ANZPT Sydney Day 3: Levels 18 & 19 (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

4:40pm: Ten-minute break

4:35pm: Grujic goneski

Jesse McKenzie has found a double up when last chips were in the middle with J♠T♦ against Oliver Grujic's 9♥9♦. The board ran out T♣T♥A♥A♣9♠ and despite Grujic filling up on the river it wasn't enough to stop McKenzie from doubling up to 250,000 chips.

Moments later Grujic committed his last chips with A♦6♦ but Andy Lee made the call with 8♦8♥.

The flop of A♣K♦3♣ put Grujic into the lead, as the Q♥ was also safe, but the two-outer 8♠ on the river eliminated the ANZPT Adelaide final tablist from the tournament.

4:25pm: McKenzie backdoors Cockburn

Jesse McKenzie has managed a remarkable double up when his 4♠3♠ rivered a flush. McKenzie was down to his last 59,000 as Craig Cockburn made the call with A♥Q♥ and took the lead on the A♣K♣6♠ flop.

McKenzie would need runner-runner and he got it with the J♠ turn and A♠ river. McKenzie is back to 140,000 with Cockburn down to 360,000.

4:20pm: Pagana runs into aces

After a deep run in Perth, Sebastian Pagana has secured another ANZPT cash here in Sydney, but his run has come to an end at the hands of Craig Cockburn.

Pegana pushed with A♦Q♦ but ran into Cockburn's A♠A♥ with the board running out 6♠2♥7♣Q♥9♣. Cockburn is now up to 420,000.

4:15pm: Burvill loses both sides

You know you're running pretty bad when you get dealt both sides of two all-ins and lose both of them. Ben Burvill first lost a healthy pot with 9♥9♣ against the A♥8♦ of Luis Arrilucea when an ace spiked the turn.

Moments later it was Burvill's turn to try his luck with A♣8♦ against the 9♠9♥ of Mike Stecker. This time around Burvill couldn't find an ace as the board ran out J♠Q♣Q♣T♥5♣.

Burvill is out as Stecker adds to him empire to be up over 700,000 chips.

4:10pm: Double down for Brown

Jesse McKenzie opened with a raise to 21,000 from the hijack position before Stuart Brown moved all in for a total of 70,000 from the cutoff. The table folded back to McKenzie who instantly called the difference with T♦8♦ but he wasn't happy to see Brown show a dominant J♠T♠.

The board ran out Q♠9♠4♣T♥7♦ to double up Brown to around 170,000 with McKenzie slipping back to 175,000.

3:55pm: Cooler flop crushes Todor

Todor Kondevski and Abbas Karroobee went to war on a flop of A♠K♠Q♣ after both players had flopped two pair. Kondevksi showed K♥Q♥ but he was crushed by the A♣Q♦ of Karroobee.

The turn was the 2♥ and river the 7♥ to send Kondevski to the rail as Karroobee is up to 650,000 with 27 players remaining.


A fine flop for Abbas Karroobee as he jumps to 650,000 chips

3:50pm: Lee continues to motor ahead

Andy Lee raised to 23,000 from the button and Sebastian Pagana made the call in the big blind to see a flop of 7♦9♦5♥. Pagana check-called for 20,000 and then led for 27,000 on the J♦ turn. Lee made the call and the river was the 8♠.

With straight and flush possibilities on board, both players quickly checked it down. Pagana showed K♠J♥ for top pair but Lee held 9♥7♠ for two pair to take it down. He's now up over 600,000 in chips and looking dangerous.


Young gun Andy Lee is starting to look dangerous

3:40pm: Level up, blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000

3:35pm: Carwash steals one

"Carwash" George Cotaidis opened with a raise from middle position and Luis Arrilucea defended his big blind to see an A-K-2 flop. Arrilucea checked to Cotaidis who bet 30,000 and started a verbal barrage against his opponent who clearly had a tough decision. Arrilucea eventually folded A♦J♦ face up!

"You folded THAT?" exclaimed Cotaidis as he flashed A♠T♥!

Cotaidis is up to 150,000 (and wants to send a cheerio to his wife Mel following the coverage back home) with Arrilucea back to 100,000.

3:25pm: Dias done

Marciel Dias has lost his battle with his short stack after he moved his last chips into the middle with Q♥J♥ against Josh Barrett's A♣K♦.

The flop of 9♣T♦4♥ improve Dias' with a straight draw but the T♠ turn and 5♣ river completed the board to eliminate Dias from the tournament.

3:10pm: Nines strike down on Putt

Pocket nines have done the damage once again as Graeme Putt has been sent to the rail. It was Justin Walch with the 9♠9♦ to have Putt's 7♣7♥ in trouble.

The board ran out J♠8♣T♦2♥Q♣ to eliminate Putt and jump Walch up to nearly 500,000 in chips.

3:05pm: Jeffreys and Shawcross gone

Matthew Jeffreys is next to head to the cashier when his Q♠K♦ lost a preflop race against Mike Stecker's 9♠9♦. The board ran out 2♣2♦3♠2♠T♦ to leave Stecker's pair in front and eliminate Jeffreys. Stecker is up to 590,000.

On another table Jay Kinkade dispatched of Jarod Shawcross as 37 players now remain. Kinkade is up to 480,000.


The beast is starting to roar in Sydney

3:00pm: More eliminations

Short stacks Peter Matusik and George Kanan have also succumbed, with Kanan losing a three-way pot with A♣K♣ against Melanie Wohlers' J♥Q♥ and Stuart Brown's 9♣9♦. Kanan hit a king on the flop but Brown spiked his two-outer nine-ball on the turn to take the pot.

2:50pm: Now here come the eliminations!

Zhen Yu Li was first to go when he pushed his queen-seven into the ace-king of Stevan Chew and was unable to improve.

He was soon followed by Jimmy Wong after his pocket tens ran into the pocket kings of Ben Burvill.

Finally we saw the end of Nicholas Polias when he also held T♣T♠ against the A♣6♣ of Michael Kanaan. The board ran out 3♥K♠K♣A♠K♥ to pair the ace of Kanaan and eliminate Polias from the tournament.

2:45pm: Pop! We're in the money!

Peter Mathias was all in for his last 2,500 in the big blind when Joey Lawrence raised to 16,000. Josh Barrett called in the small blind and then checked in the dark on the K♠7♦Q♦ flop. Lawrence bet 16,000 into the side pot and Barrett folded.

Mathias opened T♥T♦ - not a bad hand for someone all in without looking at their cards. However Lawrence had flopped good with his K♥7♥. The turn was the 8♦ and river the 9♠ to see Mathias become our bubble boy (finally!) as we are now in the money!

2:40pm: Play resumes

Well that was a very slow session as our bubble has prolonged for well over one and a half hours now. We expect that the bubble will burst in a few moments though, as Peter Mathias has been blinded down to under the size of the big blind. It's now just a matter of time.