ANZPT Perth Day 3: Level 21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

7:40pm: What an end to the day!

Well, that got rather busy, rather quickly! After plenty of slow periods throughout the day, we've ended with an almighty rush with four eliminations in rapid succession. Only eight players will return tomorrow, and to be honest, it was so frantic there at the end of play, we're not exactly sure who is in front! Our guess is that Grant Levy, Tim Marsters and Aaron Lim will be at the top of the charts, but we'll have the exact counts, final table draw and a complete wrap of the day's action for you shortly.

7:35pm: Simultaneously eliminations burst final table bubble in dramatic style

The carnage continued the very next hand as Ricky Kroesen moved all in for his last 152,000 but Han Luu was quick to call.

Kroesen: K♥J♥
Luu: Q♥Q♣

Kroesen would need a king to stay alive but he received no help on the board of 6♠T♣3♣T♠4♠. It appeared that Kroesen had bubbled the final table but yet another all in clash on the other table would give Kroesen some extra change as he chopped 9th place prize money with Swede Mikael Rosen.

Grant Levy opened to 33,000 before Rosen moved all in on the button. Levy made the call with A♣T♣ as Rosen found himself dominated with his A♥3♥. The board arrived K♥2♠6♦9♠4♣ and Levy gave a fist pump to finally get the better of his epic duel with Rosen.

Rosen and Kroesen chop 9th place prize money and they will get $10,775 each.


Mikael Rosen chops 9th place with Ricky Kroesen and will take home $10,775

7:34pm: Gilbert gone

While the Ted Nguyen theatrics were grabbing our attention, there was another all-in clash on the other table. It was Peter Gilbert and Tim Marsters who went to war with Gilbert holding pocket kings against the A♠J♥ of Marsters.

The board fell J♠7♠T♥K♦Q♦ to give Marsters a Broadway straight to eliminate Gilbert in 11th place as Marsters now holds a commanding stack of over 700,000.

7:32pm: It's Teddy time!

Ted Nguyen has done it again with yet another double up with his favourite hand, K♦8♦. It was against Richard Lancaster who had moved all in with 9♦9♠ and Nguyen making the call.

The flop of 2♥5♠A♠ missed both players but the K♠ on the turn was all Nguyen as he took the lead. The river was the 3♣ as Nguyen doubles once more to around 190,000.

"Next hand, it will be 400,000!" laughed Nguyen as he raked in the pot.

7:30pm: Nguyen doubles again

Ted Nguyen has fought back from just 9,000 in chips to now be up over 90,000 after another double up.

Nguyen moved all in for 36,000 with K♥8♦ and Aaron Lim looked him up with Q♦J♥. The board fell K♣8♥Q♣5♣2♦ to give Nguyen two pair and another double up!

7:20pm: Level up - blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000