ANZPT Sydney: Eddy leads them to dinner

As we entered the sixth level of the day, we scoured the room for the big stacks and spotted a runaway chip leader as PokerStars qualifier Luke Edwards had steamrolled his way to an impressive stack of 110,000.


We wandered past the table of the 2010 ANZPT Darwin runner-up to have a chat to see how he'd picked up those chips. He recalled to us that there was some four-betting action which had gone down a few hands earlier which led to the following hand.

Edwards opened with a raise from early position before his opponent three-bet an additional 1,150.

"Do you have to bring the bets in?" Edwards asked the dealer.

"Yeh it makes it easier for you to count," explained the friendly dealer.

"It actually makes it harder for me to count!" chucked Edwards before tossing out 4,500 for a raise of an additional 3,350. His opponent made the call and they saw a flop of 9♦7♥6♣.

Edwards led out with a bet of 4,000 before his opponent tossed out two yellow chips to raise to 10,000. Edwards didn't take long to respond as he grabbed his stack of yellow chips and plonked them forwards to put his opponent to a decision for his last 30,000 chips.

After a few minutes of thought, the player folded and Edwards raked in yet another pot.

"I guess ace-king was good," chirped Edwards which raised the eyebrows of tablemate Tony Kondevski (pictured with Edwards below).


"If he had ace-king, I'll change my name!" declared Kondevski. "He had aces or kings (pointing to Edwards) and he had queens or hundred percent!"

Edwards chuckled and padded his stack which now sits at around 135,000 - almost as much as our chip leader from yesterday and there's still two levels to go!

Meanwhile the official numbers are in and the prizepool has been announced. With 246 runners today and 215 from yesterday, our total number of entrants for the ANZPT Sydney Main Event is 461. The top 54 will finish in the money with payouts as follows:

1st $226,812
2nd $144,754
3rd $80,214
4th $62,696
5th $48,405
6th $39,185
7th $29,965
8th $23,511
9th $17,518
10th - 12th $11,525
13th - 15th $9,220
16th - 18th $7,837
19th - 21st $6,454
22nd - 24th $5,532
25th - 27th $5,071
28th - 36th $4,610
37th - 45th $4,149
46th - 54th $3,688

In a further twist to proceedings here it's just been announced that we will be taking a 40-minute dinner break at the end of this level. That's not normal for the ANZPT/APPT where we tend to like to solider on and then eat later, but The Star tournament staff have made the decision to ensure that everyone's stomachs are satisfied. After dinner we'll be back to play two more levels. That's clearly going to throw a spanner in the works for those hoping to get to the PokerStars player's party which kicks off at 8:30pm tonight! (sigh)

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