ANZPT Gold Coast Final Table: Levels 24 & 25 (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000)

6:35pm: Ten-minute break

6:30pm: Grange finds heart

The short-stacked Anthony Grange has found a double up with a perfect river to the roars of delight from the locals on the rail.

Grange was all in preflop with A♥T♥ against the Q♦Q♠ of Kamel Bekhaled, but the 5♥7♥8♣ gave him hope with his flush draw. The 2♣ turn changed nothing but the 3♥ river gave Grange the flush for a double up to stay alive. Grange is up to 750,000 with Bekhaled down under 400,000.

6:20pm: Chop, chop!

Kamel Bekhaled opened to 167,000 from under the gun and play folded to Peter Matusik who moved all in from the small blind. Anthony Grange folded his big blind and Bekhaled thought for a few moments before calling off his last 560,000 chips.

Bekhaled: A♥Q♣
Matusik: A♣K♠

"It's happened before," sighed Matusik before the board was spread 6♥8♥5♥5♠6♦ to see both players player sixes and fives with an ace kicker. Chop it up!

6:10pm: Matusik hits the front!

After Leo Boxell appeared to be sailing away with victory, we have a new chip leader in town as Peter Matusik has doubled through once again in a rather strange hand.

Boxell limped the button, Matusik completed the small blind and Anthony Grange checked his option in the big blind to see a flop of 6♦J♦9♥.

Matusik slid out a hefty bet of 200,000 which forced a fold from Grange, but Boxell insta-called as the K♥ hit the turn. Matusik didn't slow down as he committed another 500,000 but Boxell immediately announced himself all in. Matusik shrugged and called off his last 460,000.

Boxell: 9♠T♠
Matusik: J♠T♣

Not exactly monsters but enough to create a pot of over two million chips. The river blanked the 3♣ and Matusik is our new chip leader with 2.5 million chips as Boxell is severely dented to 1.2 million.

6:00pm: Play resumes and Matusik doubles up!

After the quick break, Peter Matusik returned to move all in for 644,000 from under the gun. Play folded to Leo Boxell who made the call in the big blind.

Matusik: 5♥5♦
Boxell: A♠T♣

The race was on but the board bricked out Q♣2♣2♦6♠4♠ to leave Matusik's pair in front to double up to 1.3 million. Boxell is back down to 2.5 million.


Peter Matusik is back in contention after doubling through Leo Boxell

5:55pm: Five-minute break

The clock has been paused for a quick toilet break.

5:45pm: Boxell squeezes aces!

Leo Boxell was feeling a bit bored so he decided to start squeezing his hole cards to keep himself entertained. Soon after, he received a walk and squeezed out pocket aces!

5:40pm: Chewing Gum Pete doubles up

"Chewing Gum Pete" has struggled to get much going at this final table as he has often mentioned the number of deuces he has been dealt today. Well, Matusik just found a hand that he liked to land a double up through Kamel Bekhaled.

Bekhaled opened to 110,000 before Matusik moved all in for 298,000. Bekhaled called with K♣Q♦ to be trailing the A♣T♠ of Matusik. The board was spread 9♠3♦8♣7♦8♦ to leave ace-high in front for the double up over 600,000. Bekhaled is back down to 500,000.

5:30pm: Level up, blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000

5:25pm: Paul Hockin eliminated in 5th place

In a battle of the blinds, Paul Hockin limped from the small blind, as he had been doing regularly, and Leo Boxell raised to 90,000, which he also had been doing quite regularly. Hockin flat-called and the flop came down 3♥4♥T♠.

Hockin decided to lead out for 50,000 but Boxell popped it up to 125,000. Hockin came back by moving all in but Boxell was quick to make the call!

Hockin: A♥Q♥
Boxell: 4♣4♦

It was a set versus a flush draw and both hit when the T♥ fell as the turn card. It gave Hockin his flush but it meant he was drawing dead as Boxell filled up to a full house! The meaningless river was the 5♦ and Hockin departs in 5th place to collect $33,800 for a great tournament, as Boxell is our runaway chip leader with over three million in chips!


Paul Hockin eliminated in 5th place

5:20pm: The bluff is not yet extinct

The bluff appears to be an endangered species at the moment, but it's not yet extinct as Kamel Bekhaled has broken the deadlock with a rare moment of excitement.

After Anthony Grange had raised the turn, Bekhaled made the call and then led on the river by moving all in for his last 255,000. The board read 2♥Q♣7♦8♥J♠ but Grange folded, only to see Bekhaled tabled 6♣9♦ for a busted straight draw.

Bekhaled is up to 800,000 with Grange down to 550,000.


Kamel Bekhaled breaks the stalemate with a nice bluff

5:10pm: A struggle for action

Ok, so these guys are making our job really, really tough right now. There really is nothing of note to report as the players seem content to sit back and wait for monsters (read coolers). It's making for a very slow final table.

In the only action of note, Leo Boxell put in a rare three-bet in a small sign of aggression. Paul Hockin had opened to 75,000 from under the gun and Boxell raised to 160,000 as the table folded around. Boxell remains in control as our chip leader with 2.2 million chips.

We did also see a rare family pot when all five players limped in to see a T♣Q♠5♥ flop. Action checked to Boxell who bet 100,000 before Anthony Grange moved all in. Everyone folded and Grange padded his stack to around 700,000.

As a footnote, by 5:10pm, the final table of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event had already finished. Here on the Gold Coast, we don't yet see an end in sight.

4:50pm: APHOF Classic update

While the Main Event appears to be frozen in time with virtually no action to report, we wandered over to the Australian Poker Hall of Fame Classic which is also running here in the Jupiters Poker Room. There are currently 36 players remaining from the starting field of 87 with the top ten to finish in the money.

Ricky Kroesen tells us that he is the chip leader with other notables still alive including Greg Shillig, Joe Courtney, Ferenc Riech, Karsten Kobbing, Sebastian Pagana, Darryl "Dazzler" Lanyon and a new-look Daniel Laidlaw who must've lost a prop bet overnight to shave his head bald!

4:30pm: Play resumes

The final five are back in their seats as the ANZPT Gold Coast final table continues. Approximate chip counts at the break are as follows:

Leo Boxell - 2,000,000
Paul Hockin - 1,100,000
Anthony Grange - 700,000
Kamel Bekhaled - 500,000
Peter Matusik - 500,000