ANZPT Gold Coast Day 3: Levels 19 & 20 (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)

8:45pm: Twenty-minute break

Some growling stomachs have demanded an extended break, so they've been given a twenty-minute one to grab a quick bite.

8:40pm: Matusik chews up Gorr

Speaking of nicknames, we've just been told that Peter Matusik likes to be known as "Chewing Gum Pete". He'll be chewing pretty hard right now after a massive pot was shipped his way to put him close to the tournament chip lead.

David Gorr opened from the button to 30,000 and "Chewing Gum Pete" defended in the big blind. The flop landed 2♥J♥4♠ and both players checked. The turn was an innocent looking 2♠ but that's where things got interesting.

Matusik checked and Gorr bet 60,000. Matusik then check-raised all in over the top to put Gorr to a decision for his last 190,000 chips. After some deep thought, Gorr gave it up to jump Matusik up to 830,000 chips.

8:35pm: Grigg escapes once again

Tom Grigg couldn't watch but he has somehow survived an all-in clash with Leo Boxell. Grigg moved all in for 105,000 with A♦3♦ and Boxell called with T♣T♦.

When Grigg saw the 9♦5♠7♠ flop, he stood and walked away from the table, believing his tournament was over. However the 4♠ turn and 6♥ river produced yet another escape act for Tom "Houdini" Grigg as he is back up to 220,000.

8:30pm: Ward walks

Kamel Bekhaled opened with a raise to 30,000 before Paul Ward moved all in for his last 84,000. Bekhaled called with A♣Q♥ and was in good shape against Ward's A♥9♦.

The board ran out 5♠J♣2♣J♠3♣ to eliminate Ward in 14th place. He'll take home $7,890 for his efforts here on the Gold Coast.

8:25pm: Controversy erupts

An interesting situation has just unfolded here in the Main Event which has caused a little controversy and plenty of discussion on our tables.

Savvas Zenonos opened to 30,000 before Michael Fadersen moved all in for a total of 110,000. Before Zenonos had a chance to call, the dealer made an error and accidentally mucked the cards of Fadersen. Suddenly he had no chips and no cards! Oops!

Because the mistake was with the dealer and not the player, the ruling was made that Zenonos would win the call portion of Fadersen's bet (30,000) and the remainder would be returned to Fadersen.

Despite all of the complaining from both players, the correct ruling was made as per ANZPT Rule #28 which states:

28. It is a player's responsibility to protect their own hands at all times. If a dealer kills an unprotected hand, the player will have no redress and will not be entitled to his money back. An exception would be if a player raised and his raise had not been called yet, he would be entitled to receive his raise back.

The same rule is also in the government approved Queensland Terms & Conditions for this event.

8:15pm: Not a bad flop for the Aussie Millions champ

Paul Ward opened with a raise to 26,000 from the small blind and David Gorr defended his big blind to see a flop of 3♣6♦4♠. Ward led out for 52,000 but Gorr moved all in over the top. Ward made the call with 6♣8♥ but Gorr had flopped an unlikely straight with his 5♠2♠.

The turn was the A♦ and the 8♣ gave Ward two pair but it wasn't enough has Gorr doubled through to a stack of 300,000, leaving Ward on the short stack with just 90,000.


David Gorr is heading towards another major final table

8:05pm: Hockin pressures Grange

Anthony Grange opened to 29,000 from late position and Paul Hockin made the call on the button. Norah Greer came along in the big blind as we saw a rare multi-way flop of Q♥Q♠A♥.

Greer checked and Grange bet 59,000. Hockin flat called as Greer stepped aside. The turn brought the 7♥ and Grange slowed down and checked it over to Hockin. He bet 95,000 and Grange paid to see the T♦ complete the board on the river.

Grange checked and Hockin announced himself all in. The price was too rich for Grange as he folded to save his last 185,000. Hockin is now up to a healthy 650,000 chips.

7:55pm: Kroesen culled

With 12,000 already committed in the big blind, Ricky Kroesen called off his last 37,000 after Paul Ward opened to 48,000. Kroesen held 5♣6♥ for live cards against Ward's A♠Q♥.

The board landed A♣T♣K♣8♥T♥ to give Ward the pot and eliminate Kroesen just short of a repeat ANZPT Gold Coast final table. With his performance here Kroesen is likely to now climb into the top five in the ANZ Player of the Year race.


Another fine showing at the ANZPT Gold Coast for Ricky Kroesen

7:50pm: Chips start to move

The chips are starting to fly as the blinds and antes start to catch up with the short stacks.

Sam Adams was fortunate to find a double up as his A♦J♥ outdrew the A♣Q♠ of Tom Grigg in a battle of the blinds. Adams open-shipped for 121,000 and Grigg made the call but the board ran out 6♥K♣J♣4♥9♣ to see Adams double to 260,000.

This left Grigg with just 66,000 but he found a double up of his own when he called all in with K♥Q♣ following the shove from Ricky Kroesen who held A♠5♠ as the board ran out J♦K♠7♣T♣3♠.

It was now Kroesen's turn to be on the short stack and it looked like he was done when his last 27,000 was all in with K♣6♠ against the dominant K♥9♠ of Paul Ward. However the 3♥8♣Q♣3♣8♦ board left both players to chop it up as Kroesen stays alive.

7:45pm: Level up, blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000

7:35pm: Norah doubles up

Norah Greer has found a double up through Savvas Zenonos. Greer moved all in for her last 111,000 after Zenonos had opened to 30,000. He thought for several moments before sighing, "Ok I'll double you up," as he made the call.

Zenonos showed A♣9♣ but he trailed Greer's J♥J♠ which held on the board of 7♥4♦T♥Q♣Q♥. Greer doubles to 250,000 with Zenonos slipping to 230,000.

7:30pm: Matusik flexes

Tom Grigg opened to 20,000 from under the gun before David Gorr re-raised to 65,000 next to speak. Play then folded to Peter Matusik on the button who announced himself all in, covering both opponents.

Grigg and Gorr both released as Matusik flexes his muscle to a stack of 570,000. Gorr is back down to 200,000.

7:25pm: Bekhaled on top

Our last female standing, Norah Greer has just taken a hit as Kamel Bekhaled has climbed to the chip lead with 15 players left.

Bekhaled raised to 23,000 from under the gun and Greer defended her big blind to see a flop of A♣5♦8♣. Greer led out for 28,000 and Bekhaled called as the 4♥ hit the turn. Again Greer released a bet, this time for 50,000 as Bekhaled stuck around to see the J♣ complete the board on the river.

Greer checked and Bekhaled bet 84,000. It was enough to force a fold from Greer and rake in the sizable pot. Greer slips to 130,000 with Bekhaled now up over 700,000.


Kamel Bekhaled leads the way at the ANZPT Gold Coast

7:20pm: Bjerk busts

PokerStars qualifier Anders Bjerk is next to be eliminated in a preflop clash with Peter Matusik. It started with Bjerk raising to 30,000 before Matusik three-bet to 120,000. Bjerk moved all in but Matusik made the call with Q♠Q♣. Bjerk held overcards with his A♥K♥ but couldn't connect on the board of 9♣5♥7♦6♣3♣.

Bjerk picks up $6,760 for his 16th place finish as Matusik is now up to 500,000.

7:15pm: Boxell check-raises Grigg

Tom Grigg opened to 20,000 and both Leo Boxell and Peter Matusik called in the blinds to see a flop of Q♥3♦5♠.

Action checked to Grigg who made a continuation bet of 26,000. Boxell check-raised and added an additional 100,000 to the bet which was enough to force a fold from both Matusik and Grigg. Boxell is now up to 440,000.

7:10pm: Pedley discovers the cashier

Michael Pedley's Facebook posts have entertained us this week as we've followed his run in this tournament. When the bubble burst this afternoon Pedley posted, "They have this thing now called cash (don't really understand it but will try and find out)"
Unfortunately for Pedley, he'll find out a little sooner than he had hoped after his elimination from the tournament.

Pedley moved all in from early position for 85,000 chips before David Gorr moved all in over the top on the button. The blinds folded and Pedley found his A♣6♣ trailing the 7♣7♥ for Gorr.

The board was spread K♥9♦J♠2♠8♦ to give Gorr the chips and send Pedley to the cashier to find out what this cash thing is all about.

7:00pm: Chevalier eliminated

Danny Chevalier was grinded down to his last 69,000 before he moved them all in from under the gun. Paul Ward re-raised to 140,000 to isolate as the table folded around.

Chevalier opened 2♣2♠ but would need to find another deuce as Ward opened T♣T♠. The board ran out 9♥Q♠5♣5♠Q♥ to leave Ward in front and eliminate Chevalier in 18th place for $6,760.

This result means there will be very little change to the ANZ Player of the Year leaderboard, with Jesse McKenzie assured of maintaining top spot. Ricky Kroesen is the only player remaining who can do some significant damage, but he needs to win the tournament to move up to as high as second place.


Danny Chevalier is out in 18th place at the ANZPT Gold Coast

6:40pm: Play resumes

Our final 18 players are back on the felt and hopefully the break has freshened them up so we get a little bit more action on the way to our final table of nine.

Anthony Grange, Julian Cohen and Savvas Zenonos are our current chip leaders.