback of his own after successive double up has manoeuvred his stack back to a workable 90,000.

The latest double up saw his A♦4♣ catch a pair of aces on a board of A♣9♠7♠5♦J♣ to get past his opponent's 6♦6♠.


ANZPT Queenstown champ Julian Cohen is looking for another final table on the Gold Coast

4:40pm: Uttley first to the cashier

Our first player to the cashier is PokerStars qualifier Shane Uttley. His last stand came with K♠7♥ as Aussie Millions champion David Gorr made the call with A♦J♥.

The board ran out 8♠T♠T♦8♣7♦ with Gorr's ace-kicker playing to take the pot and eliminate Uttley in 27th place. He'll collect $4,510 for a fine tournament. Meanwhile Gorr is now up to 100,000.

4:35pm: Lucky ace for Kamel

Kamel Bekhaled has landed a big double up of his own but he had to sweat until the river to snag the lead from Mario Ljubicic's K♣K♠. Bekhaled held A♠Q♦ with al the chips in preflop.

The board ran out 7♦3♥T♠2♥A♦ to double Bekhaled up to 22,000 with Ljubicic down to 50,000.

4:30pm: Billy bounces back

With the bubble bursting, we're expecting a bit more action as the short stacks look to double up or head to the cashier.

Billy Jordanou is one short stack who has doubled up with his A♣J♦ holding against the dominated A♠8♠ of Paul Hockin. The board ran out T♥9♣6♦2♠2♥ to get Jordanou up to 80,000.

4:20pm: Play resumes

The final 27 players have come together for the final three tables of play and the cards are back in the air. Anthony Grange is our chip leader with 570,000, with Leo Boxell, Tim O'Shea and Anders Bjerk not far behind.