ANZPT Gold Coast Day 3: Level 21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

Final Table Lineup

Seat 1: Kamel Bekhaled - 850,000
Seat 2: Norah Greer - 84,000
Seat 3: Paul Hockin - 674,000
Seat 4: Blain Robertson - 267,000
Seat 5: Julian Cohen - 460,000
Seat 6: Savvas Zenonos - 384,000
Seat 7: Leo Boxell - 923,000
Seat 8: Peter Matusik - 1,001,000
Seat 9: Anthony Grange - 128,000

9:55pm: Simultaneous eliminations sets ANZPT Gold Coast final table!

Simultaneously eliminations has seen the final table bubble burst in rapid fashion and our ANZPT Gold Coast final table is now set!

Michael Fadersen was first to go when he pushed all in preflop with 9♠8♦ but ran into the Q♠Q♥ of Savvas Zenonos. The board was spread 3♦4♥T♥6♦A♣ to see Fadersen eliminated in 11th place.

Meanwhile on the other table, Kamel Bekhaled limped from the button before David Gorr moved all in for his last 37,000 in the small blind. Leo Boxell made the call in the small blind and Bekhaled called as well.

The two live players checked down the board of Q♥7♣K♥A♣2♦ to attempt to bust the short-stacked player. Bekhaled opened J♥2♥ for a rivered pair, but Boxell beat that with his A♠9♦. Gorr stood from the table and declared, "We're down to nine fellas," as he showed J♦9♣ for just jack-high.

With that, the room gave the Aussie Millions champ a round of applause as the final nine celebrated reaching the ANZPT Gold Coast final table. It appears that "Chewing Gum" Pete Matusik is going to be the overnight chip leader, but Kamal Bekhaled and Leo Boxell are not far behind.

The final table is set to recommence at 12:00pm tomorrow (GMT+10), but we'll have a wrap of the day's action and final table player profiles for you later this evening.


Final table chip leader "Chewing Gum" Pete Matusik

9:40pm: Grange gets there

Anthony Grange has dodged elimination with a fortunate river card, much to the annoyance of the healthy Norah Greer fan club on the rail here in the Jupiters Poker Room.

Grange moved all in for 74,000 A♣7♣ but Greer called in the big blind with A♥K♣. The flop landed T♦6♣Q♦ and the 8♣ on the turn didn't change much, but the 9♣ river delivered Grange a straight for a desperate double up. He's up to 175,000 with Greer now in trouble with just 55,000.

9:35pm: Adams exits

Leo Boxell opened with a raise from the cutoff to 45,000 and action folded to Sam Adams who announced himself all in. Boxell beat him into the pot with a call, and we assumed Boxell held a monster. As Adams stack of 167,000 was counted out, Boxell posed, "Well, what am I looking at?"

The answer was A♦9♣ as Boxell was racing with his 6♦6♣.

The board ran out 8♣K♠2♥7♦2♣ to leave Boxell's pair in the lead to eliminate Adams in 12th place. He gets the next pay jump to $9,020 in prize money.

9:25pm: Grigg's final chapter

Tom Grigg was crippled to just 4,000 in the first level of the tournament, so it was an incredible achievement for his to have even reached this point of the tournament. However his remarkable comeback story has come to an end.

Grigg moved all in from the button for his last 160,000 with ace-king with Leo Boxell making the call in the big blind with Q♣J♣. The flop was a bare 3♥5♠6♣ but the Q♠ turn put Boxell in front. The river bricked the 6♠ to eliminate Grigg in 13th place. Boxell is up to 540,000.


Unlucky thirteen for Tom Grigg

9:15pm: Bekhaled keeps it small

Leo Boxell started things off with a raise to 50,000 and Kamel Bekhaled made the call in the big blind to see a flop of 2♠3♠K♥. It was a flop that Bekhaled decided to lead into with a bet of 45,000. Boxell called and the turn brought the 2♥. Bekhaled released a second barrel, but again it was small, as he slid 55,000 into the middle. Boxell made the call as the 6♦ river caused both to check it down.

Boxell showed pocket nines but Bekhaled held pocket tens to extend his stack to over 900,000 chips.

9:05pm: Play resumes

The lucky 13 are back in action as we roll on towards the ANZPT Gold Coast final table. Peter Matusik, Kamel Bekhaled and Paul Hockin are the men to catch, while Anthony Grange and Michael Fadersen have some work to do as our short stacks.

The cards are back in the air.