ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Level 14 & 15 (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

6:30pm: One-hour dinner break

The 38 remaining players are now heading out for a one-hour dinner break. We'll be back at 7:30pm local time.

6:15pm: Colman out

Julius Colman has been eliminated just prior to the dinner break as Stephen Eliesen continues his giant-killing run in this tournament.

Colman moved all in preflop with T♠T♦ but ran into Eliesen's monster K♠K♥.

Colman was looking for a ten, but the 3♣K♦7♠ was about it bad as it could get. Eliesen flopped a set and was never challenged on the 8♣ turn and A♣ river. Colman is out with Eliesen heading to dinner well placed with about 320,000.


Stephen Eliesen is heading to dinner as one of our chip leaders

5:55pm: Ljubicic falls short of the points

Benn Skender may have to put tomorrow's WCOOP grinding session on hold as he's on track for a Day 3 berth here at the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event after ending the run of Mario Ljubicic.

Skender opened to 9,000 before Ljubicic moved his short stack all in. Skender made the call with J♠Q♠ and found himself racing with Ljubicic's 8♥8♠.

The board ran out 7♣J♦4♣4♠6♥ to pair up Skender's jack to collect the pot. Currently 9th in the ANZ Player of the Year race, Ljubicic won't be able to improve on that position in Melbourne as he falls just short of the cash and valuable POTY points.

5:40pm: Last woman standing falls

Our last woman standing Kristina Jeney has been bundled out of the tournament. And it was the ladies man himself, Paul Khoury that did the damage.

Jeney was short-stacked and got her money in good preflop with A♦K♥ against the A♠Q♠ of Khoury but the board was spread 4♦Q♥7♣4♥T♣ to pair up Khoury's kicker to take the pot.

Jeney final tabled this event last year, finishing in 6th place, but she's fallen just short of the cash this time around. Meanwhile Khoury, who started the day as one of our short stacks, is now up to 128,000.

5:30pm: Level up, blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400

5:15pm: Kings for Eliesen

Stephen Eliesen has eliminated an opponent in a massive preflop clash. Eliesen opened to 7,000 from the button before the big blind popped it 18,000. Eliesen made it 40,000 before his opponent moved all in. Eliesen made the call with K♣K♠ as his opponent showed A♥Q♥.

The board ran out 4♠J♥2♣J♣3♥ to leave Eliesen's kings in front to win the pot to move up to 260,000.

4:55pm: Nelson cops two orbit penalty!

The drama continues here in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event as Lee Nelson has been handed a stiff two orbit penalty!

The hand was pretty standard until the river where the board read 8♠3♦T♥8♣A♦. Nelson's opponent was Leigh Warne and he was first to act. Warne took his time considering his options and Nelson appeared to get frustrated.

"It's on you," chirped Nelson but Warne still deliberated.

"How about I make it easy for you? I'm all in," said Nelson as he moved his last chips into the middle out of turn. The turn exchanged more words and the floor was called. The bet stood and Warne made the call, only to muck when Nelson showed K♠T♣ for two pair.

The Crown floor staff then slapped a two orbit penalty on Nelson for a blatant breach of the rules in acting out of turn. Meanwhile his stack of 180,000 is left fending for itself.


Lee Nelson can only sit and watch on after copping a two orbit penalty

4:40pm: Grigg gone

In another dramatic elimination, Tom Grigg's mighty ride has come crashing to a sudden halt. After doubling up with ace-king against Benn Skender's ace-three, Grigg got himself back to over 120,000 when he clashed preflop with Jesse McKenzie.

The preflop war saw Grigg five-bet jam with [9][6] but McKenzie called with [a][k] and it held when the board bricked out. Grigg is out as McKenzie climbs to 330,000.

4:35pm: Voegele doesn't return from the break

One player who didn't really get a break was Danny Chevalier as he was involved in a big hand with Octavian Voegele that extended throughout the entire ten-minute break.

The details were recalled to us by both players following the hand. It started with a raise to 6,000 from a player under the gun, with Chevalier calling in middle position. Voegele came along in the big blind and they saw a flop of 9♠6♥8♦.

The three players checked it around and the turn brought the 3♠. Voegele led out for 11,000 to force a fold from the UTG-player before Chevalier popped it to 25,000. Voegele didn't slow down as he made it 50,000, with Chevalier making the call as the K♣ hit the river.

Voegele checked it to Chevalier who announced himself all in. Voegele deliberated for several minutes before making the call for his tournament life. Chevalier showed K♠T♠ for a flush draw that rivered top pair, which was incredibly enough to win the monster pot.
The ANZPT Adelaide champ is out as Chevalier is now up to 300,000 in chips.

4:30pm: Play resumes

The players are back with approximately 56 players still alive in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event.