ANZPT Perth Final Table: Levels 24 & 25 (blinds 20,000-40,000)

7:10pm: Ten-minute break

As the nearby band cranks up Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name", the players are now taking a much-needed ten-minute break.

6:50pm: Corr fighting hard

Not a lot of action to report as Grant Levy appears content to keep pots small and wait patiently for good spots or good cards.

It's allowed John Corr to make a mini-comeback as he's now back to around 1.5 million, to Levy's 2.9 million.

6:35pm: More cards and more chips for Levy

John Corr raised to 90,000 and Grant Levy made the call to see a flop of 9♣A♦4♣. Levy checked and Corr bet 115,000. Once again Levy pulled out a check-raise as he made it 275,000 to go. Corr tanked for several minutes, toying with a stack of brown 25,000-denomination chips, but eventually let it go.

Levy cringed and flashed A♥9♠ as once again he shows a monster hand. Corr is now down to a little over one million, with Levy at 3.4 million.


6:25pm: Levy catching cards

It's really tough playing a solid professional heads-up. It's even tougher when he catches some good cards. Grant Levy is really putting a lot of pressure on John Corr with a series of three-bets and check-raises.

In recent hands, Levy rivered top pair and called a bet to snap off Corr's bluff, and followed that up with a check-raise on a J♠9♠8♠ flop. Corr folded and Levy flashed Q♠4♠ for a flopped flush. A minute or two later and Levy won a small pot uncontested on the river and flashed the nut straight!

Corr is down to 1.2 million with Levy now in control with 3.2 million.

6:10pm: Level up, blinds 20,000-40,000

6:05pm: Corr takes another hit

Grant Levy opened the button to 65,000 but this time John Corr put in a three-bet to 180,000. Levy made the call and the two took a flop of 5♠T♦9♠. Corr came out with a bet of 255,000 and Levy called as a massive pot appeared to be brewing.

However Corr shut down on the 2♥ turn, as he checked and then folded to the 360,000-chip bet from Levy.

Levy is up to 2.8 million with Corr down to 1.6 million.

6:00pm: Levy chipping away

Grant Levy is slowly chipping away at the stack of John Corr, after collecting another small pot.

Corr raised to 65,000 and Levy made the call to see a flop of 3♦Q♣T♥. Levy checked and Corr bet his usual amount, 105,000.

"I knew you were going to bet that amount," chuckled Levy before making the call.

The turn was the J♣ and both players checked, and again they checked the J♥ river. Levy opened T♦9♦ for tens and jacks which was good to take it down.


Grant Levy surging towards the ANZPT title

5:50pm: Scary spades

It could've been a huge pot but the spades slowed the action in one of the first showdown pots of heads-up play.

John Corr raised the button to 65,000 and Grant Levy called to see a flop of K♠3♠8♠. Levy checked and then called a bet of 105,000 before the A♠ hit the turn. Both players checked and then again on the 3♥ river.

Levy sighed and opened K♥8♣ for two pair. Corr couldn't show a spade but won the pot with A♥K♦ for a better two pair! Corr is up to 2.5 million with Levy back to 1.9 million.

5:40pm: We're heads up!

We're now heads up for the title! After the elimination of Tim Marsters, John Corr will take a narrow chip advantage into heads-up play:

John Corr - 2,360,000
Grant Levy - 2,085,000


5:35pm: Tim Marsters eliminated in 3rd place

John Corr raised the button to 75,000 and Tim Masters responded by three-betting an additional 114,000 from the small blind. Grant Levy folded but Corr quickly declared himself all in. Marsters shrugged and committed to a call of his last 800,000.

Corr: K♣K♦
Marsters: A♣Q♣

It was a bit of a cooler three-handed and Marsters couldn't find an ace from space on the board of 5♠2♣8♥9♦J♦. He's out in 3rd place for a pay day of $47,000.


Tim Marsters eliminated in 3rd place

5:15pm: Corr not slowing down

John Corr is on the move! Since play moved to three-handed, Corr has been steadily chipping up and he just grabbed another sizable pot from Grant Levy.

Levy completed from the small blind and allowed Corr to see a free flop of 6♣9♥9♠. Levy bet out for 62,000 and Corr made the call as the T♥ hit the turn. Levy checked and Corr bet 105,000. Levy again called as the 5♦ appeared on the river.

Levy checked and Corr didn't hold back as he tossed out 205,000. Levy sat back in his chair and deliberated before making a crying call. Corr showed 9♣J♣ for trips which was good as Levy mucked.

Levy slips to 1.8 million with Corr now up to 1.4 million.


John Corr is taking it up to the young pros here in Perth

5:00pm: Play resumes

The three players are back, refreshed and ready to battle for the ANZPT Perth trophy!
The chip counts at the break are as follows:

Grant Levy - 2,117,000
John Corr - 1,200,000
Tim Marsters - 1,047,000