ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1A: Home game coolers

We're into Level 4 here on Day 1A of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event and a clear chip leader has emerged.

He's a familiar face on the ANZPT, but a face we don't see as often as we once used to. It's none other than former ANZPT Adelaide champion Octavian Voegele.


Voegele might not be playing as regularly as he used to on the live circuit, but he explained to us that he's still keeping his skills sharp while focussing on other areas of his life.

"I'm not playing as much live anymore. I got engaged and I've been working on the house. Focussing on family life!" said Voegele. "But I'm still playing online and in home games."

And speaking of home games, it would be good friend and home game opponent Tommy Vo who helped catapult Voegele into the Day 1A chip lead.

"It was such a cooler. I had pocket nines on a 9-9-6 flop, and he had pocket sixes!" explained Voegele.

Well played sir.

It was the sort of hand that if it was dealt in a home game, Vo would claim that Voegele was dealing from the bottom of the deck!

But the story got better as we discovered that Voegele and Vo, who won the 2012 Brisbane Poker Championships, travelled down from the Gold Coast together and are actually rooming together here in Sydney. We're guessing that busting your roommate in the first few hours of the tournament is probably not the greatest way to keep a friendship, but it just goes to show that there are no friends at the poker table.

"It's funny because we always joke about how bad Tommy runs against me in home games. And now we come to Sydney together and this happens!" added Voegele with a characteristic laugh.


While Voegele is anticipating returning to his hotel room later tonight to discover his clothes thrown around the room, and his roommate curled up on the floor in the foetal position with an empty bottle of whisky, he can feel content at the moment that he's a clear chip leader with around 80,000 with the blinds at just 150/300/25.

It's an early call, but perhaps it's time for our first two-time champion on the ANZPT? Whatever happens, it should make the next Gold Coast home game a pretty interesting one!