ANZPT Perth Day 2: Levels 8-9 (blinds 600-1,200, ante 200)

2:30pm: Ten-minute break

2:25pm: Barrett dethroned

Following an open raise from Jon Curtis, Josh Barrett moved his short stack all in with K♥K♠ and was pretty happy to see Curtis make the call with A♦6♦.

The first four cards were a safe 7♠6♣4♥T♣ for Barrett, but the A♠ on the river was a cruel dagger through the heart to see Barrett sent to the rail.

Meanwhile Curtis is in a hot run of form. He finished runner up last night in the Terminator side event that was won by Leo Boxell, and he's now up to a nice stack of 85,000.

2:20pm: Another double for Unique

Tony Tartaglia has found another double up as things are about to get very rowdy in here. The details were passed to us that Tartaglia flopped two pair with queen-ten and got it in against a flush draw. The turn and river bricked out to see Tartaglia climb to 77,000.

"If Tony makes the final table, I'll run around Burswood in my underwear," announced Danny McDonagh over the microphone. You know that all verbal bets are binding in Perth Danny?

2:10pm: Didier likes the ladies

As we walked past the table of Anthony Aston, we were surprised to see his stack had climbed to 190,000, but once again he's been outdone by his roommate as Didier Guerin stopped us to let us know about a hand that was the biggest of the tournament.

After a raise to 3,000 and a three-bet to 15,000 from the small blind, Guerin moved all in from the big blind for all of his 176,000 chips. The opening raiser called off his last 12,000 with A♣K♣ and the small blind decided to gamble and called for around 100,000 with A♦K♦. Guerin and his pocket queens were in pretty good shape.

The flop landed J-7-8 with two diamonds as Guerin now had a big sweat. However the turn was the ace to put the other two back in front. Guerin would need a queen on the river, and wouldn't you know it, the lady appeared to give Guerin the two-outer to rake in a massive pot to move up to a commanding 280,000 in chips.


1:50pm: Double Darcy

Another short stack who has got himself back into contention today is Joe Darcy. He started as one of the severe short stack but is now up to over 50,000 after his latest double up. Darcy's Q♣Q♦ survived against A♦K♣ when the board ran out 8♣8♥T♦5♦J♣.

1:45pm: Tartaglia doubles as Grieco departs

Tony Tartaglia is up to 32,000. We're talking his chip count and not the number of shots of Baileys he's consumed today. Although the two are probably pretty close.

Tartaglia just doubled up with his Q♦Q♥ holding against the 7♥7♠ of Derek Grieco. The chips were in preflop and the board rolled out 8♣3♥T♣3♦Q♠ to see Grieco sent to the rail.

1:40pm: Meh for Beh

Bernard Beh just makes a disgruntled departure from the poker room. Not so much by the fact that he ran his A♠K♣ into Paul Ward's A♣A♥ but according to Beh, "please note that he took fifteen seconds to call with aces!"

The board ran out 5♦8♦3♣J♠K♥ to eliminate Beh and jump Ward up to 75,000.

1:30pm: Level up, blinds 600-1,200, ante 200

1:25pm: Careful with your phones!

The Burswood tournament staff are red hot on the rule about using your phone at the tables today. We've observed several players try to do the right thing and stand to use their phone to text, but the floor have ruled that you actually need to be standing well away from the table. One table currently has two players currently serving a one orbit penalty.

An argument usually develop about what exactly is "away" from the table. Is standing next to your chair, about one metre from the table, considered away from the table? Apparently not. It does appear like a grey area that is causing some confusion, especially with such a harsh penalty.

1:15pm: Survival of the fittest

"I was all in on four of the first seven hands today!" exclaimed Josh Barrett. After losing the first one, Barrett was able to survive and rebuild to almost get back to where he started.

In one all-in hand he survived with a chop holding T♥8♥ against T♣9♣, but a little later managed to spike quads with pocket kings against pocket nines. Barrett is back to 25,000.

1:10pm: Runner up on the rail

While Ted Nguyen looks to improve on his final table result from last year, another final tablist won't be progressing any further this time around.

Last year's runner up John Corr was recently bundled out, but there's not much he could do after running his pocket kings into the pocket aces of Richard Wray.

Wray opened to 3,500 before Corr three-bet to 8,400. Wray moved all in and Corr made the call. The board ran out 2♠4♥8♥T♥J♠ to see the aces hold and send Corr to an early elimination on Day 2.

12:55pm: Here comes Ted!

Ted Nguyen finished 8th in this event last year, but he'll be hoping to go a few places further this time around after winning a huge pot as a big underdog to soar up to the chip leaders.

Uwe Lankes held pocket kings, Aleks Lackovic had ace-king as Nguyen was well behind with his ace-queen. But an ace and a queen appeared on board to see Nguyen eliminate two players and climb to a stack of 120,000.


Ted Nguyen storms up the chip counts early on Day 2

12:45pm: Some early casualties

The chips are flying in the early stages with several high profile casualties already this afternoon. Brian McAllister had his pocket queens cracked by Derek Cheung's pocket nines when a nine spiked on the flop, while Kristina Griffith was also sent to the rail when her 8♦9♦ for a big draw couldn't better an opponent's ace-ten.

Steve Lindeblad was also recently eliminated when he committed with A♦8♦ on a 8♠7♥6♦Q♦ board. Lorinda Johnson tabled 7♠7♣ for a set which held on the 2♠ river. His elimination leaves 128 players remaining, and the poker room is certainly a little more peaceful.

12:35pm: Barrett jacked first hand

Josh Barrett opened the first hand of the day to 2,000 from middle position and play foledd around to Robert Jackson who three-bet to 8,000 in the big blind. Barrett quickly moved all in over the top for 30,000 but Jackson made the call with Q♣Q♦ to have Barrett's J♠J♥ in deep trouble.

The board ran out A♦K♠8♦A♥9♦ to see Barrett crippled to just 5,200 as Jackson doubles to 50,000.

12:31pm: Here's a first

It appears that Tony Tartaglia has had a big, well, morning. He seemed pretty smashed and has already spilt a drink on the table before the first hands of the day were even dealt, although he was pretty adamant that it was the fault of Steve Lindeblad. The two are sitting a few tables away from each other but have decided to share their conversations with the entire room. Needless to say, it's all rather amusing.

12:30pm: Game on!

The 136 remaining players will come together for the first time as Day 2 of the ANZPT Perth Main Event gets underway. Josh Foster nabbed the chip lead late yesterday as the top eight stacks all came from the much larger Day 1b field.

We'll probably nudge into the money by the end of the day as the top 36 players will go home with a little pocket change for their time here in Perth. How many levels will that take? Perhaps seven or so. The play has been pretty fast here in Perth so far so anything can, and probably will, happen. I mean, it's actually raining here in Perth today, and that never happens!

The players have taken their seats, unbagged their chips and the cards are back in the air.