ANZPT Perth Day 2: Level 14 (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 500)

8:00pm: That's all she wrote!

Didier Guerin has held onto the chip lead with a stack of 304,000 as all of our chip leaders are nestled very close to each other. It will be it interesting to see who flexes their muscles on the short stacks with four eliminations required tomorrow before we reach the money.

We'll be back with official counts for the final 40 players and a wrap of today's action for you shortly.

7:55pm: Late one for Loobas

Daniel Loobas has found a late double up with his J♣J♦ holding against Anthony Aston's A♠J♥. The board ran out 7♥Q♠4♥2♣Q♦ to see Loobas double to 95,000 and Aston lose his grip on the end-of-day chip lead.

7:50pm: Misclicks for double the chip lead

We just had the potential for a 600,000-chip pot as our two big stacks in Didier Guerin and Mark Johnson clashed, but it wasn't quite as crazy as it sounds.

Everyone thought that Johnson had raised the cutoff, including Johnson himself and Guerin in the big blind, who opened up two-four offsuit for the table to see as he was about to fold. However the dealer had ruled Johnson to a call, and the hand continued, with Guerin checking to see a flop with Johnson having seen Guerin's cards.

The flop fell, and included a deuce, and Guerin checked to Johnson who announced himself all in for 300,000 knowing that Guerin couldn't call such a massive bet with such a weak hand. But then again, could he potentially level himself into calling? The answer was no. Crisis averted.


Mark Johnson keeping things interesting late in the day

7:35pm: Unique eliminated

Crown favourite Tony Tartaglia has been eliminated just short of his first ANZPT cash. It's been a long day for Tartaglia as he arrived this afternoon pretty pumped to make an epic comeback from his overnight short stack. He did just that, but as the day wore on, the energy dropped along with his chips.

His final stand came when he three-bet shoved king-six from the big blind for his last 25,000. The button called with pocket queens and Tartaglia couldn't connect with the board. 41 players remain.

7:20pm: Tartaglia in trouble

With a short-stacked player all in for 36,000, Tony Tartaglia moved all in over the top for his last 64,000. The big blind flashed the A♦ before folding as the short stack's A♣2♣ was in trouble against Tartaglia's A♠Q♣.

That is, until the flop landed 5♦2♥2♠. Tartaglia was motionless but seething on the inside as the 7♥ turn and 5♥ river completed the board.

Tartaglia drops to 28,000 and is now in danger of missing the money.

7:10pm: Ta ta Teddy

Ted Nguyen's run at anotherANZPT Perth cash has fallen just short. Nguyen was severely dented and all in with Q♦9♦ against an opponent's A♠K♠ and couldn't find any help on the board of 8♥T♥3♦6♣5♦. Nguyen is on the rail with 45 players remaining.

7:00pm: Play resumes

At the start of the day we thought that seven levels would be enough to get us to our final 36 players and the money. However play has been a little tighter that we might usually expect in a major championship event and our average stack has struggled to get much above 40 big blinds for pretty much the entire day.

We have 47 players left and 11 spots to go to the money. Given the tight play, we might not make it, but there will probably be some nervous moments towards the end of this level which has been confirmed as our last for the day, regardless of how many players survive. With the average stack currently 118,723 which is under 30 big blinds, there's going to definitely be some cat and mouse play during this final level.