ANZPT Sydney Day 1a: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:40pm: Ten-minute break

4:20pm: You can't steal from the Toothpick

With a button raise to 500, Antonis "Toothpick Tony" Kambouroglou made the call in the small blind and Liam Moffett came long in the big to see a flop of Q♦Q♠4♥. Toothpick and Moffett checked and the button fired 1,000. Toothpick made the call as Moffett got out of the way.

The turn was yet another lady as the Q♣ put an interesting board out there, and Toothpick decided to take the initiative with a bet of just 900. His crafty play worked as the button folded and Toothpick flashed 6♣3♣ for the air ball!

Kambouroglou is up to 33,200.

4:00pm: Sydney arrives in Sydney

One of the last online satellite package winners for the ANZPT Sydney was the appropriately named Sydney VanderHorst. She has flown all the way from Michigan in the United States to play here this afternoon. And with a name like that, perhaps she is destined for great things in this event.

VanderHorst may look innocent enough at the poker table, but we're pretty sure her tablemates don't realise that she's a professional poker player with several hundred thousand in online career winnings.

We really hope that she wins, so we can use the line inspired by Juan Antonio Samaranch when Sydney won the Olympic Games, "And the winner is Sydddddonnneeyyy!"


PokerStars qualifier Sydney VanderHorst

3:50pm: Impressive bluff by EEETEE2008

Trung Tran opened with a raise to 800 before Elliot "EEETEE2008" Nicholls put in three-bet to 2,400. His raise was cold-called by Richard Lancaster as Tran stepped aside before the 5♦J♦4♣ flop fell.

Nicholls decided his best course of attack was to lead out with a bet of 2,600 however Lancaster responded with a raise to 5,300. Nicholls wasn't deterred, as he came back with another raise to 14,000. This was enough to force a force a fold from Lancaster as Nicholls showed T♦3♣ for nothing but pure imagination!

Nicholls is now up to 62,000 and one of our chip leaders.

3:40pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

3:20pm: Late arrivals

A couple of notables who we've just noticed in the field after they were a little tardy to arrive including high stakes cult hero David Steicke and the 2010 ANZPT Canberra champion Jason Gray.

Gray is fond of his home felt here at Star City after his runner up finish at the APPT Sydney event here back in 2008 worth $476,000. He's joined the table of Andrew Jeffreys and Roy Vandersluis.

3:10pm: Royal Flush for Kinkade

Jay "SEABEAST" Kinkade is one of Australia's premier players, so it's tough enough to play him at the best of times, let alone when he has some luck. It's also pretty damn hard to beat someone who is holding the ultimate poker hand, the absolute nuts - the Royal Flush.

The mythical Royal just became reality for Kinkade and he got paid maximum value as a player was eliminated.

Peco Stojanovski started things off with a raise to 900 with a middle position player making the call. Kinkade came along in the big blind holding A♦Q♦ and flopped the joint on the K♦T♦J♣ flop. Action checked to the middle position player who bet 1,500. Kinkade check-raised to 3,500 which folded out Stojanovski, but the third player called as the Q♣ hit the turn. Kinkade fired another 9,000 and his opponent moved all in. Kinkade called and it appeared destined for a chop as his opponent showed ace-king with both players holding a straight.

However Kinkade spiked a magical J♦ on the river to give him a beautiful Royal Flush to eliminate his opponent and jump to around 40,000 in chips.


Royal Flush for Jay Kinkade

2:55pm: Drewe gives Grigg a taste of his own medicine

Tom Grigg has been sent crashing out of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event after Martin Drewe dealt Grigg a dose of his own medicine.

Grigg is known for his creative and aggressive play, but Drewe has obviously been reading the same book after he three-bet to 1,725 preflop following a raise and a flat-call. The original raiser folded but Grigg called for the second time to see a baby 5-5-2 flop. Grigg checked and Drewe bet 1,500. Grigg pulled out a check-raise to 3,600 and Drewe made the call to see a four hit the turn.

Grigg checked again to Drewe who bet just 1,000. This induced another check-raise by Grigg to 3,000 but Drewe came back over to top, moving all in for 10,000. Grigg committed to the call and opened pocket kings but Drewe showed an imaginative 6-3 for a turned gutshot straight! The river was a blank to eliminate Grigg in dramatic fashion as Drewe climbs to 36,000.

2:40pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action for the third level of the day. The big screen is showing a field of 152 entrants so far today with late registration still open for another two more levels. We've had a dozen early casualties with 140 players remaining alive.