ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Levels 20-21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

1:50am: We're last!

It took a good 14 hours, but we're finally done for Day 2 as 113 players have been reduced to our lucky eleven. Tom Wing has snatched the chip lead late in the day as the only player over one million in chips, with Danny Chevalier and Lee Nelson next best.

We'll have a wrap of today's play and confirmation of chip counts and redraw for you shortly.

End of day chip counts
Tom Wing (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 1,027,000
Danny Chevalier (Australia) - 883,000
Lee Nelson (New Zealand) - 750,000
Justin Sanchez (Australia) - 635,000
Phil Willcocks (New Zealand) - 559,000
Brett Chalhoub (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 530,000
Seong Lee Ang (Australia) - 530,000
Karan Punjabi (Australia) - 372,000
Erich Stadler (New Zealand) - 267,000
Nick Georgoulas (Australia) - 249,000
Stephen Eliesen (Australia) (PokerStars Player) - 219,000

1:45am: Dillon done as Wing soars

Tom Wing opened to 43,000 on the button before Pat Dillon moved all in for an additional 68,000 on top. Wing made the call and opened 7♥7♣ to be flipping with Dillon's A♠Q♦.

The board missed Dillon as it landed 4♣K♥4♥3♠4♦ to hand the pot to Wing. He's up to 940,000 and into the chip lead as Dillon is out in 12th place in the final moments of the day.


Tom Wing is flying home late in the day

1:35am: Davey departs

The great run of Scott Davey has come to an end as Lee Nelson continues to surge late in the day. Davey opened with a raise to 40,000 on the button, before Nelson moved all in from the big blind. Davey called off his last chips with A♣T♣ as Nelson showed live cards with K♣Q♣.

The board fell Nelson's way as it arrived K♠4♦Q♦3♣2♥ to give Nelson two pair to collect the pot and move up to 740,000 in chips.

After coming all the way from Albury-Wadonga after winning the APL Victorian Championships, Davey collects $7,750 for his 14th place finish.


Scott Davey hits the rail just short of the final table

1:25am: Benton bites the dust

Aaron Benton moved his last 270,000 all in from under the gun before Seong Lee Ang thought for a few moments before moving his last 125,000 into the middle. Action folded to the big-stacked Brett Chalhoub who called them both as we had ourselves a three-way all in!

Benton: 5♣5♠
Ang: A♥7♦
Chalhoub: J♥J♠

Chalhoub was the favourite to bust both players but Lee caught an ace from space on the Q♥2♠3♣A♣3♠ board. Ang triples up to 400,000, Chalhoub breaks about even by winning the side pot while a disappointed Benton collected $7,750 for his 15th place finish.

1:15am: Nelson on track for another final table

The chips are certainly starting to fly with doubles ups coming at a rapid rate.
Phil Willcocks was able to recover some chips but he just copped another setback against fellow Kiwi Lee Nelson.

It started with Nelson raising to 39,000 from the cutoff before Willcocks shoved all in from the big blind. Nelson made the call with A♥J♠ and was well ahead of Willcocks' A♦2♣. The board ran out 5♦6♦7♣7♥J♣ to slide Willcocks back down to 267,000.

Meanwhile the man they nickname "Final Table" is on track for another. After flying under the radar for most of this tournament, Nelson is now up to 502,000.


Lee Nelson sends a few good vibes to the Poker Gods

1:10am: Hello lovely lady

Pat Dillon's remarkable rise from start-of-day short stack continues as he's spiked a two-outer river to double up and stay alive.

Dillon's last chips were in the middle with Q♣Q♠ but he ran smack into Seong Lee Ang's K♥K♣.

The board landed 5♦5♥J♥J♦Q♥ to give Dillon the double up to 275,000 with Ang now in trouble with just 80,000.

1:00am: River for Wing

The Tom Wing railbirds have just given a mighty roar and enjoyed a round of high-fives as their boy has spiked a sweet river to end the tournament of Tom Motherwell.

Wing opened to 26,000 on the button before Motherwell moved all in for around 140,000 from the big blind. Wing made the call with [k][q] and the race was on against Motherwell's 3♠3♣.

The flop of A♣T♠5♠ gave Wing a straight draw and the T♣ turn now gave him counterfeit outs as well. The rail were calling for an ace but the J♥ was just as good as Wing makes a straight to collect the pot and move up to 605,000 as Motherwell departs in 16th place.

12:50am: Level up, 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

With 16 players still remaining the decision has been made to play on for another level before we cease for the day.

12:45am: Hong heads home

Overnight chip leader Ryan Hong has been sent to the rail as his tournament came unstuck in 17th place. Hong opened to 26,000 before Brett Chalhoub popped it to 66,000. Hong moved all in and Chalhoub made the call.

Hong: 2♦2♣
Chalhoub: Q♠Q♥

The board was spread A♦K♦6♥5♠A♥ to give Chalhoub the pot to move up to 650,000 as Hong collects $6,820 for a fine tournament.

12:40am: Willcocks doubles

After being unlucky to have his kings cracked moments ago, Phil Willcocks has found a double up of his own, although he had to wait until the river to do so.

Willcocks was all in with T♠J♥ against the 6♥6♦ of Robert Nowak and connected with the board of 3♣Q♥2♦5♦J♣. Willcocks doubles to 186,000 with Nowak down to 218,000.

12:35am: McKenzie out

Leo Boxell will sleep easier tonight knowing that his nearest rival in the ANZ Player of the Year race has been eliminated from the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event.

After being crippled in the previous hand, McKenzie moved all in next hand with Justin Sanchez flat calling. Play was then with Phil Willcocks who shoved all in over the top but Sanchez made the call as over 700,000 chips were suddenly in the middle!

McKenzie: A♠8♥
Sanchez: Q♣Q♦
Willcocks: K♥K♠

Willcocks was gunning for a massive tournament chip lead, while McKenzie needed an ace to stay alive but it was Sanchez who scooped as the board ran out A♥Q♠8♠5♣6♥. A set of queens more than doubled Sanchez to 745,000, with Willcocks down to 84,000 and McKenzie to the rail in 18th place for $6,820 in prize money.

12:30am: On The Mac on the short stack

The tides are definitely turning in favour of Danny Chevalier late on Day 2 of the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event as he's just collected a massive pot at the expense of fellow ANZ Player of the Year contender in Jesse McKenzie.

After raising preflop, McKenzie followed up with a bet of 31,000 on the flop of 5♦2♣8♠. Chevalier check-called from the blinds as the K♦ hit the turn. Chevalier checked again and McKenzie made it 43,000 to go, but was met with a check-raise from Chevalier to 100,000. McKenzie made the call as the 3♣ fell on the river.

Chevalier was first to act and he moved all in for a total of 263,000. McKenzie thought for a moment before quietly announcing a call.

Chevalier opened 2♥2♠ for a flopped set which was enough as McKenzie's cards hit the muck. McKenzie is now in trouble with just 92,000 while Chevalier is out in front with 760,000 chips.

12:10am: The final 18

We've seen a flurry of bustouts to start the new level, with one bustout on each of the tables as we find ourselves down to the final two tables.

Quyat Pham was eliminated when he moved all in from under the gun for his last 85,000 with A♦J♦ only to see Danny Chevalier make the call with A♥Q♠. The board ran out T♦4♦2♥A♣3♠ to see Pham head to the cashier.

He was joined by Arnie Lim who got his last 74,000 in preflop with A♦6♦ only to run into the K♠K♣ of Karan Punjabi. The flop of 3♦6♥2♦ brought a massive sweat but the 4♠ turn and 3♥ river bricked out. Lim is out as Punjabi has recovered beautifully to get himself up to 380,000.

The third casualty was ANZPT Gold Coast champion Peter Matusik who was eliminated at the same time on the third table to reduce our field to our final 18.


Karan Punjabi has made a remarkable comeback to now be right in contention

11:50pm: Play resumes

We're still stuck with 21 players and the rate of eliminations has been very slow. However there's a few short stacks who are going to be feeling the pressure over the next hour.

New Zealand's Phil Willcocks is our current chip leader with Brett Chalhoub and Stephen Eliesen close behind. This is likely to be our last level of the day.