ANZPT Perth Day 1a: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

7:10pm: Ten-minute break

7:05pm: Kroesen straight to the top

In the biggest pot of the tournament, Ricky Kroesen has shot to the top of the charts after a speculative preflop call paid dividends. After a raise and a couple of callers, Kroesen decided to call with 9♣6♣ and flopped a straight on the T♦8♣7♣ flop. The chips went flying as it was a three-way all in against [6][7] and pocket aces. The J♦ turn and Q♣ river improved Kroesen to a flush to collect a pot worth 91,000 chips.

7:00pm: Dodds sets up Marsland again

One of the great local hopes has just been eliminated as Dale Marsland has been sent crashing to the rail. Once again it would be Joel Dodds who would be Marsland's nemesis after flopping a set of eights and drawing a shove from Marsland who turned a pair of aces to go with his flush draw. The river bricked out and so was Marsland as Dodds jumped to a healthy 71,000.

6:50pm: How about a five-bet?

It's been a pretty slow level so Grant Levy decided to kick things up a notch with a cold four-bet. Following a raise to 800 and a re-raise to 2,300, Levy decided to make it 5,700 to go from the button. His raise got one fold but his other opponent wasn't going away that easy as he put in a five-bet to 12,700.

Levy deliberated for several minutes before making a reluctant fold as he slips to 28,000.


Grant Levy in the thick of the action in Perth

6:40pm: Rosen back in front

Mikael Rosen is back into the chip lead as he now sits with 72,000 chips, with Daniel Breadsell also moving up the leaderboard as he now holds 55,000.

6:30pm: Levy steers clear of chip leader

"He hasn't missed all day!" claimed Grant Levy as the new chip leader in the room was announced as tablemate Chris Ngatoa.

A few moments later, that thought was still circulating in Levy's head when Ngatoa fired a hefty 3,500 into the middle on a [a][k][q] flop. Levy decided he wanted none of it as he flashed the A♥ and folded.

Ngatoa is now up to 60,000 and into the chip lead.

6:10pm: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

6:00pm: Grigg gets some ammo

Tom Grigg has been battling on a short stack for most of the day but he has more than doubled up at the expense of Dave Allan.

The flop was 7♦9♥8♠ when Allan's bet of 3,025 found one caller, before Grigg moved all in over the top for an additional 8,275. Allan decided to move in himself to force a fold from the third player.

"Oh that's sexy!" said Grigg as he opened T♦T♠ to have Allan's T♣7♣ in terrible shape. The turn was the Q♠ and river the 9♣ as the third player claimed to have folded [9][7].

"You folded two pair?" questioned tablemate Grant Levy. "That's the nuts against these two!"

"Now I have some ammo!" exclaimed Grigg as he is back above starting stack with Allan now down to just 6,500.

5:40pm: Kings for Kroesen

"If I could get my big pairs to hold up, I'd have 100,000!" Those are the words that Ricky Kroesen uttered to us on our rounds of the tables a short time ago. Those words have now rung true as Kroesen just picked up a big pair and a big pot to eliminate an opponent.

With a raise to 850 from the under-the-gun player, Kroesen popped it up to 2,350 next to act. The table folded back to the original raiser who made the call to see a flop of T♠7♦J♠. Action checked to Kroesen who continuation bet for 2,600 but his opponent immediately check-raised all in for an additional 7,150. Kroesen wasn't happy about it, but he made the call with K♦K♠ and found himself in great shape against 2♦2♠.

"I was hoping you might have ace-king," said Kroesen's opponent but he couldn't find a lucky deuce on the T♣ turn and 6♠ river. Kroesen is now up to 51,000 and with the chip leaders.


Ricky Kroesen is now with the chip leaders on Day 1a of the ANZPT Perth Main Event

5:20pm: Cohen reads the strong play

Hugh Cohen has just made a tremendous call to put a stop to the rush of Joel Dodds. Cohen had only just arrived to the table and found himself in a battle of the blinds with Dodds.

We caught the action from the turn with the board showing 4♣K♣7♠9♥. Cohen had 1,600 in front of him, but Dodds responded with a check-raise to 5,050 to send Cohen deep into the tank. He eventually made the call as the 2♥ changed nothing on the river. Dodds was quick to fire out a hefty bet of 8,500 but Cohen made the call.

Dodds opened J♣T♥ for a busted draw as the tables raised their eyebrows to see Cohen open a meagre A♥7♦ for just third pair. A great call by Cohen as he jumps to 50,000, with Dodds slipping to 32,000.

5:10pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action for the fifth level of the day. We haven't seen too many eliminations so far with 72 of our starting 81 players still in contention with with the blinds and antes kicking up, we should see the action increase.