ANZPT Perth Day 2: Levels 8 & 9 (blinds 500-1000, ante 100)

2:30pm: Ten-minute break

2:15pm: Cohen finds a river

Hugh Cohen is amongst the leaders in a classic suck-resuck hand that we all love. After a limp in front of him, Cohen popped it to 3,000 holding A♦A♣. His opponent made the call and the flop landed 5♠Q♥T♦. A check and a bet from Cohen was followed by a check-raise all in by his opponent for his last 16,000. Cohen made the call and was shown K♠Q♠ which improved to two pair on the K♥ turn.

"Yes! Ok no jack!" said the player, and of course, as soon as the words were uttered, the poker Gods delivered the J♦ on the river to give Cohen a straight to eliminate a player and move up to 154,000.

2:10pm: Lunardi doubles

Kristian Lunardi has been battling with a short stack on one of the two remaining tables inside the main poker room, but he's just found a much needed double up.

It was Lunardi's Q♦Q♣ that held against his opponent's T♠T♣ on the board of J♥5♣5♦8♥2♣. Lunardi is up to 28,000.

1:50pm: Lackovic cracked

Stevan Lackovic has taken a big hit after having his kings well and truly cracked on a flop of T♥6♦7♠. Lackovic's flop bet was check-raised all in by the player under the gun, but Lackovic made the call with K♥K♠ only to find himself in deep trouble against his opponent's straight holding 8♠9♥.

The turn 4♠ and river 6♥ didn't change anything as Lackovic slipped to 27,500.

1:40pm: Riech continues his giant-killing run

Ferenc Riech has an impressive name and an equally impressive game. We first noticed him yesterday after his remarkable call-down with jack-high to eliminate Jonathan Karamalikis.

Riech has continued his form into day two after taking a nice pot off Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem.

Riech raised it up preflop to 1,800 and Hachem called to see a flop of 7♦3♦K♣. Riech followed up with a bet of 2,000 but Hachem came back with a raise to 5,700. Riech made the call and both players checked the 2♠ blank turn. On the 6♥ river, Riech fired a bet of 7,100 which Hachem snap-called.

Riech opened pocket jacks which were good as Hachem tossed his cards into the muck, verbally indicating that he had pocket tens. Riech is now up to 145,000 with Hachem down to just 25,000.


Ferenc Riech continues his impressive run on Day 2

1:30pm: Level up, blinds 500-1,000, ante 100

1:25pm: Kroesen gets one back from O'Rourke

Liam O'Rourke and Ricky Kroesen would be very familiar with each other's game after both reaching the final table of the ANZPT Gold Coast event last year. Seated side-by-side today, the two haven't been afraid of tangling with each other.

After O'Rourke doubled through Kroesen earlier in the day, Kroesen recovered some chips in a recent pot. Kroesen opened to 2,000 before O'Rourke three-bet to 5,700 on the button. Kroesen quickly called and the flop landed Q♣8♥7♥. Kroesen checked and O'Rourke bet 6,200, only to find Kroesen check-raise to 20,000. O'Rourke quickly folded as Kroesen flashed 8♣8♠ for a set! He's back up to 110,000.

1:22pm: Scekic out

Another of the West's best has been eliminated as cash game player Jovo Scekic has crashed out of the tournament. It was a classic cooler of a hand as Scekic ran his pocket kings into an opponent's pocket aces. No king for Scekic and his day was done.

1:20pm: We're down to a single Lackovic

Aleks Lackovic won't be improving on his runner-up finish from this event last year, as the great local hope has been bundled out of the tournament.

It was a one-two blow for Lackovic, after he first lost a race with pocket eights against the ace-king of Jeff Rossiter, before Tim English delivered the knockout blow. Lackovic went with his K♣9♦ but English was in front with A♥Q♦ which held when the board bricked out.

With Aleks and Nik both eliminated, the hopes of the Lackovics now rests with younger brother Stevan.

1:15pm: Neilson eliminated

Dan Neilson enjoyed some remarkable success in 2010, including a title here in Perth at last year's Western Classic.

However Neilson's run in the ANZPT Perth has just come to an end at the hands of Ash Cartwright.

Catching the action on the flop of A♦3♠9♠, Cartwright fired 5,200 which Neilson called before the 7♦ hit the turn. Again Cartwright led the betting for 11,000 and Neilson called to see the T♠ complete the board on the river. Cartwright fired a third barrel as he put Neilson all in for his last 15,000 or so chips. Neilson committed to the call but was left to muck and vacate his seat as Cartwright showed T♦9♣ for two pair for the best hand.

1:00pm: A Sharpe double

Luke Sharpe has found a much needed double up at the expense of David Steicke. Sharpe moved all in for his last 15,000 chips before Steicke moved all in over the top. Action folded to Daren Frunks who went into the tank. Frunks and Steicke exchanged some friendly banter before floor staff told them that there was to be no table talk.

"Ok then, how about I say this...TIME!" called Steicke as Frunks quickly mucked what he later said was pocket tens. It was a good fold as Steicke showed Q♣Q♠ against Sharpe's A♥K♥.

The board landed A♠8♣4♠9♠6♣ to pair up Sharpe for the double up and leave Steicke with around 20,000.

12:50pm: Rapid fire eliminations

Billy Jordanou has also increased his stack after eliminating an opponent to move up to 120,000, while Kristina Jeney and Sam Rotar have both lost their battle and exited the Burswood Poker Room.

12:45pm: Lancaster takes out two

Richard Lancaster has jumped into the chip lead following the elimination of two players in a huge preflop clash. Matthew Pilat opened the action by moving his short stack all in and found a call from Raj Ramakrishnan before Richard Lancaster moved his big stack all in from the button to force Ramakrishnan to put his last 15,000 or so chips into the middle. It was a massive three-way all in as the cards were on their backs.

Pilat: 7♥7♠
Ramakrishnan: A♦K♣
Lancaster: A♣Q♦

Pilat was looking for a triple up and Ramakrishnan was in good shape for a healthy side pot but the board of 2♥6♦J♣Q♣8♥ hit Lancaster's queen to eliminate both opponents and jump up to 135,000 for the chip lead.


Richard Lancaster storms to the chip lead in Perth

12:35pm: Rickwaa in the action early

Our chip leader coming into today's play is Queenslander Ricky "rickwaa" Kroesen, and he hasn't wasted any time on day two to get into the thick of the action.

Arriving at the table on a board of 3♦Q♣Q♥5♠9♦, Kroesen had raised the 6,500 chip bet from Dan Neilson, making it 20,000 to go. Neilson thought long and hard before releasing as Kroesen quickly flashed was appeared to be pocket fives.

Very next hand, Kroesen opened with a raise to 2,000 before Liam O'Rourke made it 5,500 to go next to speak. Back on Kroesen and he deliberated before putting O'Rourke all in for his last 24,000. O'Rourke obliged and opened A♦K♦ against Kroesen's J♥J♣.

The board hit O'Rourke as it ran out K♠8♣T♥2♠7♣ to double O'Rourke to 50,000 and slip Kroesen back to 100,000.

12:30pm: Cards are in the air!

The players have found their new homes for the day, unbagged their chips and settled in for a big day ahead. Once again the local rules and regulations were detailed to the field, and it was announced that we'll be playing another seven levels today, which should get us down to around the last four tables.

With that, the cards are now in the air!

It's moving day

The poker blogger has a love/hate relationship with the average railbird. We're usually tucked up in the corner of the room with our desk pressed hard against the rail which gives the everyday casino punter a chance to wander over and look over our shoulder to see what this "poker thing" is all about.

Of course we're always working hard (or hardly working?) but we don't mind the odd interruption to answer a few probing questions for the good of poker promotion. When you start explaining the buy-ins and prize pool their eyes light up like its Christmas morning, but they are also amazed when you explain that this humble poker tournament will be running for four days.

"Isn't it boring watching poker for four days?" they ask.

Well, we admit that it can be a little slow at times, especially on the opening days, but day two is definitely "moving day". The short stacks will quickly be sorted out by the escalating blinds and antes, and the cream will rise to the top. By the end of today, we should be getting pretty close to the money and will have an idea of who might make a run for the title.

Day two is definitely a day of action and we look forward to bringing it all live and exclusive from the Burswood Poker Room. The action kicks off at 12:30pm local time (GMT+8) so join the rail and follow along!