ANZPT Perth Day 1a: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

8:20pm: That's a wrap

The players are now revealing all their bluffs, check-raises and triple barrels as they bag, tag and head to the bar. We'll have approximately 47 players through to day two, with Queenslander Ricky Kroesen leading the way with 109,400, ahead of Mikael Rosen with 96,700. Others to survive the day include David Steicke, Joel Dodds, Hugh Cohen, Grant Levy, Andy Hinrichsen, Tim English, Amanda De Cesare and Jeff Rossiter.

We'll have a complete wrap of the day's action and chip counts of the field for you shortly.

8:15pm: Early minute for Hunter

As the command was given for the final three hands of the day, we lost one of the local hopes in Kent Hunter. After Amanda De Cesare opened to 1,525, the action folded to Hunter in the big blind who moved all in for roughly 10,000 with De Cesare making a quick call.

Hunter opened T♦T♣ as De Cesare showed A♠K♠ overcards which connected on the board of 5♥K♦6♦9♦9♠.

Hunter hits the rail as De Cesare will be comfortably placed entering day two on Friday.


An early minute for Kent Hunter

8:10pm: Grigg and Graham bust

While most players were happy to shut up shop to reach day two, Tom Grigg was not planning to come back with a short stack as has become the centre of action on the final level of the day.

With his last chips in the middle preflop Grigg quipped, "We need a small flop," as he opened 4♦6♦ but Ted Nguyen opened 5♦5♠ to be in the same ballpark. The board of 8♠3♣T♦K♣Q♣ missed both players to leave Grigg heading for the exit.

He was soon followed by young gun Jarred Graham as only 50 players remain in contention late on Day 1a.

7:55pm: Double up for Grigg

"I'm getting this in so light!" laughed Tom Grigg as the big blind came his way to chew up another 600 of his short stack. We decided it might be a good idea to stick around and watch.

Grant Levy opened the action with a raise to 1,500 and Grigg shipped it in for 4,300 in total. Levy made the call with Q♦J♣ but would need to connect with the board to better Grigg's A♣8♦. However Grigg was the only one to find a pair on the board of 8♠3♣6♠4♣5♥.

"That'll do!" chirped Grigg as he doubled back to 9,000 to keep his head above water.

7:50pm: Grigg crippled

Tom Grigg has been crippled by the giant-killing Chris Ngatoa after calling a big river bet. Grigg's instincts were right as he faced a bet of 8,000 on the J♦T♣9♣7♥5♥ board.

"Did you really flop it?" sighed Grigg. "I so hope we're chopping," he added before tossing out a crying call.

Grigg obviously had an eight for a straight but Ngatoa had indeed flopped it, as he opened Q♠K♦ for the nut straight. Ngatoa is up to 67,000 as Grigg was left with just 5,000 in chips.

7:35pm: Dunwoodie done

A short-stacked Sean Dunwoodie picked the wrong time to gamble for his last chips when he was all in with J♣8♣ as he found himself up against both Q♣Q♦ and A♥A♦. Looking for a miraculous triple up, it wasn't to be, despite Dunwoodie's pleas for help, as the board landed A♣9♦5♥J♥4♦.


Sean Dunwoodie's time at the ANZPT Perth is over

7:20pm: Play resumes

The players are back for the last level before we bag, tag and call it an evening. 2010 ANZPT Gold Coast runner-up Ricky Kroesen shot to the chip lead late in that last level and now sits with 99,000, ahead of Joel Dodds and Mikael Rosen with around 70,000.