ANZPT Sydney Final Table: Level 19 (blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

Michael Kanaan wins ANZPT Sydney Main Event

A big congratulations to Michael Kanaan who came in today as our chip leader, applied relentless pressure to his opponents throughout, and ultimately came up as king of Sydney with a well-deserved victory.

He collects the coveted trophy and a whopping $195,714 in prize money!

That wraps up our live coverage from the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. We'll be back with a complete wrap of the day's action for you shortly.


Michael Kanaan is the 2011 ANZPT Sydney champion!

5:05pm: Luis Arrilucea eliminated in 2nd place; Michael Kanaan wins!

This final table was one of the most aggressive we've seen on the ANZPT, so it was no surprise that heads-up play didn't last more than five minutes. However in the end, it was a cooler of a hand that would've ended any poker tournament in the world.

Luis Arrilucea opened from the button to 135,000 before Michael Kanaan popped it to 275,000. Arrilucea then came back for an additional 600,000, but Kannan didn't slow down as he five-bet an additional 825,000. Arrilucea moved all in and Kannan made the call!

Arrilucea: A♥K♠
Kannan: K♣K♦

The flop landed a rather brutal 3♠A♦K♥ giving Arrilucea a pair of aces, but Kanaan had caught the case king to leave Arrilucea in a world of hurt. The 8♥ turn changed nothing and the river bricked off the 6♥. Arrilucea adds $124,581 to his bankroll after a wonderful runner-up performance.


Luis Arrilucea eliminated in 2nd place

5:00pm: Kanaan extends lead

Michael Kanaan has taken down the first significant pot of heads-up play to extend his chip lead. He opened from the button to 125,000 and Luis Arrilucea called to see a flop of 6♥J♥3♠. Arrilucea check-called for 150,000 before both players checked the A♣ turn. On the 9♣ river, Arrilucea checked and Kanaan bet 350,000. Arrilucea made the call but Kanaan tabled J♦9♥ for two pair to take it down.

Kanaan is now up to 5.8 million with Arrilucea back to 2 million.

4:55pm: Play resumes

The players are back and after four short hours, we're now heads-up for the title. Michael Kanaan will take around a two-to-one chip advantage entering heads-up play.

Michael Kanaan - 5,291,000
Luia Arrilucea - 2,684,000