ANZPT Gold Coast Final Table: Level 26 (blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

Peter Matusik wins ANZPT Gold Coast!

A big congratulations to Peter Matusik, winner of the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event. Matusik entered this final table as the chip leader, but struggled with a bad run of cards for lengthy periods. He was frustrated, but maintained his composure to find the double ups and momentum that he needed to carry him all the way to the title.

Matusik will move into the top ten in the ANZ POTY and pockets a massive $145,100 in prize money. Congratulations to "Chewing Gum Pete"!

That concludes our live coverage from the ANZPT Gold Coast at Jupiters Casino, but we'll be back with a wrap of the day's action for you shortly.


Peter Matusik wins the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event

7:20pm: Anthony Grange eliminated in 2nd place

It's all over with Peter Matusik crowned our new ANZPT Gold Coast champion! The final hand was a flurry of activity with Anthony Grange opening with a raise before Matusik re-raised all in. Grange made the call and the crowd was on their feet as the title was on the line!

Grange: A♥3♦
Matusik: A♣J♠

Grange was dominated as Matusik had one hand on the title. However the flop arrived 5♥2♠7♣ and Grange picked up additional outs with a straight draw. The Q♦ turn changed nothing and the J♣ was the cream on the cake for "Chewing Gum Pete" as he wins the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event!

Also a big congratulations goes to Anthony Grange who performed well throughout the tournament and should be well satisfied with his second place. He'll pocket a very handsome $92,700 in prize money.


7:15pm: We're heads up!

Just like that, we are now suddenly heads-up for the title. It's a battle of the locals with Peter Matusik holding the lead over Anthony Grange.

Peter Matusik - 3.5 million
Anthony Grange - 1.3 million


7:10pm: Kamel Bekhaled eliminated in 3rd place

Kamel Bekhaled was the short stack of the three remaining players and he was happy to get his last 480,000 in preflop with A♠J♠ to find himself racing with Peter Matusik's 8♦8♣.

The board bricked out 6♣2♥3♣7♠Q♣ to leave Matusik's pair to hold and eliminate Bekhaled in 3rd place for $52,120 in prize money.


Kamel Bekhaled eliminated in 3rd place

7:05pm: Leo Boxell eliminated in 4th place

The to-and-fro battle between Leo Boxell and Peter Matusik has come to an end with Boxell's epic run ending in fourth place.

Boxell looked an unbeatable winner an hour ago, but it all fell apart and his final stand came when he pushed all in preflop with A♥8♦ and Peter Matusik made the call with A♣J♣.

The board ran out A♠4♦T♠2♦7♠ to leave Matusik's kicker to play to eliminate Boxell from the tournament. He'll collect $40,850 for his efforts as Matusik extends his chip lead once again.


Leo Boxell eliminated in 4th place

7:00pm: Grange doubles through Chewing Gum Pete

It's been a bad level for Peter Matusik as he's just doubled up an opponent once again - this time it was Anthony Grange.

Matusik had given Grange countless walks in small blind versus big blind battles, so it was rather cruel that the one time he shoved from the small blind with A♥7♥ that Grange insta-called with a monster Q♦Q♣.

The crowd roared with delight when the flop landed 3♣8♣Q♠ to give Grange a set and it was all over on the 4♦ turn. The 7♦ was the river card as Matusik slips back to the pack with 1.7 million as Grange doubles to 1.5 million.

It's anyone's game right now!


Anthony Grange celebrates his recent double up!

6:50pm: Bekhaled survives

Soon after the break, our short stack, Kamel Bekhaled has landed a double up despite being dominated preflop by chip leader Peter Matusik.

Matusik had shoved the button with A♦4♣ and Bekhaled called off his last 265,000 in the big blind with A♥2♥. Often when two ace-rag hands go against each other it ends in a chop, but this time the board ran out Q♥8♦T♥3♣7♥ to make a flush for Bekhaled for the double up to 550,000. Matusik is still out in front with 2.5 million chips.

6:45pm: Play resumes

A late flurry of activity in that level has moved the chips around the table. Here's the approximate chip counts at the break:

Peter Matusik - 2,850,000
Leo Boxell - 810,000
Anthony Grange - 755,000
Kamel Bekhaled - 380,000