ANZPT Sydney Day 2: Levels 14 & 15 (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

9:00pm: That's a wrap from Day 2

The players have played out their last three hands with 49 players still remaining in contention. There will be a few restless nights this evening we imagine.
Josh Barrett once again surged late in the day to amass 398,000 which is good for the chip lead ahead of Alexander Antonios with 361,500. Jesse McKenzie, Jay Kinkade, Graeme Putt and Justin Walch are all still in contention.

We'll have a complete wrap of the day's action including the end of day counts for you shortly.

8:40pm: Toothpick can't hold his chips

Easy come, easy go for Antonis "Toothpick Tony" Kambouroglou.

The very next hand, Kambouroglou opened with a raise to 14,000 before Alex Lee moved all in for 100,900. The Toothpick Tony show then started. He stood from his chair, pulled out his toothpick and asked for a count. Several minutes passed and suddenly Kambouroglou got a phone call. Rather than ignore it, he answered and after brief exchange in Greek, the phone was hung up. Surprisingly no one complained, and the floor either didn't notice, or chose to ignore the indiscretion.

Eventually Kambouroglou announced a call with A♥K♣ and when Lee showed A♠A♦, we understood why he wasn't complaining about the phone call.

The board ran out Q♥3♦4♣5♠7♥ to give Lee a big double up and leave Kambouroglou scratching his head.

8:35pm: Power of the toothpick!

Antonis "Toothpick Tony" Kambouroglou just used his 40 years of poker experience to nail a massive double up in the difference between elimination and potentially the tournament chip lead.

With a raise to 11,000 in front of him, Kambouroglou three-bet to 40,000 before his opponent moved all in. Kambouroglou went into the tank for what was described as "seven long minutes" before he made the call for his last 172,600.

Kambouroglou opened 7♠7♦ but he was in trouble against his opponent's Q♣Q♦, especially when the flop landed 6♥Q♦8♥ to give him a set.

It was then that Kambouroglou called on the power of the toothpick as the 5♥ turn and 9♥ gave him a backdoor straight for a remarkable double up! Kambouroglou is now up to around 360,000 and threatening for the chip lead, leaving his opponent shaking his head in disgust.


A remarkable double up for cult hero Toothpick Tony

8:20pm: The money approaches

We're now inching closer to the money with 53 players remaining in contention for the ANZPT Sydney title. Remember only the top 45 will finish in the money, so there are going to be eight more players who go home from here empty-handed.

The top 45 players will receive a minimum payday of $3,537.

8:00pm: Level up, blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400

7:50pm: Moffo feels the burn

Liam Moffett is the latest to make a disappointed exit from the Star City Poker Room after the PokerStars qualifier ran his J♣J♥ into the Q♠Q♦ of Craig Cockburn.

The board arrived A♥6♦9♠3♦2♥ and without a jack on board, Moffett was sent to the rail. Meanwhile Cockburn is now up to a very comfortable 340,000.

7:40pm: Sydney out

PokerStars qualifier Sydney VanderHorst has fallen just short of the money. The 20-year old travelled all the way from Michigan in the United States to take a shot in the ANZPT but she couldn't win the race of her pocket nines against an opponent's queen-jack.

No money this time around but we hope she has plenty of great memories to take back home, and we hope to see her on the ANZPT again sometime soon.

7:30pm: Levy falls

ANZPT Perth champion Grant Levy has been bundled out of the tournament. It was in rather strange circumstances with a one-two blow seeing Levy bow out just short of the money.

Levy was desperate for a double up as he called a preflop raise from Jesse McKenzie. Levy still had about 10,000 chips behind, but McKenzie thought Levy was all in and exposed his ace-queen. Levy held a dominated ace-jack and was able to fold when McKenzie bet on the A-T-4 flop.

Moments later Levy's last chips were in preflop in a multi-way pot with 2♣4♣ against A♣K♥ but he couldn't get there as the board fell K♣6♠4♦5♣7♦.

7:20pm: Huge clash of the titans

The biggest pot of the tournament has just unfolded between two of the most aggressive players in the field as Justin Walch and Janis Lesinskis went to war.

Lesinskis went with ace-king but he ran into Walch's A♥A♠ which held when the board ran out 2♦6♥J♥J♠T♠.

After a countdown of chips, Walch just had his opponent covered to rake in the 340,000-chip pot and send Lesinskis crashing to the rail.


Justin Walch hits the lead in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event

7:10pm: Play resumes

The players are back for the last two levels of the evening - that is, unless we get down to the final 45 players and the money tonight.

At the moment there are 66 players remaining with German Jan Fernandez and Aussie phenom Jay Kinkade sharing the chip lead with around 320,000 each. However Josh Barrett has eaten Peking duck at the break, so we expect him to make a late charge.