ANZPT Sydney Final Table: Levels 15 & 16 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

2:30pm: Ten-minute break

2:25pm: Six-bet shove from Kanaan

An interesting preflop clash between Andy Lee and Michael Kanaan has resulted in the overnight chip leader regaining some chips as these two continue to butt heads.
Kanaan opened to 65,000 in the cutoff before Lee made it 125,000 from the big blind.

Kanaan then decided to four-bet an additional 175,000, but Lee put in a five-bet of another 175,000 on top of that. Kanaan didn't give up as he announced himself all in. Lee was forced to fold as Kanaan grabs some chips and momentum with a nice preflop play.


Michael Kanaan has brought the aggression to the final table

2:15pm: Lee misses freeroll

Alex Lee raised to 50,000 from the cutoff before John Karroobee three-bet to 124,000 in the big blind. Lee made the call and the two took a flop of 6♥4♥7♣. It looked innocent enough but fireworks erupted when Karroobee led out for 225,000 as Lee moved all in over the top.

Karroobee only had around 450,000 or so behind, but he took a long time over his decision as Lee pulled his hoodie over his head and shut up shop. Eventually Karroobee decided to stick it in with A♣Q♠ for just ace-high. Lee showed A♥Q♥ and was freerolling with his flush draw.

The turn was the J♦ and river the 2♠ as the two chopped it up! Karroobee has 880,000 with Lee at 1.6 million.


2:05pm: Flush over flush

We could be heading for a Lee versus Lee showdown, as Alex Lee has recovered nicely from an early hit at this final table to now be back in contention.

Lee opened from the button to 50,000 with Luis Arrilucea making the call to go to a flop of J♦T♠A♠. Both players checked and the free turn card was the 7♠. Arrilucea checked and Lee bet 80,000 with Arrilucea making the call.

The river was the K♠ to put four spades on board and Arrilucea checked it again over to Lee who bet 200,000. Arrilucea made the call with J♠9♣ for the second nuts but Lee had the Q♠T♦ for the nut flush. Lee moves up to 1.7 million with Arrilucea down to 810,000.


Alex Lee is back in contention on the ANZPT Sydney final table

1:50pm: Alex Lee wins blind battle

In a limped pot in a battle of the blinds, Alex Lee and Michael Kanaan saw a cheap flop of 9♥Q♣7♦. Both players checked and the 5♦ hit the turn. Lee checked again to Kanaan who bet 35,000. Lee made the call and the 4♦ completed the board on the river.

Lee checked for a third time and Kanaan bet 56,000. Lee then pulled out a check-raise as he bumped it to 200,000. Kanaan made the call but mucked at the sight of Lee's Q♥5♣ for two pair.

Lee chips back up to 970,000 with Kanaan slipping to 1.7 million.

1:40pm: Stevan Chew eliminated in 6th place

Andy Lee opened to 55,000 from the cutoff and Alex Lee called on the button before PokerStars qualifier Stevan Chew moved all in from the big blind for 363,000. Andy made the call as Alex stepped aside.

Lee: K♣K♦
Chew: 5♣5♠

Once again Lee had found pocket kings and got action! This time there were no surprises as the board was spread 8♦Q♣4♣J♦2♣. Lee is up to 2.65 million and a clear chip lead as Chew collects $35,370 for his 6th place result.


Stevan Chew eliminated in 6th place

1:35pm: Great call by Lee

Michael Kanaan opened with a raise to 55,000 and Andy Lee made the call in the small blind to see a flop of 9♠5♦8♠.

Both players checked and the turn brought the 7♣. Lee led out for 40,000 and Kanaan made the call as the A♦ completed the board on the river. Lee deliberately checked it over to Kanaan who bet out 75,000. Lee thought for only a moment before tossing out a call.

"Good call," sighed Kanaan. "King-high," he added as he flashed K♥Q♦. Lee opened 3♣3♦ for an underpair to the board for a tremendous call. He's now up to 2.26 million with Kanaan back to just over 2 million.

1:30pm: Level up, blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000

1:20pm: Flop aggression

John Karroobee opened to 40,000 on the button before Andy Lee made it 95,000 from the small blind. Alex Lee folded his big blind, but Karroobee made the call to see a flop of 6♣K♠4♣.

Lee led out for 90,000 but Karroobee clicked it back to 180,000. Lee then put in another raise to make it 350,000 but Karroobee wasn't going anywhere as he moved all in for an additional 540,000. Lee decided to give it up as he slips to 1.9 million with Karroobee making a surge to jump up to 1.4 million.

1:15pm: Double up for Karroobee

Andy Lee opened under the gun to 50,000, but Alex Lee raised to 125,000. Action was then with John Karroobee and he moved all in over the top of both players. Andy folded but Alex made the call with A♥K♦ as Karroobee was racing for his tournament life with 9♠9♥.

The board bricked out Q♠3♠4♠Q♦5♦ to double Karroobee up to 940,000 with Alex Lee back down to 730,000.

1:00pm: AJ Bertenshaw eliminated in 7th place

PokerStars qualifier AJ Bertenshaw opened with a raise to 40,000 before overnight chip leader Michael Kanaan popped it to 140,000 from the big blind. Bertenshaw called and the flop landed 7♦2♣T♣.

Kanaan put in a crafty check and Bertenshaw bet 70,000. Kanaan made the call and the 5♣ hit the turn. Kanaan checked again and Bertenshaw moved all in for 397,000. Kanaan made the call and opened a well-played Q♥Q♦ as Bertenshaw was left needing a miracle ace on the river with his A♥J♠.

The river landed the T♠ as Bertenshaw headed to the cashier to collect $27,510 for his 7th place.


AJ Bertenshaw eliminated in 7th place

12:55pm: Arrilucea collects one from Lee

Luis Arrilucea opened to 45,000 from late position and Alex Lee defended his big blind with a call to see a flop of 3♦3♠4♠. Lee checked to Arrilucea who bet 65,000. Lee made the call before leading for 95,000 on the 9♦ turn. Arrilucea called and the river landed the K♥.

Lee checked and Arrilucea fired a hefty 310,000. Lee gave it up as Arrilucea collected his first pot of the day.

12:50pm: Chopping the nuts

Alex Lee opened to 40,000 from the button and Michael Kanaan played his first pot of the day with a re-raise to 105,000 from the small blind. Lee made the call and the two saw a flop of A♠Q♦T♦.

Kanaan led out for 130,000 but Lee came back with a raise to 310,000. Kanaan then declared himself all in and Lee insta-called!

We had our third all-in of the day and this one was worth almost three million in chips, but the result was rather anti-climactic as Kanaan's K♠J♥ was matched by Lee's J♣K♣.

The meaningless 9♣ turn and 8♦ river completed the board and both players chopped it up!


12:40pm: Mike Stecker eliminated in 8th place

American Mike Stecker moved all in for his last 325,000 with A♥K♥ and Andy Lee made the call on the button with 7♥7♣.

The flop gave set a pair but it also gave a set to Lee as the final board ran out K♠3♣7♠6♥8♣. Our two most experienced players have been eliminated within the first ten minutes of play as Stecker collects $21,615 for his 8th place.

Meanwhile Andy Lee is now well in front with 2.1 million after two early knockouts.


Mike Stecker eliminated in 8th place

12:35pm: Jay Kinkade eliminated in 9th place

We knew that Jay Kinkade was going to be one of the major threats at this final table, especially if he got chips, so the entire table let out a collective sigh of relief as he became the first elimination of the day, just moments after this final table had commenced.

Andy Lee opened the action with a raise to 40,000 from under the gun, before Kinkade moved all in from middle position for 332,000. The table folded back around to Lee to insta-called.

Lee: K♣K♥
Kinkade: 9♣9♠

The beast had been trapped but just as quickly, the flop of T♦9♦J♠ put him back in front with a set of nines. The 3♥ hit the turn, but there were "ooohs" on the rail as the Q♣ fell to give Lee a straight and eliminate Kinkade in 9th place for $15,720 in prize money.


Jay Kinkade eliminated in 9th place

12:30pm: The stage is set in Sydney

The stage is set for a thrilling finale as the 2011 ANZPT Sydney Main Event final table is about to kick off. We're perched high above the Star City Casino Gaming floor in a custom-built final table area at the hip 36 Degree bar. There are a couple of temporary grand stands to provide seating and plenty of standing room area, so this should offer an excellent atmosphere during the day.

The players have taken their seats and unbagged their chips before the official introductions and final media commitments. For more information about our final tablists check out our final table player profiles.

The final instructions have been given and the 2011 ANZPT Final Table is now underway. The clock has been wound back half a level to the start of the Level 15 with the blinds at 10,000-20,000 and a 2,000 ante.