ANZPT Sydney: Nothing is still something

"What do you write about when there's nothing to write about?" was the question asked by hostess Lynn Gilmartin to us a short while ago. It's a great question. Sometimes it's hard to make nothing sound exciting, but like it or not, nothing is still something.

The last two hours haven't brought a lot of action to report. There was a tense stalemate four-handed that was eventually broken a few minutes ago as the entertaining run of Stewart Ballard came to an end in third place.


Two hours ago, Ballard was the chip leader, but with the blinds so big and every pot significant, the chips have moved around the table. Ballard found himself on the short stack when he shoved all in with 8♠8♦. Gordon Huntly made the call and Ballard saw he was in bad shape against Huntly's T♣T♥. There were no snowmen on board and Ballard had to be content with $62,696 for 4th place.

Since then, it's been very slow going. It's funny how the play really grinds to a halt when everyone gets fatigued. It's been a long grind so far, but we might still have a ways to go. It's already the longest ANZPT final day in history, although we did start it with three tables. It's brought back memories of APPT Manila where Aussie Van Marcus made us wait 17 hours until 5am before he got the job done. Although he probably blames the Filipino television crews. But hey, it was a long day.

We're getting close to 2am local time and Danny McDonagh has already done his dough in our side bet, as I'm starting to feel more confident about my 2:30am prediction. Although it appears that the three remaining players have just hashed out a deal during the break which may throw a spanner in the works. We don't have confirmation of the details, but we heard on the whisper that it was $100k each and "sort out the rest heads up".

Gordon Huntly is out in front with 4.2 million, with Anthony Aston holding 2.5 million while Liam O'Rourke is on the short stack with 2.45 million.

Meanwhile over in the $5,000 High Rollers event we've received word that the bubble has just burst in dramatic style. There were 23 entrants for the event, with Jonathan Karamalikis and Daniel Neilson busting out on the same hand to burst the bubble. Karamalikis shoved jack-ten on the button, Neilson isolated with king-queen but Grant Levy put his big stack to work and called in the big blind with pocket nines. A king on the flop was good for Neilson but a nine on the turn gave Levy the pot and the double KO!

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