ANZPT Perth: Didier leads as bubble looms

Tournament poker is a tough way to make a buck. It can be a brutal game with players sitting on a knife's edge, knowing that their tournament life could be over at any moment with the lethal strike of the fall of an unlucky river card.

It gets even worse when you've been playing poker for two days and you are eliminated within a breath of making the money. That elusive cash that you've been chasing all tournament. It's heart-breaking stuff as many of our players experienced today at the ANZPT Perth Main Event.

We started with 136 players and quickly they dropped away. After seven full levels we stopped at 40 players and just four eliminations from the money. Some of those to fall during the day included Kristina Griffith, Brian McAllister, Josh Barrett, Aleks Lackovic, Tony Tartaglia and Australian Poker Hall of Famer Leo Boxell.

At the other end of the scale, the story of the day was again the duelling between roommates Didier Guerin and Anthony Aston for the chip lead. It passed hands on several occasions throughout the day, with Aston taking control with a flopped set of jacks before losing a late pot to slip from the top spot.


Guerin also had a day to remember. Pocket queens were again favourable to Guerin as he collected a massive three-way pot with the ladies for second time in two days. After getting himself up to 430,000 at one point, Guerin ended with a stack of 304,000 which was good for the chip lead.


It's a bit of a log-jam at the top with the top dozen players all sitting within 100k of each other. With plenty of chips at the top, that also means there's quite a few short stacks. Tomorrow there will be 15 of the 40 players starting with fifteen big blinds or less. That means that once our bubble bursts, there's likely to be a fair rush of eliminations as the shorties look to double up or bust.

It should provide us with plenty of action to report here on the PokerStars Blog, with play kicking off once again at 12:30pm (GMT+8). We look forward to your company then!