ANZPT Perth Day 2: Levels 12 & 13 (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300)

6:50pm: Ten-minute break

6:35pm: Two more down

The rate of eliminations has been rather quick this afternoon as we're now down under 40 players remaining in the Main Event.

In recent eliminations, we lost cult hero David Steicke when he pushed all in on a jack-high flop with king-jack, but ran into the pocket aces of Sebastian Pagana.

He was soon followed by Dylan Honeyman who moved all in with ace-three as Shane Rakich made a great call with ace-nine. A three on the flop looked like giving Honeyman a double up, but a nine spiked on the turn to bring an end to Honeyman's tournament as Rakich jumped to 180,000.

6:25pm: Marsters goes mining

Another massive pot and three-way all in has seen Tim Marsters triple up at the expense of Tom Hartwig and Danny Chevalier. All the action unfolded on a flop of Q♦2♠8♦ as Hartwig held K♦Q♣ for top pair, Chevalier had him beat with A♣A♠ but Marsters had flopped a set with his 8♠8♥.

Mining is big business in West Australia and Marsters' set-mining paid huge dividends as the 5♥ turn and 4♣ river completed the board.

Marsters tripled to around 180,000 as Chevalier got a refund as he won the side pot to get back to 120,000. Meanwhile Hartwig was crippled to just 22,000.

6:10pm: Kroesen can't watch biggest pot of the tournament

Ricky Kroesen has just taken down the biggest pot of the tournament - it was so big that Kroesen couldn't even watch!

It all started with a raise to 5,500 from Jeff Rossiter. Ted Nguyen called before Ferenc Riech shoved all in over the top. This sent Ricky Kroesen into the tank but he eventually decided to move all in himself. Rossiter didn't waste too much time in making the call as Ted Nguyen flashed ace-jack and folded.

Rossiter wasn't happy to see one of his outs folded as he opened A♦K♠. Kroesen was in front with Q♣Q♠ as Riech was in trouble with his A♥T♥.

Kroesen walked off and into the main poker room as he couldn't bear to watch, but the board was all bricks as it landed 8♠7♠5♣2♦5♦.

Riech is out, Rossiter slips to 90,000 as Kroesen is now back in charge with 280,000.


Ricky "tongue-wa" Kroesen is back in front

5:50pm: Level up, blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300

5:45pm: Hartwig straightens Jordanou

Tom Hartwig has just found a double up through Billy Jordanou. The pot was over 100,000 as Hartwig turned a straight holding [q][t] on a [k][5][j][9][7] board to better Jordanou's two pair holding [k][5].

Jordanou is now down to just 15,000 in chips.

5:40pm: Putt and English eliminated

After a double up with pocket kings, the short-stacked Graeme Putt couldn't make it two in a row as he lost a race with K♣Q♣ against the 3♦3♠ of Tim Marsters when the board ran out 5♣2♣7♣2♠5♦. Marsters is now up over 100,000.

At the same time on a nearby table, the tournament of Tim English came to an end. English was racing with pocket sevens against Ted Nguyen's ace-jack but an ace found its way on board to eliminate English. Nguyen is up to 200,000 and looking strong.

5:30pm: Double for Jordanou

Another to find a recent double up was Day 1b chip leader Billy Jordanou. It's been a rough day today for Jordanout, but he flopped a straight holding T♥9♥ on a board of 8♦J♠Q♠T♦Q♣ to get himself back to 55,000.

5:20pm: Rossiter roars

Jeff Rossiter is coming off a hot run of form with final tables at the Aussie Millions Main Event and the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. After battling for long periods on the short stack today, Rossiter is now up to a commanding 180,000 after dispatching of another opponent.

We're not sure when the chips went into the middle, but it was Rossiter's ace-king raking in the pot against his opponent's ace-three on a board of T♦5♣A♥2♠8♣.


Jeff Rossiter is a man in form

5:10pm: Lim uses his imagination

We haven't seen too many huge bluffs in this event but the lively Aaron Lim just delivered a beauty to Han Luu.

Luu had opened with a raise before Lim three-bet from the big blind. Luu called and then called a continuation bet on the 4♣9♠A♠ flop. Both players checked the Q♠ and the river was a repeat Q♥.

With over 80,000 already in the pot, Lim took his time before sliding out a bet of 61,500. Luu went deep into the tank with a decision for the majority of his stack. After several minutes he finally released his cards. Lim gave a smirk and then revealed 5♦6♠ for nothing but pure imagination!

Lim is now up to a commanding 190,000 chips.

4:50pm: Play resumes

The players are back on the felt with 56 players still alive in the ANZPT Perth Main Event. Richard Lancaster is still our chip leader with Kyle Cheong, Mikael Rosen and Tony Hachem also amongst the chip leaders.