ANZPT Melbourne Day 1: Levels 7 & 8 (blinds 400-800, ante 75)

9:20pm: Ten-minute break

9:15pm: Boxell misses the world but stays alive

Leo Boxell is in danger of missing out on valuable ANZ Player of the Year points after the APPT Melbourne champion was severely dented in a recent hand.

Boxell got his chips in with Q♥8♥ on a flop of 6♠5♥7♥ against an opponent's J♣7♠ for top pair. Boxell had outs to a straight, flush and overcards, but incredibly missed the lot as the T♣ and 5♦ completed the board.

Boxell was down to his last 5,900 but managed to find a double up with his K♦T♠ collecting the pot with king-high against an opponent's 4♠4♣ after the small pair was counterfeited on the Q♠5♠6♠5♦Q♥ board. Boxell is boxing on with 12,500 chips.

9:10pm: Lin out-flopped by Apostolidis

The Crown Poker Room has become a little dimmer as the sparkling light that is Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has exited the tournament.

After building her stack back up to around 30,000, Lin tangled in a pot with the giant-killing John Apostolidis. Lin called a raise to 3,000 from the big blind as the flop came down 6♣J♣Q♥. Lin checked and Apostolidis stuck with his big-ball approach as he made it 6,000 to go. Lin thought for a moment before moving all in with Apostolidis quick to call.

Lin tabled A♥Q♦ for top pair but Apostolidis had caught good with his J♦Q♣. The turn was the 2♣ and river the 4♠ to give Apostolidis another scalp and eliminate Lin from the tournament.


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has been eliminated from the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event

8:55pm: The Moose is making noise

Raemin Alexander, or "Jake the Moose" as he is known around town, has had a rough day so far, but he might've turned the corner with a big double up through Oliver Grujic.

The Moose had to do it the hard way though, with his 7♦7♠ coming from behind to better Grujic's K♥K♠ when the board ran out 5♥3♥A♣6♦4♥. A straight for Alexander doubled him to 27,000 with Grujic now down to just 10,500.

8:45pm: More McKenzie

Jesse McKenzie continues to accumulate chips at a rapid rate this evening after winning a nice three-way, three-bet pot.

McKenzie opened to 1,600 before Jarred Graham raised to 4,500 in position. Mario Ljubicic called in the big blind and McKenzie obliged with a call to see a flop of A♠J♦3♦. Action checked around and the turn brought the 5♦.

Ljubicic led out for 6,000 and McKenzie quickly called as Graham stepped aside before the 9♦ put a four-flush on board to leave both players to tap the table and get to showdown.

Ljubicic opened A♣K♥ for top pair but was visibly frustrated to see McKenzie open A♥3♥ for two pair to take the pot. Ljubicic is down to 65,000 with McKenzie soaring to even greater heights with a stack of 128,000.

8:25pm: Khouiss cut

After being crippled to just 900 in chips in the earlier hand, Sam Khouiss found one triple up but that was as good as it got. In a battle of the blinds, Khouiss got his last 3,000 in preflop with A♠3♠ for the best hand against his opponent's K♥6♥.

However the board of J♦3♥T♦K♦9♠ paired up the king to send Khouiss quietly up to the cash game area.

8:20pm: Level up, blinds 400-800, ante 75

8:10pm: Caris clips Nelson

Lee Nelson opened with a raise to 1,525 from middle position and Charles Caris made the call in the small blind to see a flop of 3♣T♥Q♣.

Caris checked it across to Nelson who bet 2,200. Caris came back with a check-raise to 6,800 and Nelson made the call to see the A♠ hit the turn. The scare card didn't slow down Caris as he bet 8,000 but it was enough to send Nelson scurrying as he folded his hand.

Nelson slips to 38,000 while Caris, who is currently 6th in the ANZ Player of the Year race, is up to 58,000 in chips.

8:00pm: Apostolidis flushes Khouiss

We don't have the details of the action, but John Apostolidis is pretty happy with the result after a huge double up through Sam Khouiss.

The action went down on the flop of 9♥A♥2♦ with Khouiss moving all in and Apostolodis calling it off. Khouiss held A♦Q♥ for top pair as Apostolidis was drawing with his K♥4♥. It was over on the 7♥ as Apostolidis caught his flush, leaving Khouiss drawing dead as the river 9♣ completed the board.

We were expecting some colourful commentary but Khouiss didn't say too much, as Apostolidis congratulated himself for making a "great call".

Apostolidis is up to 117,000 with Khouiss crippled.

7:40pm: Steicke comes unstuck

We've recently lost one of our International stars as Hong Kong's David Steicke has been eliminated. As recalled to us, Steicke three-bet shoved his last 9,000 chips with [a][7] suited but Julius Colman made the call with a dominant [a][q].

The board ran out [q][8][2][7][q] for good measure to send Steicke packing.

After another table break, Steicke's seat was recently filled by another International sensation as PokerStars Team Asia Pro Celina Lin took the empty seat.


David Steicke has been eliminated from the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event

7:30pm: Wing flying; Huntly hunted

After battling on the Table of Death earlier today, Tom Wing is now much more comfortable on his new table up in the High Limit area of the Crown Poker Room alongside notables Jie Gao and Harry Demetriou.

He's especially happy after eliminating a short-stacked opponent when his pocket aces held against his opponent's ace-queen. Wing is up to 55,000.

Not so lucky was Dennis Huntly who was on the wrong end of the same combination of cards. Huntly was short-stacked and pushed his A♥Q♠ into an opponent's A♣A♠. The board ran out 7♦3♠5♣8♠5♦ to eliminate Huntly from the tournament.

7:20pm: Play resumes

Batteries recharged and stomachs satisfied, the players are back in their seats and ready to play another three levels this evening until we bag, tag and sleep.