ANZPT Perth Day 3: Levels 19-20 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

6:55pm: Ten-minute break

6:45pm: Marenko finds a lady

Anthony Marenko had landed a huge double up to leave Daryl Alderson a little steamed. The chips were in preflop with Marenko shoving A♣Q♥ and Alderson making the call with T♣T♠. The board ran out 8♠3♣5♣Q♦2♣ to pair the lady for Marenko to double through to 500,000.

Alderson tipped his chair over in frustration as he slips back to a dangerous 165,000.

6:35pm: Aston turns up the heat

Anthony Aston has just put the pressure on chip leader Mat Carlsson with a nice four-bet shove.

Aston opened to 36,000 from the cutoff before Carlsson three-bet to 95,000 from the button. The blinds folded and Aston moved all in to send Carlsson deep into the tank. He cut out calling chips and was close to sticking them in, but he eventually released.
Aston climbs to 500,000 with Carlsson back to 650,000.

6:25pm: Didier's amazing double

The biggest pot of the tournament has just seen Didier Guerin double up in dramatic fashion by cracking the pocket kings of chip leader David Lloyd.

Lloyd opened the button and we believe that Guerin three-bet shoved all in for over 400,000. Before we knew it, Lloyd had insta-called with his K♦K♥ as Guerin dropped his head and opened A♦J♠.

Guerin's tournament was flashing before his eyes but incredibly the board ran out Q♥6♠J♥7♣J♦ to pair his jack twice for a remarkable double up. Guerin is up to 900,000 and close to the chip lead once again. Lloyd could've had around a quarter of the chips in play, had he won the pot. Instead he's back in the pack.


Didier Guerin lands a remarkable double up to stay alive

6:10pm: Wray on his way

Richard Wray is next to go after moving all in with A♥8♥ and running into the A♦J♠ of Mathew Carlsson. The board arrived 6♣2♦T♦T♠T♣ to send Wray on his way to the cashier to collect $4,340 for 12th place.

6:00pm: Embury straightened out

The dramatic eliminations continue as Nicholas Embury finds himself on the rail in devastating fashion. He was all in, and trailing, with his K♦T♠ up against the K♠Q♣ of Daryl Alderson.

Embury caught a pair on the flop of T♥9♥9♣ as Alderson started calling for a jack. The 2♦ turn was a brick, but the J♦ appeared on the river to give Alderson the straight. Alderson shouted with glee as Embury headed off to the cashier in unlucky 13th place.

5:55pm: Level up, blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

5:50pm: Suck, re-suck leaves Le on the rail

Tu Le was all in preflop with his tournament life on the line holding A♥Q♦ as Paul Satzke made the call with 7♦7♣.

The flop was a bare 9♣4♥8♠ but Le looked set for a double up when the Q♥ appeared on the turn. But the dealer had obviously been trained by PokerStars as he burned and revealed the 7♠ two-outer to give Satzke the monster pot. Le is out in 14th place for $3,875 in prize money.

5:40pm: Funk for Frunks

Daren Frunks was all in preflop for his last 284,000 chips with 9♠9♣ but he ran into the Q♦Q♠ of Mathew Carlsson. The flop landed 8♠4♦7♠, and there were a few ahhs when the T♠ appears on the turn to give Frunks a straight-flush draw. But Carlsson had the spades covered and that proved important as the K♠ completed the board.

Frunks collects $3,875 for 15th place.

5:20pm: Heading the right Wray

The short-stacked Richard Wray has doubled up twice to get himself back into contention. The most recent double saw him three-bet shove for 72,000 over the top of an open to 25,000 by Didier Guerin. After a minute of thought, Guerin made a crying math call with 9♦8♠ but Wray was near the top of his range with Q♠Q♣.

The board ran out Q♦9♥7♦5♠5♣ to see Wray make a full house to double up to 175,000. Guerin is still comfy with 350,000.


Richard Wray is delighted with that double up

5:05pm: Shin races past Johnson

John Shin opened from early position and action folded around to Mark Johnson who moved all in for an additional 137,000 from the small blind. Shin thought for several minutes before making a crying call.

Shin tabled 5♠5♦ and would've been relieved to be racing with Johnson's A♣Q♦. He was even more relieved when he flopped a set on the board of 9♥5♥4♦J♠T♥. Shin takes it down as Johnson is eliminated in 16th place for $3,410 in prize money.

4:55pm: Play resumes

The players are back following the break and the cards are once again in the air. Late in the last level, David Lloyd became the first player to crack the one million chip mark to hold a very nice lead over the field. Jon Curtis and Daren Frunks are the next best.

The pressure will be on the likes of Nick Embury, Lucas Mierzwa and Richard Wray this level as they are the three short stacks of the field.


Jon Curtis' lucky charm is thanks to his to eight-year old twins Nikita and Calan watching at home