ANZPT Perth Day 1a: Levels 1-2 (blinds 100-200)

2:35pm: Ten-minute break

2:30pm: Coolers bro

As we get close to the first break of the day, we've already seen several big hands collide in huge pots with over a dozen eliminations in the first two hours of play.

The most recent was the cooler to end all coolers as Adrian Salter got dealt A♣A♠ against Callum Ransome's K♥K♣ and a third player holding Q♥Q♠.

Interestingly, any other pair from sixes through to jacks would've won the hand, but the aces survived on the board of T♦6♦7♣J♥9♠. Ransome is out while Salter triples up.

2:15pm: Dale done

Dale Marsland found one double, but was unable to make it two, despite picking up the pocket rockets.

Marsland was all in on a flop of J♠2♠6♠ holding A♠A♥ for an overpair and the nut flush draw, however he'd run into the 2♥2♦ set of Simon Davidson.

Marsland would need an ace or a spade but found himself drawing dead when the 2♣ hit the turn to give Davidson quads! The meaningless river was the 6♣ to move Davidson to 26,000 as Marsland becomes our first high-profile casualty of the day.

2:00pm: James sets up Tymms

Paul James and Steven Tymms just went to war with the chips all in on the turn with the board reading 2♣5♥T♣Q♥.

Tymms had turned two pair with his Q♠T♦ but it proved to be a bad turn card as James was well in front with his 5♦5♣ for a flopped set. The river was the 3♠ to see Tymms eliminated and climb James to a healthy 45,000.

1:45pm: Double for Dale

We're not sure how Dale Marsland got himself down to his last 4,500 but we did catch him double back up.

Again it was the snowmen in the action as Marsland shoved with 8♠8♣. He found action from a player with A♠6♠ and got a real sweat when the first four community cards landed 6♥4♥K♠5♠. But the river 5♦ was bricky enough for Marsland to double to get himself back to 10,000.

1:40pm: Frunks flops a house

Daren Frunks is off to a quick start here at the ANZPT Perth. We caught him raking in a nice pot recently after getting paid off with bets of 1,625 on the turn and 2,100 on the river on a board of 8♣7♣7♥5♦5♣.

Frunks opened 8♥8♠ for a flopped full house to scoop the pot. He's up to 28,000.

1:35pm: Level up, blinds 100-200

1:25pm: Nice fold

"There's been a five-bet over at our table," said Tony Tartaglia as he wandered over to our blogging desk. "I had to fold ace-king!"

We wandered over to his table to see what the fuss was about as we found one player with a preflop bet of 4,500 in front of him and Colin Wilford deep in the tank. After several minutes of pain, Wilford made a very reluctant open-fold of Q♦Q♠.

Was it a good fold? We can't be sure, but his opponent did verbalize that he had pocket kings.

1:15pm: Online domination

The big screen is currently showing 90 entrants with well over 100 expected tomorrow, but that number could've been even greater if it wasn't for one man.

"I won another seat last night," said Tony Tartaglia as he sat down to play this afternoon.

Tartaglia is a cult hero over here in the West, and after winning something like ten or eleven seats online to this event on PokerStars, he has single-handedly reduced the size of the field for this event, and therefore increased his own chances for success.

"It's already his biggest cash on the ANZPT!" laughed Danny McDonagh.


He wouldn't let us post pics of his better half, so this will have to do!

1:00pm: Poker and hoops

We've received word that today's numbers may be down a little due to a little basketball game that has been organized for this afternoon. Ex-NBL basketballer Nik Lackovic and brother Stevan have roped together a few of the other players and staff members for the PokerStars Hoops Challenge - an event they are hoping to become an annual highlight of the ANZPT schedule.

Sam Dawson has promised to grab a few pics and will have a full report for us later in the day!

12:55pm: Local influence

Today's field is largely comprised of local satellite winners, who we've yet to see on the ANZPT before. We'll get to know them a little better as the day goes on, but some of those we've seen around the traps before include Sebastian Pagana, Dale Marsland, Leo Boxell, Ben Breadsell, Tony Tartaglia, Errolyn Strang, Ali Ghezelbash, Raj Ramakrishnan, last year's runner up John Corr and Aussie Millions Main Event 5th place finish Patrick Healy.

12:40pm: Man down

Well, we already mentioned how good the structure is for this event, but that hasn't stopped two players from getting all of their chips in within the first five minutes of the tournament.

We arrived at the table to see a flop of 3♥3♠8♦ and a bet of 6,500 in front of Ian Harding. His opponent was Vanda Williams, and she moved all in with Harding giving a shrug before calling it off with T♣T♠. He was well behind as Williams tabled 8♠8♥ for a flopped full house.

The turn was the 5♣ and river the 2♥ as the Barry Greenstein of WA poker becomes our first casualty of the day. Meanwhile Williams now sits with a double stack to be our early chip leader.

12:35pm: ANZPT Perth kicks off!

We've settled into our new home for the week on the floor of the Burswood Casino Poker Room as the ANZPT Perth Main Event kicks off!

For a $1,100 buy-in, the players will enjoy a quality structure today with one-hour levels and 20,000-chip start bank. Today's field is likely to be the smaller of the two flights but we're still on track for a record field here in Perth.

The rules and regulations have been announced to the room and before the mic was handed to Australian Poker Hall of Famer Leo Boxell to give instructions to the dealers to shuffle up and deal as Day 1a of the ANZPT Perth Main Event is now underway.