ANZPT Perth Final Table: Levels 26 & 27 (blinds 30,000-60,000)

9:00pm: John Corr eliminated in 2nd place; Grant Levy crowned ANZPT Perth champion!

It had taken almost three and a half levels of grinding for Grant Levy to work away at the stack of his gallant opponent in local John Corr, and after consecutive double ups, it looked like Corr was a chance to make an incredible comeback. But it wasn't to be, as the experience of Levy prevailed to claim the ANZPT Perth title.

He had a real sweat on his hands though, as the final hand was another preflop race. A win for Corr would've shot him into the chip lead, but luck finally went Levy's way.

The action started with Corr opening to 130,000 from the button, before Levy three-bet to 310,000 in the big blind. Corr moved all in and Levy called.

Levy: J♠J♣
Corr: A♠K♣

The board ran out a safe 7♣7♦Q♣3♦T♦ to crown Levy our ANZPT Perth champion!

A big congratulations to local John Corr who takes home $83,500 for his runner-up finish.


John Corr eliminated in 2nd place

Corr put up a great fight, as recognized by Levy as he spoke after the event.

"Well done to John. You're a true gentleman and it was a very tough heads up match," said Levy, as he thanked the staff and also the fans who railed the action all day.

Levy becomes just the second player in history to win both ANZPT and APPT titles and adds another $131,500 to his back pocket. Congratulations Grant!

That concludes our live coverage from the ANZPT Perth Main Event in Burswood, but we'll be back with a complete wrap of the day's action for you shortly.


Congratulations to Grant Levy, ANZPT Perth champion!

8:55pm: Two outer turn keeps Corr alive!

Grant Levy just had one hand on the trophy but a devastating two-outer has kept local hope John Corr alive in this tournament!

Levy opened the button to 125,000 and Corr moved all in for 720,000. Levy instantly called and opened A♦Q♣ as Corr showed T♣T♠.

Levy snatched the lead on the K♥K♦A♥ but the crowd roared when the T♦ spiked on the turn to put Corr back in front. The river bricked the 3♦ and Corr is back in business with 1.45 million to Levy's 2.9 million.

8:45pm: Corr finds a double up

John Corr had been blinded down to his last 420,000 when he finally made a stand and called the all-in bet of Grant Levy. Corr showed K♦T♥ and was in great shape to double through against Grant Levy's K♥9♥.

"Another chop?" asked Levy optimistically.

The board fell K♣6♦T♠4♣5♣ to give Corr two pair for the double up to 840,000.


John Corr survives to double up and stay in contention for the ANZPT Perth title

8:30pm: Levy rivers a chop

After John Corr raise-folded the previous hand, Grant Levy limped the button and Corr popped it up another 100,000. Levy moved all in and Corr insta-called.

Corr: A♦Q♦
Levy: A♥9♣

Corr was in great shape to double up but the board fell 3♦K♥2♥A♣2♦ to give both players aces and deuces with a king! Chop chop!

8:20pm: Level up, blinds 30,000-60,000

8:15pm: Quiet please

It's been a quiet end to the level with a few walks and one chopped pot. We're approaching the three-hour mark of this heads-up battle, and no immediate end in sight. Perhaps the new blind level will kick up the aggression.

8:00pm: Corr sticks it in

John Corr raised the button to 100,000 and Grant Levy made the call to see a flop of 6♠A♥3♣. Levy checked and Corr bet 150,000. Levy called and the 4♣ hit the turn. Levy checked and Corr announced himself all in for around 800,000. Levy cringed and open-mucked 5♠6♥ as Corr flashed the A♣.


"Are you sure we can't see the river?"

7:55pm: Million chip pot to Levy

Grant Levy opened with a raise to 100,000 before John Corr three-bet to 275,000 in the big blind. Levy called and they saw a flop of 5♠4♣9♥.

Corr checked and Levy slid out a bet of 370,000. Corr made the call as a massive pot was in the middle when the J♠ hit the turn. Corr checked and Levy checked behind as the 6♣ fell on the river. Corr checked and Levy sat up tall in his seat and sipped his coffee with a wry smile before checking behind.

Corr opened A♠9♦ but Levy had caught good on the turn with his Q♥J♦ to take it
down. Corr is back down to 1.3 million as Levy is back in control with 3.05 million.

7:45pm: Queen-high enough for Corr

Grant Levy raised to 100,000 on the button and John Corr called as they saw a flop of A♠K♥5♥. Corr check-called for 120,000 before both players checked down the 2♠ turn and 2♣ river.

Levy showed the J♥ for jack-high but he was pipped by the Q♠T♣ of Corr for just queen-high.

"Value bet!" was the cry from the rail.


7:40pm: Big flop for Levy

Grant Levy opened with a raise to 100,000 with John Corr defending his big blind with a call. The flop landed 2♣K♣4♠ and Corr check-called for 175,000 before both players checked the 3♦ turn.

The river was the 9♠ and Corr led out with a bet of 215,000. Levy sighed and open mucked 4♣8♣ for a busted flush draw.

"If you raise, we get it in on the flop," chirped Levy as Corr collects yet another pot. He really is hanging in there, as he is now up to around 1.7 million, with Levy on about 2.6 million.

7:35pm: Corr traps with trips

Grant Levy raised the button to 100,000 and John Corr made the call to see a flop of 3♠Q♥3♦. Both players checked and the turn brought the T♠. Corr led out for 115,000 and Levy called before the 8♠ landed on the river.

Corr checked and Levy checked behind and flipped over A♣5♦ for ace-high, but Corr was trapping as he showed 3♥4♥ for trips. Corr is up to 1.7 million with Levy at 2.65 million.

7:30pm: Corr not keen to gamble

John Corr raised the button to 110,000 and Grant Levy called to see a montone 4♦Q♦9♦ flop. Levy decided to lead out with a bet of 115,000. It worked as Corr flashed the K♦ and folded.

"Hard to get chips out of this guy!" sighed Levy as he raked in the pot.

7:25pm: Ace-high good for Levy

Grant Levy opened with a raise to 100,000 from the button and John Corr called to see a 9♦7♦Q♣ flop. Both players checked and the 7♠ hit the turn. Corr led out for 130,000 and Levy called to see the 8♣ complete the board on the river.

Both players checked it down. "You got it," sighed Corr and Levy opened A♠J♦ to collect the pot.

7:20pm: Play resumes

It was a very quiet end to the last level as Grant Levy cut back on his aggression and John Corr was able to chip away at the deficit.

Here's the chip counts at the break:

Grant Levy: 2,754,000
John Corr: 1,581,000