ANZPT Melbourne Day 1: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:25pm: Ten-minute break

4:20pm: Coolers on 47

Just prior to the break we lost two more players from Table 47 as Josh Barrett and Alex Lee have been sent crashing to the rail as the coolers continue.

First it was Barrett who moved his short stack in preflop with pocket jacks but Manny Stavropoulos again woke up with pocket aces. Barrett couldn't spike a jack as his tournament came to an end.

He was soon followed by Alex Lee who held pocket kings but this time it was Peter Matusik who held the aces. The board bricked out and Lee was on the rail as Matusik jumped back amongst the chip leaders with 45,000 chips.


Peter Matusik gunning to be the first two-time ANZPT champion

4:10pm: Colman's set delivers a chop

Catching the action on a flop of 3♥5♣A♠ Julius Colman checked the action over to Tim English, who had recently joined the Table of Death following the elimination of James Broom. English tossed out 1,500 and Colman called to see the 2♣ hit the board on the turn.

With four cards to a straight out there, both players tapped the table, and then gave a wry smile as the 4♣ hit the river. Colman led out with a bet of 4,000 to give English a decision.

As most of the room we cringing at the sight of Steve Johnson having his leg bent backwards in the AFL match on the big screen, English thought for a few moments before making the call.

Colman shook his head, opening up 5♦5♠ that had been swallowed up by the ugly board. English tabled A♦7♦ and both players chopped it up.

4:00pm: Lin misses

Celina Lin hasn't got much going so far today as she commented on the style of play here in Melbourne.

"They like to see flops and don't want to fold!" laughed Lin just prior to losing a small pot.
With the flop reading 5♣3♠A♦, Lin bet 750, only to be min-check-raised to 1,500. Lin called and both players checked the 6♦ turn. The river was the 8♦ and Lin's opponent tossed out 3,700 to produce a quick fold from Lin.

"I had six outs on the flop and ten outs on the turn!" sighed Lin as she slips down to 17,000.

3:45pm: Benton folds the second nuts

Four players each committed 1,500 preflop to see a monotone flop of 6♥7♥A♥. From the small blind, Dennis Huntly led out from the small blind for 3,500 to force folds from Jackie Glazier and another opponent, but Aaron Benton stuck around to see the K♣ hit the turn.

Both players slowed down and checked to see the T♥ complete the board on the river. With four hearts on board, Huntly came out swinging again with a sizable 8,250 bet to send Benton into the tank. He eventually made a huge fold with A♦Q♥ for the second nuts, and it was the right decision as Huntly flashed A♣K♥ for the nuts!

Huntly moves up to 29,000 but will be feeling like he missed some value as Benton is still in sound shape with 28,300.


Aaron Benton has one on the cards, and the other on the footy on the big screen

3:30pm: Official numbers

The numbers are in and the official total is 310 entrants for the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event. There are seven "no-shows" but their money stays in the prizepool which is a massive $620,000.

The top 36 players will go home with profit, with a min-cash worth $3,410. A final table berth will net you $13,020 while first place will pocket a massive $156,550 in prize money. Cha-ching!

3:25pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

3:10pm: Rubie triple-barrels himself out the door

After recently tripling up to get himself back in the game, Brendon Rubie has crashed and burned in spectacular fashion after running a massive failed triple-barrel bluff. The immovable object was Ben Gilholme who was put under the pump but ultimately sniffed out the bluff.

Preflop, Rubie opened with a raise to 500 from middle position before Gilholme popped it to 1,500 next to speak. The table folded back to Rubie who made the call to see a flop of Q♥Q♣5♣.

Rubie checked it over to Gilholme who bet 1,200, but Rubie responded with a quick check-raise to 3,700. Gilholme made the call as the J♣ hit the turn. Rubie continued to tell the story as he tossed out 7,000. Gilholme quickly covered the bet as we went to the 9♥ river.

With around 15,000 behind, Rubie declared himself all in to put Gilholme to the ultimate test for the majority of his stack. Gilholme postured for several minutes before quietly announcing a call.

Rubie reluctantly flashed a bluff, which was recalled to us as [6][7] offsuit, before tossing his cards into the muck as Gilholme showed down A♣A♠.

Gilholme just had him covered as Rubie stood and exited the poker room as Gilholme jumps into the chip lead with around 52,000 chips.


Ben Gilholme jumps up with the chip leaders after catching Brendon Rubie with his hand in the cookie jar!

2:50pm: Triple for Manny

Manny Stavropoulos has also found a recent triple up in a massive three-way preflop war. Stavropoulos started things off with a raise to 525. He picked up two callers before Kahle Burns made it 2,175 to go on the button. Peter Matusik flat called in the small blind before Stavropoulos moved all in for around 7,500. The two players caught in the middle folded before Burns attempted to isolate the short stack by moving all in over the top, but Matusik wasn't going anywhere as he called once again.

Stavropoulos: A♠A♦
Burns: J♥J♣
Matusik: A♣K♠

The three-way dance delivered no bad beats as the board was spread 2♠T♦T♣7♦4♦. Stavropoulos tripled to around 23,000, Burns wins the side pot to sit with the same amount while Matusik came out of it empty-handed to slip back down to 29,000.

2:35pm: Rubie rolling

Brendon Rubie has taken time out from his busy PokerStars WCOOP schedule to take his seat in today's ANZPT Melbourne Main Event and, after a poor start, he's back above starting stack after a very nice triple up.

The chips were all in on the turn on a board of A♣A♦5♦4♦ and Rubie found two callers - one held ace-jack for trips and the other had a diamond flush. However Rubie trumped them both with his A♠5♠ full house. The river was the 4♥ and Rubie triples to 23,600.

2:25pm: Play resumes

The players are back in their seats with play recommencing at 100-200. Registration is now locked out so we should have confirmation of official numbers as well as prizepool information for you shortly.