ANZPT Perth Day 3: Levels 15-16 (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 1,000)

2:30pm: Ten-minute break

2:20pm: Final three tables

Two more players have departed to see us down to our final three tables. Dean Cox (not the footballer) was all in for 70,000 with pocket fives and was called by John Shin with ace-queen. When the first four cards landed [k][8][k][t], Shin had a lot of outs on the river, and found one when the [a] appeared to eliminated Cox in 29th.

Nick Lamport followed soon after when he pushed from under the gun with A♠8♠ and was called by Daren Frunks' Q♣Q♦. Lamport flopped a flush draw, turned a pair but it wasn't enough as the board ran out 5♣K♠2♠8♣7♣ to see Lamport head to the cashier in 28th place.

2:10pm: Sharbanee sunk

Paul Sharbanee couldn't recover from his earlier crippling blow. He moved all in with J♥T♠ and was called by A♥6♥. The board ran out A♦Q♠A♣9♦7♦ to see Sharbanee pick up $2,015 for his 30th place finish.

2:05pm: Cracking aces

Mario Zulj has just crushed Paul Sharbanee after the two collided on a flop of K♥4♣9♥. Sharbanee held A♠A♦ for the overpair but Zulj had flopped a set with his 4♦4♠. The turn 9♠ and river 8♣ didn't help Sharbanee as Zulj doubled to 250,000. Sharbanee is crippled with just 22,000 in change.

Over on the other table, Daniel Loobas has copped a similar blow when his A♠A♦ were in preflop against Paul Satzke's Q♦Q♥. Satzke had one foot out the door, but caught his two-outer on the river on the board of 9♦3♦2♠4♣Q♠ to stay alive!

2:00pm: Monte collects the money

Just as Tony Tartaglia and crew arrived on the rail to cheer on their cousin, Luch Monte's last chips were in the middle. He held 7♠7♥ and was in trouble as David Lloyd opened K♥K♦.

The board ran out T♥Q♦5♥T♣2♠ to see Monte eliminated in 31st place.

1:50pm: Ingram makes the pay jump

Sam Ingram will collect $2,015 after being eliminated in 32nd place. He made a stand with K♦T♣ but was dominated by Didier Guerin's K♠Q♠ as the board was spread 9♥5♦4♠9♣A♠.

1:40pm: Breadsell crippled and eliminated

Ben Breadsell is next to go after a crippling blow in a hand against Daryl Alderson. The chips went in on a flop of 7♠3♦4♠A♣ with Alderson holding A♥7♦ for two pair as Breadsell went with K♠8♠ for a flush draw.

The river was the 2♣ to see Alderson celebrate as Breadsell was crippled to just 13,000 chips.

Those chips were all in next hand with Q♦4♣ against Luch Monte's A♠J♦ but Breadsell couldn't find a pair on the J♥8♥5♣9♦2♥ board to be eliminated in 33rd place.

1:30pm: Level up, blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 1,000

1:25pm: Frustration for Aston

"Argh, I was so close to shoving the turn," sighed Anthony Aston after losing a hefty pot to the aggression of Tu Le. Aston had raised the cutoff and then called the three-bet from Le out of the small blind to see a flop of 4♥7♦J♣.

Le led out with a bet of 28,000 and Aston made the call as the 8♥ hit the turn. Le slid out another 45,500 and Aston made the call before both players quickly checked the A♠ river.

Le showed A♣9♠ for a rivered pair as Aston flung his cards into the muck in disgust. Le is up to 295,000 with Aston slipping to 240,000.

1:15pm: Here come the bustouts

As expected, the eliminations are coming pretty quickly now that the money pressures are out of the way.

Andrain Chin was first to visit the cashier when he ran his pocket eights into the pocket queens of Ben Breadsell. Chin received no help and was out in 36th place.

Sean Richards soon followed in 35th place. His J♥5♠ was dominated by Luch Monte's A♣J♣ as the board was spread [2][a][j][8][4].

Next, we saw Phillip Green bite the dust. Green gave a high-five to his rail when he caught a pair with his A♥8♥ on a flop of 8♣6♣7♣ against Anthony Marenko's A♠9♠. But the T♦ turn quickly changed that around as Marenko made a straight. The river was the 2♠ and Green becomes our 34th place finisher.

12:55pm: Joseph flushed on bubble

One of the great things about the bubble is that it can pop on anyone at anytime. Usually it's one of the short stacks, but anything is possible in this game, as David Joseph just cruelly discovered.

Joseph called a raise preflop, flopped a flush, fired a bet on the flop and moved all in on the turn. The board read 5♠2♠J♠J♦ and Joseph held 7♠6♠ but the only problem was that Jon Curtis held K♠Q♠ for a bigger flush and made the call. It was two of the bigger stacks in the room colliding and with 450,000 chips in the middle, Joseph discovered he was drawing stone-cold dead.

The river was the 7♣ as Joseph is our unlucky bubble as the remaining 36 players are much happier to be $1,705 wealthier. Meanwhile Curtis is into the chip lead!


Jon Curtis smashes the bubble and takes the chip lead

12:50pm: Wilford's woes

We're now on the bubble after Colin Wilford's elimination from the tournament. After Nick Embury raised to 11,000, Wilford moved all in for 42,500 with A♥Q♥. Embury gambled and made the call with pocket deuced and the pair held when the board ran out [T][6][4][8][9]. Embury is now up to over 300,000 as Wilford departs.

One more elimination and we're in the money!

12:45pm: Another one down

German Marc Siebtroth entered as one of the short stacks of the field but he has been unable to double up to reach the money here in Perth. His end came with K♣9♠ against the A♦Q♥ of Ben Breadsell. The board landed T♣6♣4♦4♥T♦ to see Breadsell take the pot and eliminate Siebtroth.

Now with 38 players left and two from the money, all tables will be playing round-for-round to ensure that all tables receive an equal number of hands.

12:40pm: Rao on the rail

Bruno Rao is the first elimination of the day. He pushed his A♠T♣ into the Q♦Q♥ of Paul Sharbanee. Rao needed to improve but couldn't as the board of Q♠K♣7♠6♦T♥ saw the pot pushed to Sharbanee as Rao hit the rail.

12:35pm: Early double for Derek

Hong Kong's Derek Cheung had landed a quick double against Paul Sharbanee.

Sharbanee raised to 12,000 from under the gun, before play folded to Derek Cheung in the small blind. He moved all in for another 55,000 on top to give Sharbanee a little decision, but after a minute of thought he slid in calling chips with K♣Q♠. Cheung opened 7♠7♥.

Sharbanee took the lead on the A♣Q♥8♥ flop but the 2♥ turn and 9♥ river gave Cheung a flush for the win. He's up to 150,000 with Sharbanee down to 175,000.

12:30pm: It's time for the cream to rise

Welcome back to the Burswood poker room for Day 3 coverage of the ANZPT Perth Main Event. It should be an exciting day of poker today with four more eliminations required until we reach the money, before a likely stampede at the cashier should see us rapidly find our way to the final table of nine.

Leading the way is Didier Guerin but there are a lot of players hot on his heels with a dozen players all clustered together at the top.

The players have found their new seats and unbagged their chips as the cards are once again back in the air!