ANZPT Perth Final Table: Levels 22 & 23 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

4:50pm: Ten-minute break

4:40pm: Corr puts in a four-bet

John Corr opened with a raise to 60,000 before Grant Levy popped it to 130,000 from the big blind. Corr hasn't got into too many preflop wars but he came back with a four-bet of an additional 210,000. Levy thought for a few moments but let it go as Corr ends the level with a rush.

4:35pm: Corr gets some back

Tim Marsters again raised the button to 50,000 with John Corr defending his big blind with a call. The flop was Q♥8♦4♠ and Corr check-called for 60,000. The turn was the 2♥ and both players checked before Corr led for 100,000 on the 7♠ river.

Marsters insta-called but Corr opened 5♥6♥ for the rivered straight. Marsters threw his head back in disgust but Corr had plenty of outs on that turn card. Marsters flashed the Q♠ and mucked as Corr gets back to one million. Marsters has around 1.1 million.

4:30pm: Marsters and Corr tangle again

Tim Marsters opened with a raise to 50,000 and John Corr made the call to see a flop of 9♦6♠Q♠. A bet of 60,000 by Marsters was called but the price was too much on the repeat Q♥ turn as Corr folded to a bet of 111,000.

Marsters flashed the Q♦ for trip queens to move up to 1.3 million with Corr down to 750,000.

4:20pm: Aaron Lim eliminated in 4th place

Grant Levy opened the action with a raise to 55,000 from the button before Aaron Lim moved all in from the small blind for somewhere around 400,000. John Corr folded his big blind but Levy insta-called with the rockets - A♣A♠. Unfortunate timing for Lim as he dropped his head in dismay and opened A♥6♣.

The board ran out T♥2♠8♣3♦K♥ to see Lim eliminated after a tremendously impressive run in 4th place for $38,000 in prize money. We're certain that's not the last we'll see of this young gun on the ANZPT circuit.


Aaron Lim eliminated in 4th place

4:10pm: Levy chops down Lim

Grant Levy and Aaron Lim have again clashed in a massive battle of the blinds, with the PokerStars qualifier coming out the other side with a million chip pot and the tournament lead once again.

Levy raised the small blind to 62,000 with Lim making the call in the big blind to see a flop of T♣Q♦5♥. Levy made a continuation bet of 97,000 with Lim calling as the K♥ hit the turn.

Levy checked it over to Lim who paused for affect before betting 133,000. Levy tossed out calling chips and the 7♦ completed the board on the river. Levy quickly checked to Lim who used up another minute of air time before sliding 275,000 into the middle. Levy snap-called and confidently opened Q♥T♥ for two pair. It was good, as Lim's cards hit the muck.

Lim is now down to just 400,000 with Levy up to 1.75 million.

4:00pm: Healthy side event action in Perth

While the Main Event has been in full swing, there have been a range of side events running with some great numbers throughout the week. Currently there's a satellite to the next ANZPT event that's just kicked off in the main poker room. 36 runners have produced a prize pool that will give away four seats to the ANZPT Sydney Main Event which runs from April 13th-17th at StarCity Casino in Sydney.

3:50pm: Level up, blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000

3:50pm: Marsters turns up the heat

On the final hand of the level, John Corr opened with a raise to 43,000 on the button before Tim Marster made it 120,000 in the small blind. Grant Levy made a reluctant fold in the big blind as Corr went into the tank. Again Marsters stared a hole through his opponent as Corr wriggled uncomfortably in his seat. He eventually folded and Marsters flashed the 2♣!


Tim Marsters starts to put the pressure on John Corr

3:45pm: Let's see a flop

In a rare multi-way pot, Tim Marsters opened to 41,000 and found two callers in Grant Levy and John Corr in the big blind. Marsters was staring down Corr intently as the flop landed 5♠T♥9♦. Action checked around and the turn brought the 7♥. Corr and Marsters checked again, but Levy decided to take a stab with a bet of 61,000. Corr folded and Marsters flashed the 2♦2♥ before also folding. Levy repaid the gesture as he flashed 9♥8♥ for a pair and straight-flush draw!

3:35pm: Patrick Kearns eliminated in 5th place

John Corr opened with a raise to 45,000 before Patrick Kearns moved all in for his last 195,000. Grant Levy made a reluctant fold of K♦Q♦ as Corr made the call.

Kearns: K♠Q♠
Corr: A♠J♠

Levy had folded two of Kearns' outs and he couldn't find any more help on the board of 3♦9♣2♦2♥J♣. Kearns departs in 5th place for $31,600.


Patrick Kearns eliminated in 5th place

3:20pm: Nice call Corr

John Corr has just clipped Aaron Lim to put a dent in the aggression of the Perth youngster. Catching the action on a flop of 9♥4♥3♠, Lim check-called a bet of 85,000 before both checked the A♣ turn. The Q♣ hit the river and Lim came out swinging with a bet of 132,000.

Corr went into the tank for several minutes before making the call.

Lim cringed and opened 3♣5♠ for just a pair of threes as Corr showed 8♣8♥ for the best hand. Corr is now up to 850,000 with Lim back to 950,000.

3:00pm: Just in time for Kearns

Patrick Kearns is not afraid to play a short stack. After surviving on day three as the short stack of the final 32 players, Kearns managed to navigate his way to the final table, and now the final five.

After raise-folding a few moments ago, Kearns was forced to make a stand as he moved his last 134,000 into the middle with Q♦7♦ and found a call from Aaron Lim with A♥4♣.

The board ran out K♠6♠Q♣Q♥T♦ to give Kearns trip queens and a much-needed double up to 280,000.

2:50pm: Play resumes

The five remaining players are back in action with the chip counts as follows:

Aaron Lim - 1,320,000
Grant Levy - 1,250,000
Tim Marsters - 1,150,000
John Corr - 660,000
Patrick Kearns - 218,000