ANZPT Sydney Final Table: Levels 17 & 18 (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000)

4:40pm: Ten-minute break

4:35pm: Andy Lee eliminated in 3rd place

It was the rise and fall of Andy Lee today at the ANZPT Sydney final table, as the one-time chip leader as he has been bundled out in 3rd place.

Lee completed from the small blind and Michael Kanaan checked his option in the big blind to see a flop of 7♣9♠4♥.

Lee led out with a small bet of 50,000 and Kanaan bumped it up to 125,000. Lee made the call and the 9♣ hit the turn. Lee led out once again with a bet of 225,000 and Kanaan flat-called as the 6♠ completed the board on the river.

Lee came out swinging once again as he made it 540,000, but Kanaan announced himself all in to put Lee to the ultimate decision. After a few minutes of thought he verbalized a call and discovered the bad news as Kanaan showed 9♦7♦ for a full house. Lee mucked and exited the Star City Poker Room. He'll pick up $69,168 for a fine tournament.


Andy Lee eliminated in 3rd place

4:30pm: Luis rides the rollercoaster

The action is not slowing down as Andy Lee has doubled through Luis Arrilucea, only for the reverse to happen the very next hand!

In the first hand, Arrilucea raised to 95,000 from the small blind and Lee made the call to see a flop of 3♦8♦Q♥. Arrilucea checked to Lee who bet 105,000, but Arrilucea came back with a check-raise to 325,000. Lee then moved all in over the top and Arrilucea snap-called!

Lee: J♦2♦
Arrilucea: K♥K♠

It was a flush draw against the overpair with the T♠ changing nothing, but the 9♦ river gave Lee the flush for a huge double up.

The next hand the two were at it again, with Arrilucea raising the button to 95,000 before Lee three-bet to 300,000. Arrilucea moved all in for around 1.2 million and Lee made the call!

Arrilucea: A♥J♣
Lee: K♠9♠

The board ran out Q♠J♦4♦4♣2♠ and Arrilucea doubles back to 2.4 million with Lee back down to around 2.2 million.


Luis Arrilucea is right in the thick of the action

4:20pm: Who needs to see a flop?

These players sure aren't afraid to put in a raise. There has been very little passive play here the afternoon with a lot of three and four-betting. Even five and six-betting. Preflop!

Once again we just saw Michael Kanaan collect a huge pot without even seeing a flop. Luis Arrilucea started things off with a raise to 90,000 before Andy Lee three-bet to 255,000 in the small blind. Kanaan then four-bet to 490,000 which forced a fold from Arrilucea, but Lee wasn't done with quite yet as he five-bet to 850,000 straight.

Incredibly, Kanaan then six-bet shoved all in over the top! Who needs to see a flop? Lee thought for a few moments but let it go as Kanaan's rail gave a cheer as their man was back into the chip lead. Kanaan has 3.5 million, Arrilucea is on 2.6 million with Lee back on the shortest stack with 1.8 million.

4:10pm: Hammer time!

Luis Arrilucea opened with a raise to 95,000 on the button and Michael Kanaan made the call in the big blind. The flop landed 2♦2♣A♠ and the action was check, check. The turn brought the 5♦ and Kanaan checked as Arrilucea took a stab with a bet of 130,000. Kanaan made the call and the river was the T♣.

Again Kanaan checked and Arrilucea quickly bet 375,000. Kanaan thought for a few moments as Arrilucea rocked back in his chair and took another sip of Red Bull. Kanaan decided to let it go and Arrilucea showed 7♠2♠!

Arrilucea now has some chips and is showing a little confidence as he moves up to 2.7 million.

3:55pm: Three-bet aggression ends in chop

Andy Lee raised to 85,000 on the button before Michael Kanaan three-bet to 160,000 from the small blind. Luis Arrilucea folded his big blind, but Lee made the call to see a flop of 6♣K♥K♣.

Kanaan led out for 210,000 and Lee made the call as the Q♥ hit the turn. Kanaan fired again for 325,000 and again Lee made the call as another big pot was developing between these two aggressive players.

The river was the 3♠ and they slowed down as it went check, check. Kanaan showed 8♣6♦ and Lee held 6♥7♣ - both with kings and sixes with a queen kicker as they chop it up!

3:50pm: Rare multi-way pot

Michael Kanaan opened to 70,000 on the button and both opponents made the call as we saw a rare three-way flop of T♠7♠2♣. Luis Arrilucea checked and Andy Lee took a stab with a bet of 100,000. Kanaan and Arrilucea both made the call as the turn was the A♠.

Check, check to Kanaan who fired 220,000. Arrilucea folded but Lee called as the K♣ hit the river. Lee checked and Kanaan bet just 200,000 which Lee was quick to call.

Kanaan showed Q♥7♥ for a pair of sevens but it wasn't quite enough as Lee opened T♥4♠ for a pair of tens. Lee is back in the lead with 2.9 million as Kanaan slips to 2.25 million.

3:40pm: Level up, blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000

3:40pm: Arrilucea evens things up!

It's all pretty even once again as Luis Arrilucea has found a big double up to bring chip leader Andy Lee back to the pack.

It started with Lee opening to 60,000 before Arrilucea popped it up another 105,000. Lee came back with a four-bet of an additional 190,000 before Arrilucea moved all in. Lee made the call as 2.6 million chips were in the middle preflop!

Lee: A♦Q♥
Arrilucea: 8♣8♦

The race was on but the board bricked out T♣7♣6♣K♠7♥ to leave Arrilucea to celebrate with his mates as he found another double up! He's up to 2.6 million with Lee now the short stack of the three with 2.2 million.


Luis Arrilucea has evened things right up with a big double

3:35pm: John Karroobee eliminated in 4th place

It's been a great tournament for John Karroobee, but his run has come to an end in 4th place.

Karroobee opened to 100,000 from under the gun, and when Luis Arrilucea moved all in from the big blind, Karroobee called off his last chips.

Karroobee: K♥T♥
Arrilucea: 7♥7♠

Arrilucea held the lead and was high-fiving his rail as the flop landed 4♣7♦A♣ to give him a set and put him well in front. The 8♠ turn and K♠ river didn't change anything to send Karroobee home in 4th place for collect $54,234 for a fine tournament. Arrilucea now has some life as he is up to 1.3 million in chips.

John Karroobee

John Karroobee eliminated in 4th place

3:30pm: Kanaan builds a bigger boat

Andy Lee raised to 60,000 from under the gun but Michael Kanaan once again three-bet him, this time making it 150,000 to go. It folded back to Lee who made the call and they saw a Q♥[2d7♣ flop.

Both players checked and the turn brought the 2♥. Lee led out for 150,000 and Kanaan called as another 2♠ hit the river. Lee fired again for 325,000 and Kanaan made the call.

Lee showed 7♦9♥ but he finally lost one as Kanaan showed A♣Q♣ for a bigger full house. Lee is back to 3.5 million with Kanaan up to 2.8 million.

3:20pm: More chips for Andy!

John Karroobee completed from the small blind and Andy Lee checked his option in the big blind to see a flop of 5♣J♠6♥. Both players checked and the 7♣ found its way onto the turn. Karroobee checked and Lee bet 35,000. Karroobee called and the river fell the 8♦ to put four to a straight on board.

Karroobee checked for a third time and Lee bet out 100,000. Karroobee paid to see and Lee tabled 4♥5♠ for a straight to win yet another pot. He's unstoppable at the moment! Karroobee flashed Q-8 as he slips to just 420,000, with Lee now up to 4.5 million.


Andy Lee is running away with the chip lead

3:10pm: Alex Lee eliminated in 5th place

Still reeling from that previous hand, Alex Lee raised it up to 60,000 from under the gun and Andy Lee was the lone caller in the big blind to a flop of 5♥Q♥J♠.

Andy checked and Alex moved all in for less than 300,000 with Andy making the call holding J♦T♥ for middle pair. Andy held the lead as Alex showed a steamy 6♥2♥ for a bare flush draw. The turn was the 9♦ and river the 9♠ to see Alex eliminated in 5th place. He'll take home $43,230 in prize money as Andy now has a commanding chip lead with 4.2 million chips.


Alex Lee eliminated in 5th place

3:05pm: Lee versus Lee leaves Alex crippled

Andy Lee raised from the button to 65,000 and Alex Lee made the call in the small blind as the two Lee boys went to a flop of 3♠T♥Q♣. Alex checked to Andy who bet 80,000. Alex called and the 7♦ hit the turn. Again Alex check-called, this time for 225,000 as the 4♦ completed the board on the river.

Alex checked for a third time and Andy moved a hefty 700,000 into the middle. Alex decided to call as a mega-pot had erupted, but Andy tabled 7♣7♠ for a set of sevens as Alex mucked.

Andy runs away with the chip lead as he is now approaching 4 million chips, with Alex crippled to just 340,000.

3:00pm: Kanaan continues to press pedal to the metal

Alex Lee opened with an under-the-gun raise to 70,000 but Michael Kanaan continued to apply pressure with a three-bet to 180,000 from the cutoff. Luis Arrilucea then sprung to life on the button with a cold four-bet to 360,000. The blinds folded as did Lee, but Kanaan thought for several minutes before declaring himself all in.

Arrilucea stood from his chair and glanced up at the clock before making a reluctant fold to save his last 620,000 for a better spot. Kanaan is now up around 2.2 million.

2:50pm: Karroobee check-raises Lee

Action folded around to John Karroobee who completed from the small blind but Andy Lee wasn't going to let things go by so cheap. He added another 40,000 to the bet and Karroobee made the call.

The flop came down 8♦2♦Q♥ and Karroobee check-called for 70,000 as a repeat 8♣ fell on the turn. Karroobee checked to Lee who let go with a second barrel worth 160,000, but Karroobee checked raised all in. Lee gave it up to slip to 2.6 million with Karroobee now back to 960,000.

2:40pm: Play resumes

Approximate chip counts at the break:

John Karroobee - 650,000
Andy Lee -2, 800,000
Alex Lee - 1,700,000
Michael Kanaan - 2,000,000
Luis Arillucea - 900,000