ANZPT Perth Day 1a: Level 7 (blinds 400-800, ante 100)

Day 1a is bagged and tagged

The 43 remaining players have bagged and tagged and are now making their way into the adjacent Eve nightclub for the official player's welcome party.

Peter Zaknic has ended the day in front with a stack of 91,100. Other notable survivors include Luch Monte (81,400), John Corr (60,000), Ali Ghezelbash (53,500), Errolyn Strang (50,500), Leo Boxell (27,800) and Tony Tartaglia (12,300).

We'll have the full chip counts and a wrap of today's action for you shortly.

8:10pm: Raj takes a gamble

With the last three hands called on each table, one tardy table played a little overtime. On the second last hand it was Raj Ramakrishnan who decided to take a chance to double up or die trying. He four-bet shoved K♣T♥ but John Corr couldn't be moved off his 5♠5♣. Ramakrishnan flopped a straight draw on the 6♠Q♠J♥ flop and had plenty of outs to win, but the 8♠ turn and 5♦ river bricked the board.

Ramakrishnan busts late as Corr is on track for a repeat ANZPT Perth final table as he'll bag up an above-average stack of around 60,000 in chips.

8:00pm: Lucky Luch

Luch Monte has added a few more chips to his stack as we approach the end of the day's play. Monte went with his 2♠2♦ to race against a short stack's A♠Q♦ and the pair held on the 9♦5♦7♥6♠4♥ board.

Monte moves up towards 80,000 in chips.

7:55pm: Zaknic takes out Vanda

Vanda Williams doubled up on virtually the first hand of the day. She's now been dealt her last hand after her recent elimination.

She committed her stack with A♠J♣ on a flop of 9♥J♠Q♣ but ran into the K♣K♦ of Peter Zaknic. The turn was the Q♠ and river the 8♥, which were no help to Williams as Zaknic makes a late surge for the chip lead. He's up to 80,000.


7:45pm: Marson making his mark

Mark Marson is now contending for the tournament chip lead after landing a knockout blow against Adrian Salter. The two collided on a flop of 9♣4♠7♣ with Salter's K♠K♥ in trouble against the 4♥4♣ set for Marson.

The turn was the T♦ and river the 8♦ to see Salter eliminated (the first elimination of this level) as Marson moves up to 70,000 chips.

7:30pm: Embury survives

It's been slow going through this final level of the day with players tightening up a little as they look to survive the day.

Nick Embury just improved his chances of doing just that after doubling through Joe De Santis.

Embury's last chips were in preflop with Q♠J♠ to be racing with De Santis' 8♣8♠. The coinflip fell the way of Embury as the board was spread 2♥A♣Q♦A♦A♥. Embury doubles to 20,000.

7:10pm: Play resumes

We're back with one hour more to play until we're done for the day. The big screen shows 47 players are remaining in contention. It's tightened up a little at the top with Errolyn Strang, John Corr and Mark Marson going well. Who will make a run for the end-of-day lead?