ANZPT Sydney Day 3: Level 20 & 21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

7:00pm: Ten-minute break

6:50pm: Bang! Bang!

We've just seen two rapid-fire eliminations to see us down to our final thirteen players. Luis Arrilucea first eliminated Joey Lawrence in a preflop clash with Arrilucea's 9♥9♦ holding against the K♥Q♣ of Lawrence when the board ran out 9♠3♥8♠K♣K♠.
He was soon followed by Alex Antonios after he got into a raising war against Michael Kanaan.

Kanaan opened to 35,000 before Antonios popped it to 81,000. Kanaan decided to make it 178,000 and Antonios moved all in with Kanaan making the call. Antonios showed A♣8♣ but Kanaan held a dominant A♠K♥ which held on the T♥4♥3♠K♠Q♠ board.

6:40pm: Jesse McKenzie eliminated

There's good news and bad news for Jesse McKenzie.

The bad news is that he's just been eliminated from the tournament. McKenzie opened to 33,000 before Michael Kanaan raised another 60,000. McKenzie instantly moved all in and Kanaan called it off with 5♣5♠ as McKenzie showed A♣K♣.

McKenzie would need to connect to stay alive but he missed on the board of 9♥7♥7♦7♣T♦. McKenzie is out, but the good news is that he gains enough points to take the overall lead in the ANZ Player of the Year race. Meanwhile Kanaan is now up to a healthy 850,000.

6:30pm: Tight and aggressive

The tables have tightened up a little with a few recent three-bets getting the job done preflop without confrontation. Jay Kinkade, Josh Barrett and Melanie Wohlers have all three-bet with success recently, while Alex Lee is well out in front and remains one of the most aggressive players at the table.

6:10pm Bromilow bows out

Richard Bromilow has fought a brave fight with his short stack today, but his run has come to an end at the hands of Melanie Wohlers.

Wohlers opened with a raise to 35,000 before Bromilow shoved all in for an additional 32,000. Wohlers wasn't going anywhere with her 7♠7♥ as she made the call and had Bromilow's 2♣2♥ in bad shape.

The board was spread K♣6♠Q♣5♠T♣ to leave Wohlers to rake in the pot and eliminate Bromilow in 17th place.

6:05pm: Carwash closed

"Carwash" George Cotaidis moved all in for his last 116,000 from under the gun and action folded around to AJ Bertenshaw who made the call in the small blind.
Cotaidis showed A♠5♥ but Bertenshaw had a real hand with his Q♥Q♦.

The board ran out 2♣9♣T♣2♦4♦ to leave the queens in front and eliminate Cotaidis in 18th place for $7,467 in prize money.


The entertaining George Cotaidis has been eliminated

6:00pm: Level up, blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

5:55pm: Bertenshaw gets a fold from Bromilow

AJ Bertenshaw opened with a raise to 27,000 before Richard Bromilow made it 60,000 more on top. Bertenshaw made the call and the flop landed 4♦3♦T♦. Both players checked and the 5♠ hit the turn.

Bertenshaw checked to Bromilow who bet 60,000 but Bertenshaw check-raised all in over the top. Bromilow thought for a moment before folding and saving his last 65,000 as Bertenshaw showed J♦Q♥! Bertenshaw is up to 605,000.


AJ Bertenshaw raising the bar for dress standards in Australian poker

5:45pm: Final two tables

Table 16
Jesse McKenzie - 270,000
AJ Bertenshaw - 420,000
Justin Walch - 225,000
George Cotaidis - 120,000
Andy Lee - 460,000
Richard Bromilow - 210,000
Michael Kanaan - 650,000
Alexander Antonios - 760,000
Melanie Wohlers - 220,000

Table 18
Jay Kinkade - 450,000
Adam Cusenza - 205,000
Luis Arrilucea - 340,000
Mike Stecker - 600,000
Stevan Chew - 700,000
Abbas Karroobee - 380,000
Alex Lee - 1,000,000
Joey Lawrence - 225,000
Josh Barrett - 700,000


5:25pm: Cockburn eliminated

Craig Cockburn is off to the cashier to collect his money for 19th place as we're now down to our final two tables.

Cockburn's final chips went in preflop in a big clash against Alexander Antonios. Cockburn showed A♠K♦ and was racing with Antonios' T♥T♦ but couldn't connect on theboard of 5♠J♦2♦2♠4♠. As the players redraw for the final two tables, Antonios is up to 780,000 in chips.

5:10pm: Ace for Arrilucea

Luis Arrilucea has found a double up with his A♦Q♠ cracking the K♠K♦ of Justin Walch with the chips in preflop.

The flop was a safe 3♠3♥8♥ for Walch but he cringed when the A♥ found its way onto the turn. The river was the 4♠ and Arrilucea doubles to 380,000 with Walch back to 250,000.

5:00pm: Middleditch-ed

Michael Kanaan has dispatched of Andrew Middleditch in 20th place when the two collided in another preflop confrontation.

Kanaan held A♦Q♥ to be well in front of Middleditch's A♠J♦ as the board ran out 2♦4♥4♣6♠T♥. Middleditch hits the road as Kanaan is up to 660,000.

One more elimination and we'll be down to our final two tables.

4:50pm: Play resumes