ANZPT Sydney Day 2: Levels 10 & 11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

4:40pm: Ten-minute break

4:30pm: Levy runs into kings

Grant Levy was making solid progress today in his quest to go back-to-back at the ANZPT. After building his stack up towards 100,000 in chips, Levy has just taken a hit when he got his Q♣Q♠ in preflop but ran into an opponent's K♣K♥.

The board ran out K♦8♠J♣J♦A♠ to leave Levy with just 34,000 in chips.

4:20pm: McKenzie mauls Gray

Jesse McKenzie opened with a raise to 3,500 with the button making the call before Jason Gray moved all in from the button for a total of 25,000. McKenzie moved all in over the top to isolate but it didn't quite work as the button made the call!

McKenzie: A♠9♠
Gray: Q♥Q♣
Button: T♣T♥

The board ran out A♦6♦5♥9♦2♥ to give McKenzie two pair and eliminate the ANZPT Canberra champion from the Main Event. McKenzie is now up to 110,000.


Jesse McKenzie making waves in Sydney

4:10pm: Set over set finishes Ivin

Mike Ivin has been eliminated from the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. After finishing 2nd in this event last year, Ivin was unable to replicate that feat after he got his last chips in preflop with pocket fours against an opponent's pocket sevens.

Ivin managed to spike a four on the flop, but his opponent also flopped a set to send Ivin to the rail.

4:05pm: Trouble at the Carwash

A small argument has just broken out on table 24 with "Carwash" George Cotiadis in the middle of the fire. Cotaidis had accidentally acted out of turn, tossing out a 5,000-chip from the small blind to indicate a raise. Only problem was that Graeme Putt had yet to act on the button.

The rules at Star City state that the chip stays in the pot, regardless of the actions of Putt, so the cagey veteran raised large to over 12,000. Cotaidis was not happy as he called for the floor for a ruling as some casinos would allow Cotaidis to take back his bet once the action has changed in front of him. However Star City rules dictate that his chip must stay as Cotaidis eventually made an angry fold.

Meanwhile Putt raked in the pot and flashed pocket queens!

3:55pm: Tanaka makes big fold

Nobbi Tanaka is not a fan of making big folds but he was just forced into a tough decision on the river on the board of J♣K♠9♥Q♠Q♥.

Tanaka's opponent bet 17,500 which caused Tanaka to go into the tank for several minutes before he eventually open-folded K♣9♣. His opponent didn't show and Tanaka slips to 50,000.

3:50pm: Huang hung

Bryan Huang was down to his last 24,000 which he moved in preflop with A♦9♦ over the top of a preflop raiser. His opponent made the call with a dominant ace-king, and another king on flop was enough to send the Singaporean sensation to the rail.

3:40pm: Level up, blinds 800-1,600, ante 200

3:35pm: No more Neilson

The crazy ride of Daniel Neilson has ended as the hands of Todor Kondevski. Neilson started the action with a raise to 2,700 before Kondevski bumped it to 7,000. A third player cold-called on the button, so Neilson came along to see a flop of K♣4♦6♦.

Action checked to Kondevski who bet 17,000. The button folded but Neilson check-raised to 64,500. Kondevski flat-called, and Neilson committed his last 10,300 virtually before the 3♥ landed on the turn. Kondevski called and showed A♥A♠ as Neilson would need to catch a diamond on the river with his A♦Q♦. It wasn't to be as the 7♥ completed the board.

Neilson is out as Kondevski is now up to a commanding 185,000.

3:30pm: Guzzardi takes down Pilat

It's funny how poker can make you feel invincible one day, and destroy you the next. Matthew Pilat and Michael Guzzardi have experienced both extremes in contrasting ways during this event. Yesterday Pilat was cruising with one of the big stacks in the room, while Guzzardi just couldn't get anything going.

Fast forward 24 hours later and Guzzardi has just eliminated Pilat in a massive turnaround of form.

The chips were in preflop with Pilat showing A♥Q♣ but he ran into Guzzardi's dominant A♠K♣. The board bricked out 8♦J♥J♠3♦5♥ to leave Guzzardi with the best hand and eliminate Pilat from the tournament. Guzzardi is now up to 85,000.

3:15pm: Buer straightens out Tran

Norwegian Rasmus Buer has stormed to the tournament chip lead after the elimination of yesterday's chip leader in Jimmy Tran.

This just didn't go right for Tran today as he dropped some chips early before a multi-way flop of 2♠T♥9♥ led to his ultimate demise. Tran has flopped top two pair with 9♣T♠ when the chips went into the middle against Buer's J♥8♥ straight-flush draw, however the 7♠ turn gave Buer the straight and the 4♣ river was the final nail for Tran.

Buer is now up to 203,000 and into the tournament chip lead.


Norwegian Rasmus Buer is into the chip lead

2:55pm: Nicholls cracks aces

Elliott Nicholls has just found a fortunate double up when he pushed his pocket jacks preflop but ran into an opponent's pocket aces.

No worries for Nicholls as he caught a set on the board of 9♠7♦K♥J♣6♦ for the double up to 115,000 chips.

2:50pm: Rail forms, prop bets begin

Meanwhile a nice rail is starting to form here in the Star City Poker Room to sweat some of the action on Day 2. Ali Khalil has arrived to stir up some trouble, joining Jonathan Karamalikis who was recently eliminated. At the moment the boys are prop betting with Nik Lackovic to see who can toss paper into a rubbish bin from about ten feet. Probably not a good prop bet against an ex-NBL basketballer!

2:40pm: Play resumes

The players are back after their break and ready for the next two-hour session ahead. With such a large field still remaining, it's difficult to confirm who is our chip leader, however Jay Kinkade has come back to the pack a little, while ANZPT Adelaide runner-up Jesse McKenzie was a big mover in the last session as he moved up over 100,000 in chips. There are 136 players remaining.