ANZPT Perth Day 1a: Levels 3-4 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

4:45pm: Ten-minute break

4:40pm: Strang soars

Errolyn Strang won the Ladies Event earlier this week to add another trophy to a cabinet which also includes the 2011 Sydney Poker Championships Main Event title. Now she's chip leader at the second break of the ANZPT Perth Main Event, proving that she is the real deal and the boys had better watch out!

Recently she sent a player to the rail when the two committed their chips on a monotone 7♣T♣8♣ flop. Her opponent held 5♣3♣ for a flush but Strang tabled K♣Q♣ for a bigger flush! The 6♦ turn and 8♥ river completed the board to see Strang soar to 70,000.

4:35pm: King John

John Corr must wish the ANZPT came to Perth every week. Last year's runner up is off to a great start again this year after the recent elimination of Craig Blight.

The chips were in preflop with Blight pushing his 4♥4♦ into Corr's K♦K♠.

The board ran out Q♣9♥7♥7♣8♦ to see Blight sent to the rail as Corr climbs to 58,000 to be one of our chip leaders.


John Corr is climbing up the chip count leaderboard

4:25pm: Raj catches Cale

PokerStars qualifier Cale Callaway is next to join the growing rail as he tried to sneak a steal through holding T♣8♣ but he couldn't get past Raj Ramakrishnan who called with 9♥9♦.

The board fell K♦4♠A♠K♠4♥ to leave Ramakrishnan's pair in front and eliminate Callaway from the tournament. Ramakrishnan is up to 24,000.

4:10pm: An unwanted lady

Martyn Ward has been a victim of bad luck as his tournament has come to an abrupt end. Ward was all in preflop for his last chips with A♥K♦ as Ben Hon made the call, only to discover that his A♠Q♠ was dominated.

The flop was an interesting T♠4♥2♠ as Hon flopped a flush draw. The A♣ on the turn paired both and changed nothing, but it was the Q♥ that found its way onto the river that left Ward making a disappointed exit.

4:00pm: The chill factor

While the action has been pretty hot so far today, and it's a toasty 27 degrees Celsius outside, it is a little chilly here in the Burswood Poker Room. In particular, the table nearest to our blogging desk is currently suffering from the air conditioner which is blowing down directly onto them. It's a common occurrence that you see in casinos all around the world, and a good tip for anyone playing in their first poker tournament is to make sure you always bring a jumper or jacket along with you...just in case. There's nothing worse that struggling through the day and letting it affect your enjoyment or your play.

The good news for that table is that they are the next to break!

3:50pm: Healy out

Patrick Healy has been spotted on the rail doing an interview with PokerNews hostess Nicky Pickering. That can only mean one thing - there will be no final table this time around.

Apparently his ace-jack ran into the pocket aces of Goce Simonoski. The board ran out Q-J-2-3-5 to bundle Healy out of the ANZPT Perth Main Event.


Patrick Healy has been bundled out of the ANZPT Perth Main Event

3:45pm: Level up, blinds 150-300, ante 25

3:35pm: The king and the deuce

The action is coming thick and fast here in Perth, with players will to get their stacks in the middle. Despite the average stack of about 130 big blinds, we've already lost 21 players today.

One who is sticking around a little longer is Peter Zaknic. He was all in on the turn on a board of 2♦K♠A♠4♥. Joe Darcy made the call with A♣J♣ for top pair, but he trailed as Zaknic tabled a creative K♣2♣ for two pair. The river was the 8♠ to see Zaknic double up to around 40,000. Darcy is still in good shape with about 34,000.

3:25pm: Taylor flushes a double up

Lea-Anne Taylor has landed a big double up on a cooler flop of J♦3♦9♦. Taylor held K♦T♦ for a flopped flush as Patrick Connolly showed 3♥3♠ for a set of threes. Connolly would need to pair the board but couldn't do it as the K♣ turn and T♥ river completed the board.

Taylor doubles to 35,000.

3:15pm: Slip for Pagana

Sebastian Pagana has taken a hit, but it could've been worse if the board didn't get scary.

Pagana called bets of 1,300 on the flop and 1,500 on the turn on the 8♣J♥9♥7♠ board, before both players checked the 7♦ river. Pagana showed Q♦J♦ for top pair but his opponent had flopped the straight with his Q♠T♠. Pagana slips to 25,000.

3:10pm: Healy hangs on

Patrick Healy has found a triple up to stay alive in the ANZPT Perth Main Event. He was all in preflop for just 2,150 and found two callers to see a flop of 3♦T♥4♣. There was action in the side pot as one player led out with a bet to force a fold from the third player. He showed 5♣5♠ as Healy would need help with his K♦Q♦.

That help came when the Q♠ arrived on the turn before the 8♥ completed the board. Healy is back up to 7,600.

3:00pm: Anderson out

Mike Anderson has been sent to the rail. He shoved his short stack with K♣J♠ and was called by an opponent holding A♥Q♣.

The board ran out 9♦Q♥A♦4♥4♠ to pair his opponent twice and leave Anderson heading for the nearest exit.

2:50pm: Welcome back Raj

It's great to see Raj Ramakrishnan back on the tables after a bit of a break away from the game, and during the break, he swung by our desk to let us know about a hand from earlier in the day.

Ramakrishnan raised preflop with jack-ten and found one caller, who called a continuation bet on the 9-7-2 flop. Ramakrishnan spiked gin on the 8 turn card and the chips found their way into the middle. Ramakrishnan tabled his straight as his opponent held ace-ten and was drawing to just a jack to chop it. Wouldn't you know it, the jack appeared on the river and the two players chopped it up, much to the frustration of Ramakrishnan.


Raj Ramakrishnan makes an appearance here in Perth

2:45pm: Play resumes

It was a frantic start to the day with already over a dozen eliminations within the first two hours of play. We plan to play seven levels today, but at this rate, there won't be too many players left!

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