ANZPT Sydney: Karma bites

As we enter the final day of the 2012 ANZPT Sydney Main Event, it seems appropriate to look back almost twelve months to this final table last year. It was one of our favourite final tables of all time. Not so much because of Michael Kanaan's dominant victory (although that was good too!) but moreso because we were wrapped up by a tick over 5pm. A final table that took a little over four hours. Unheard of for a major poker tournament, and as I wrote last year, it was the ultimate in "run good".

"The term "run good" in poker can mean a few different things. For the poker player, it means having some luck, catching the right cards at the right times, and enjoying some win. However for the humble tournament reporter, when we talk about run good, we're talking about a final table that wraps up at 5:02pm."

Perhaps it's karma biting us in the rear end, but we're in for a long day today. We're starting today with a full three tables, or 27 players, and still a very long way from crowning a champion. Unlike last year, our only chance of seeing sunlight today might be when the sun rises tomorrow morning. Eeek!


The other interesting thing about reflecting back on last year's final table was the date. It was April 17th here in Australia and just a day after news broke about "Black Friday". It was a surreal time to be involved in the industry as no one was really sure of what was happening or what might happen in future. Well, almost a year on and we're still here. We can still play on PokerStars and the ANZPT is still going strong.

So we turn our attention to today and you get the feeling we're set for a very solid final table later this afternoon. There are several well-credentialed players lurking in the wings, with a multitude of ANZPT, APPT, WSOP, EPT and Aussie Millions cashes among our final 27. 2012 Aussie Millions champ Oliver Speidel is looming large while American online sensation Jim "MrBigQueso" Collopy will also be a dangerous foe.

They'll all be chasing Nick Heather who bagged up the chip lead last night. He also has an impressive record with multiple WSOP cashes and plenty of experience to boot. Let's hope a few of them reach the final table to provide an entertaining finale to this event.

The players have unbagged their chips and exchanged pleasantries with the cards are now in the air!


@PokerStars in Sydney