ANZPT Sydney Day 2: Levels 12 & 13 (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 200)

7:00pm: Ten-minute break

6:40pm: ANZ Player of the Year heating up

ANZPT Perth champion Grant Levy has taken a hit recently as we wandered past his table to see his stack down to around 40,000 in chips. We're not sure what happened but suspect Jesse McKenzie may have been involved as he's now travelling pretty comfortably with about 165,000 chips.

McKenzie and Levy are both in contention for ANZ Player of the Year honours and with the recent elimination of points leader Danny Chevalier, both Levy and McKenzie will be looking for a deep run to potentially grab the lead. With over $80,000 in sponsorship and prizes up for grabs, it's certainly an award worth fighting for!

6:30pm: The pain ends for Nobbi

The final nail has been put into the coffin of Nobbi Tanaka.

Tanaka tried for another double up holding A♦J♦ but he ran into A♥A♣ once again. Tanaka couldn't escape this time around as the board was spread 3♠7♦9♣5♠A♠.
Tanaka's rollercoaster is over.


The aggression of Nobbi Tanaka has finally caught up with him

6:20pm: Nice time for aces as Lee eliminates Chevalier

Moments later, Nobbi Tanaka was all in for his last 3,000 chips as Danny Chevalier tried to isolate from the button by moving all in for around 40,000 but Andy Lee woke up with A♠A♦ in the big blind and slammed down a call. Tanaka showed T♣9♣ as Chevalier was in trouble with his A♣7♥.

Tanaka was calling for clubs and he got his wish as the board ran out 5♣3♣J♥2♣3♥.
Tanaka more than triples up to stay alive, Chevalier is out as lee is now up to 140,000 chips.

6:05pm: Tanaka caught in the cookie jar

Nobbi Tanaka and Sebastian Pagana have been going at each other's throats all afternoon, but Tanaka's aggression has finally caught up with him after a huge bluff was picked off.

We caught the action on a board of 8♣8♠7♦A♦4♠ with Pagana checking the action over to Tanaka who moved all in for 47,300. Pagana took a few moments to ask for a count before calling.

Tanaka showed J♠5♣ for the complete airball as Pagana opened 8♥6♠ for trips. After countdown of chips, Tanaka was left with just a few thousand as Pagana doubled up to over 120,000 chips.

5:50pm: Level up, blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 200

5:45pm: Big slick for Briggs

Jymmi Briggs has found a big spot to double up with his A♥K♦ getting the job done against an opponent's 3♣3♦. Briggs flopped well when it arrived A♠J♠K♥ but the T♠ turn did bring a swat with possible chop outs.

The 4♣ was close but no cigar, as Briggs doubled through to 70,000.

5:40pm: The beast roars

Jay "SEABEAST" Kinkade entered today as the chip leader and he's just reclaimed his position on top of the hill after the elimination of another opponent. We didn't catch the details, but we know that Kinkade held ace-five on a board of 5-7-9-5-T to better his opponent's ace-ten as the chips went in on the river.

Kinkade is now up to 302,000 chips.

5:35pm: Sydney shines in Sydney

We've been closely following the progress of American PokerStars qualifier Sydney VanderHorst. With a name that's destined for great things in this city, VanderHorst has been battling hard with a short stack for long periods of today.

However she just found a much-needed double up after her 7♣7♦ held against an opponent's A♣J♦ on a board of 4♠3♣T♦5♠K♣. They're cheering back in Michigan as VanderHorst has doubled to 65,000 chips.

5:25pm: Levy doubles up!

With a raise to 4,200 from the cutoff and a re-raise to 10,100 from the small blind, Grant Levy looked down at his T♣T♥ and decided to move all in for his last 35,800. The cutoff folded as the small blind thought for a while before making the call with A♠Q♠.

It was a race that Levy had to win to stay alive and he survived when the board landed a safe K♣2♠9♦3♦J♣. Levy is now up to 77,000 and looking strong for another ANZPT cash.

5:15pm: When Kiwis collide

Richard Lancaster won't be able to match his deep run in Perth after the Kiwi was another recent casualty as just 88 players remain alive.

Lancaster got his last chips in the middle with ace-king but couldn't spike another ace to get past the pocket kings of fellow Kiwi Graeme Putt.

5:05pm: Kittos cut

Chris Kittos final tabled this event back in 2009 but he won't match those heights this time around after losing a preflop race with A♠K♥ against Q♦Q♥. It didn't help Kittos that another player had also folded ace-king, but he held some hope when an ace appeared in the window. However there was a lady behind it as the board was spread A♦3♥Q♠5♦K♠ to send Kittos to the exit.

5:00pm: Barrett plays bully

Josh Barrett is starting to flex his muscle. We approached his table to see his entire stack in the middle on a flop of 7♠Q♣9♥. The table caught us up on the action. Three players called a mid-position raise and action checked to Andrew Hinrichsen who bet 4,000. Barrett flat-called on the button, before the small blind check-raised to 15,000. This forced the preflop raiser and Hinrichsen to fold but Barrett then came back for all his chips.

His opponent sat in the tank for a long time but eventually gave it up as Barrett bullies his way to 250,000 and the tournament chip lead.


Josh Barrett bullies his way into the tournament chip lead

4:50pm: Play resumes

We're down to 94 players in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event with play set to continue for a maximum of eight levels today or until we reach the money. The way things are going it looks like we may just get to the money within that time.