ANZPT Perth Day 1b: Levels 3-4 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

4:45pm: Ten-minute break

4:35pm: One Lackovic down

It hasn't been a great day for local Stev Lackovic. The young gun from WA has been recently sent to the rail. He got his short stack in the middle with pocket sixes but ran into Mishel Anunu's pocket jacks.

The board fell 4-T-3-4-T to see Anunu increase his stack to over 50,000 as Stev become the first Lackovic to fall today.

4:25pm: Hot or not

Who's hot?
Anthony Aston - 108,000
Josh Barrett - 50,000
Mishel Anunu - 45,000
Gordon Huntly - 42,000

Who's not?
Kent Hunter - 10,000
Vince Moro - 10,000
Stev Lackovic - 8,000

4:15pm: Move it along, nothing to see here

It's been a very quiet level so far, with really no action of note to report. We found that yesterday the play was pretty frantic early before drying up late. Today it's started steady, and now slowed, so perhaps we'll pick it up again over the final three levels.
The big screen is currently showing 151 players remaining.

3:45pm: Level up, blinds 150-300, ante 25

3:35pm: Benton's blues

Aaron Benton's rollercoaster ride through today continues. He just recalled to us a hand where he four-bet pocket queens preflop and continuation bet a king-high flop. His opponent made the call to force Benton to shut down on the turn.

Apparently the two exchanged some banter and Benton learned that his opponent had held ace-king.

"Why didn't you just stick it in preflop?" Benton asked his opponent.

Whatever the reason, it saved Benton from possibly losing a coinflip for his tournament, as he still sits with 14,000.

3:20pm: That's a bad beat

We love a bad beat. It's what makes tournament poker exciting. It's fun for everyone else, except for the poor sod who cops it. On this occasion that player was Alex Marbeck who was slapped across the face with a brutal one-outer.

Both Marbeck and Matt Carlsson flopped sets on the 9♠3♦J♦ flop. Marbeck with jacks and Carlsson with nines. Unfortunately for Marbeck the 9♦ appeared on the turn to give Carlsson quads! The river was the 3♥ to eliminate Marbeck in brutal fashion and jump Carlsson up to 52,000.

3:10pm: Aston crushing

While the action out on the main gaming floor has been a little quiet recently, inside the main poker room Anthony Aston has been simply crushing. We've just observed his stack sitting at 105,000 which is already more than yesterday's chip leader finished with!

Aston was kind enough to let us know a little about how he accumulated those chips.
"I got lucky," said Aston modestly. "I turned two sets. One time, the other guy had already flopped a full house and then I made a bigger full house!"

Of course, Aston finished in 3rd place as the most recent ANZPT event in Sydney, and interestingly, he is currently finds himself sitting on the same table as a familiar face with ANZPT Sydney champion Gordon Huntly.


Anthony Aston carrying his good form from Sydney

2:50pm: Penalty time

We just observed our first penalty of the day, and it's a hefty one at that. The player was spotted texting at the table. Unfortunately that's an automatic one orbit penalty after the rule was announced several times before play kicked off. Players can use their phones for music, but if you want to text, make sure you step away from the table!

2:45pm: Play resumes

Similar to yesterday, we lost a dozen players in the first two levels of play today. The only difference is that we have over twice as many players today!

The remaining 209 are back in action. With registration now closing, we should have confirmation of the total number of entrants, as well as prize pool information, for you shortly.


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